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News: Teachers school students during annual basketball game

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Teachers school students during annual basketball game Cpl. Charles Clark

Layasha R. Anderson, seventh grade girls' center, fights for control of the ball with Breanna Lewis, eighth grade girls' forward, during the Matthew C. Perry High School seventh and eighth grade girls' game at the M.C. Perry Gym here Jan. 20. The seventh and eighth grade girls were the first on the courts.

IWAKUNI, Japan - Matthew C. Perry High School students, teachers and staff played basketball games against each other at the M.C. Perry Gym here Jan. 20.

The teachers faced the boy and girl varsity Samurai basketball
teams after the seventh and eighth-grade boys and girls took turns on the court.

“We are all one family,” said Victor Rivera, male teachers and staff coach. “This is about building the Samurai spirit between the teachers and students. This kind of interaction only brings us closer.”

A total of four games were played. First, seventh and eighth grade
girls faces each other. Next, were the seventh and eighth grade boys. Then, the female teachers and staff faced the girls’ varsity team. Finally, the boys’ varsity team played the male teachers and staff.

“This event is a great way for the parents to come out and cheer
on their kids as they play their teachers and fellow students,” said Morgan A. Nugent, M.C. Perry High School principal.

The seventh and eighth-grade girls were first up on the court and played six minute halves. The seventh and eighth- graders were only scoring using singlepoint layups. The clock did not stop for throwing in the ball and foul shots.

The seventh-graders played aggressively throughout the first half but only made two layups. The eighth-grade girls used their height as an advantage to gain the lead by halftime 7-4. The eighth-graders continued to dominate in the second half by keeping the seventh-graders running around and fighting for possession. The seventh-grade girls could only layup one more point while the eighth-graders made another seven points, which brought the final score to 14-5.

The seventh and eighth-grade boys took to the court next and played eight minute halves. The seventh-graders took the eighth-grade boys by surprise in the first half with aggressive playing and speedy passes to gain an early 4-2 lead. The eighth graders were able to get their game together and sink a few more buckets before halftime taking the lead 8-4.

Both teams scored four points in the second half before the buzzer
sounded ending their battle 12-8 in favor of the eighth-graders.
Next on the court were the female teachers and staff against the girls’ varsity team. The teachers and varsity games had 12 minute halves. The female staff and teachers dressed in unique and colorful uniforms for the game, some even wore tutus on the court. The colorful clothing didn’t seem to distract the varsity girls as they played. Both teams fought tooth and nail during the first half with a 6-6 tie.

“This gives us something to laugh about and cheer for,” said Tessa J. Wilson, female teachers and staff point guard. “It was really fun to play and even funnier to watch.”

The teachers were able to get an early 10-6 lead in the first few minutes of the second half and kept the varsity girls from scoring. With only four minutes left the varsity girls became more aggressive and made two layups tying the game 10-10. With just a few seconds left the girls’ varsity team stole the ball, passed it down court, and sunk a 3-pointer to win the game 13-10. The last game of the evening was between the male teachers and staff and the boys’ varsity team. This game also had 12 minute halves.

The first half was a close battle for both teams. The varsity boys
used their speed and teamwork through passing while the teachers used their years of knowledge to make shots. The first half came to a close with the boys’ varsity leading 25-22. Both teams accumulated many points during the second half, but the teachers’ experience proved to be the deciding factor when they won the game 41-37.

“This helped the team practice for the season,” said Brian J. Barentine, Samurai varsity shooting guard. “When we pass better, we play better. Next time the teachers won’t be so lucky.”

After each game, the opposing teams shook hands and congratulated each other on a well-played game.


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