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    Strength, endurance key to Semper Fit competition

    Strength, endurance key to Semper Fit competition

    Photo By Staff Sgt. Kenneth Trotter Jr. | Jason N. Nickell prepares to hoist the weight overhead during the Fitness Fallout here...... read more read more



    Story by Lance Cpl. Kenneth Trotter Jr. 

    Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni

    Semper Fit hosted the Fitness Fallout outside Ironworks Gym here May 27.

    Nine participants took part in the contest, which involved feats of strength, endurance and speed.

    Adrian R. Figueroa took first place in the men’s division with a total of 248 points. Tiffany L. Hernandez placed first in the women’s division with a total of 371 points.

    Exercises ranged from kettlebell swings, burpees/wall ball shots, box jumps, thrusters, the farmer’s walk and tire flips. All the exercises involved utilizing the upper body except for the box jumps.

    Each station had different rules concerning male and female contestants. Males had to jump a 24-inch box while females jumped an 18-inch box.

    Male contestants used a 53-pound kettlebell. Female participants used a 35-pound kettlebell.

    The farmer’s walk had males carrying a 70-pound kettlebell in each hand versus females carrying a 35-pound kettlebell. Ninety five pounds was used in the male portion of the thrusters. Females used 55 pounds.

    Contestants were given three minutes at each station to complete the assigned exercise. Two minutes were required for the tire flips only. A total of 30 minutes was given to complete all the exercises.

    Instead of being judged on distance, such as during a strongman competition, participants were judged on time.

    The tire flip was considered difficult for some as the male participants used a tire from a seven-ton. Female contestants flipped a Humvee tire. Rain made the tire flip increasingly difficult as the participants found it hard to secure a grip on the tire’s slippery surface. The contestants pushed themselves through each station as they battled against each other and the rain. Even when under the tent, provided by Semper Fit to fight off the downpour, the rain still made handling the kettlebells difficult as well.

    “I never could get a good grip,” said Hernandez. “It was difficult and there was water inside the tire as well.”

    Both Figueroa and Hernandez had different views on what they felt helped them win, their biggest challenge during the event and how they could improve.

    “I get up every morning, run three miles and swim about a mile every day at the pool,” said Figueroa. “I think that’s what made it a little bit easier for me.”

    Certain exercises focused on upper body strength and endurance.

    Hernandez said her upper body strength needed to improve in regards to the tire flip and farmer’s walk. She said the amount of strength needed to perform both events pushed her to her limits and it would have been slightly easier if she had done more upper body training.

    The idea for the Fitness Fallout started with Brian Wilson, Semper Fit assistant director.

    “They were putting on this same event down in Okinawa with their Semper Fit office,” said Wilson. “I got the rules from there, but I put in the 30-minute rule.”

    The time limit was put into place to make sure the participants were not overworked too much.

    “I felt anything longer than that would have been too much, said Wilson.

    The event itself was met with overall praise by the winners.

    Hernandez said in the future, she hopes Semper Fit keeps the exercises and qualifications the way they currently are.

    The spirit of competition was why some competed.

    Figuerora said just being out there to compete with and against fellow service members and station residents was enough for him to come back again.

    Trophies for first, second and third place in the men’s and women’s divisions were passed out at the event’s conclusion. Everyone who
    participated was also given a T-shirt.



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