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    Promoting truth with Commando Radio

    Promoting Truth With Commando Radio

    Photo By Master Sgt. Gloria Wilson | Two U.S. Army soldiers move antennas during the move of Camp Morehead's Commando radio...... read more read more

    KABUL, Afghanistan -- If information is power then the commandos just became more powerful as their radio station here at Camp Morehead celebrated the opening of their new facility and increased coverage area with a ribbon cutting ceremony Sept. 1.

    The radio station, known as Commando Radio, 95.1FM, is operated by Commandos trained in Afghan Information Dissemination Operations, or AIDO. It provides a variety of services to its listeners to include popular music, weather information, radio dramas, and updates on Commando operations.

    “The most important aspect of Commando Radio is that all the information it provides is truthful,” said the U.S. Army Special Operations Captain responsible for training commandos in AIDO. “Afghans can count on Commando Radio to always provide the truth, thus increasing the credibility of the commandos. For example, if insurgents attack and kill civilians, our DJs can instantly put out a news spot letting the public know what actually happened versus the lies the enemy try to tell. Commando Radio’s value lies in its ability to quickly publicize the truth in an effort to counter enemy propaganda.”

    The important messages that are put out on Commando Radio can only be heard if people are tuned in. This premise is important to those who work at the station. They understand that people will tune in if the radio station seeks to improve and educate, which they have done successfully.

    Thanks to newly installed equipment and a new facility, the station’s coverage has increased from 25 percent of Kabul to all of Afghanistan’s largest city. The radio station also has two full-time skilled DJs catering to its listeners, so the 95.1 fan base keeps growing. The new facility has a studio for its two DJs, a conference room, and office space—a big difference from the smaller, one room facility that Kabul’s Commando Radio operated from before.

    The new building is the first ever dedicated for a Commando Radio station and it has solidified Camp Morehead’s radio station as the most developed and professional Commando Radio in existence—making them an example for the other three Commando Radios stations, located in Kandahar, Helmand and Herat.

    “We’ve received feedback that our radio station is one of the top five in Kabul, but we can do better than that,” said the Commando Radio Station Manager in Kabul. “People are excited about Commandos; everyone knows who they are and that they have a radio station with great programming that also informs people about this elite force.”

    In addition to disseminating information, it also gathers it. One hundred to one hundred fifty call-ins that occurred before the move continue to increase with the improved capability. Although many times the calls are to request songs, other calls have provided information that has aided in the safety and security of the people.

    “We have asked people, via the radio, to let us know if there are IEDs [improvised explosive devices] on roads so the proper authorities can be notified,” said the radio station manager. “We let them know that they have the ability to prevent people from getting hurt. If we receive information about upcoming attacks we can warn people away from that area until its safe. The Commandos are here to help, but they can’t do it alone and the radio station is a way for the people to have their voice heard.”

    Currently listeners can call and tune in from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 pm every day, except Fridays when the hours are 8:30-11:30 a.m. Based on the feedback that the radio station is always seeking, they are looking into 24 hour, seven days- a-week broadcasting in an effort to become even more popular. Fans can also look forward to potential live interviews with local leaders and incentives for tuning in like radio contests.

    “They have set the standard at Camp Morehead for the rest of the Commando Kandaks,” said the U.S. Army Special Operations Captain. “They are moving in the right direction and it will only get better from here.”



    Date Taken: 09.07.2010
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