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    Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilayah Afghanistan organizes conference in the capital on corruption, causes and solution



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    ISAF Joint Command

    KABUL, Afghanistan - Hizb ut-Tahrir wilayah Afghanistan organized a conference on corruption, which is rampant in Afghanistan. Speakers of the conference shed light on the reality, reasons, and causes of the phenomenon and on the question of why corruption has plagued the Afghan society. Moreover, they discussed solutions to corruption and many other problems related to this issue. They presented the Islamic ideological viewpoint, which is able to solve the problems that are destroying core values of Afghan society. Speakers said that only complete implementation of Islam can make corruption history.

    The conference had two parts. The first part consisted of two speeches which was followed by two documentary films; Democracy, the root cause of corruption” and “Awakening of the Muslim Ummah." In the second part, questions from the audience were answered.

    In the first speech, the core reason of corruption was discussed. It was emphasized that the Kufr Democratic system and its thoughts about prosperity in this life is the true cause of corruption. It is because of such thoughts emanating from and propagated by this capitalist system, coupled with the corruption of puppet rulers and the inability of the system to solve basic problems of citizens that has caused widespread corruption. Lack of loyalty of citizens to the system - because of contradiction of the capitalist democratic system and its values with Islamic ideological values upheld by people – was described as another major cause of corruption, because people disregard rules and laws of a system which is not based on their aqeeda.

    To the question of the solution to administrative corruption in the government, it was said that corruption is the problem of capitalism, just as geopolitical disputes and tensions between countries such as Iran and Gulf countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the problems created by geopolitical fabric designed by capitalist states. Not only corruption but any other problems created by capitalism will be gone once the capitalist system and its democratic system of government is uprooted from the Muslim lands.

    The second speaker pointed to the fact that corruption is caused by privatization and absolute freedoms, especially freedom of ownership. Countries that have been under the (military or political) control of the bearers of capitalist ideology are badly affected by the impact of such capitalist ideas of economic and social liberties and secularism. Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia are best examples of this.

    In the second speech a comprehensive solution of all mentioned problems was discussed. Principles and mechanisms devised by Islam, such as Haram and Halal for actions, distribution of wealth, utilization of resources, uniting the strength of the Muslims Ummah in terms of resources and trade within the Muslims lands was defined as a practical mechanism to increase economic vibrancy and wealth creation. It was said that this is not possible unless the Ummah folds and put in the dustbin of history the geopolitical system created by colonialist Kafir states at the end of World War I after the removal of the Khilafah system in Turkey in early 20th century. The importance of establishment of the state (Khilafah state) to achieve these objectives was reiterated.

    Government officials, tribal leaders, analysts, politicians, students and teachers had come from across the country to participate in the conference. Participants warmly welcomed efforts of Hizb ut-Tahrir for organizing the conference on a topic which has caused widespread anger and disappointment among Afghan’s.



    Date Taken: 04.06.2012
    Date Posted: 04.07.2012 09:46
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