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News: Dozens of IEDs destroyed, several insurgents killed in clearing operation in Kandahar

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KABUL - Afghan and coalition security forces returned to the area north of Diwar in Zharay District this weekend to continue their deliberate clearing operations aimed at disrupting the Taliban's freedom of movement in the area. This area is a recognized Taliban safe haven and staging area for attacks in Kandahar City.

The latest operation resulted in several insurgents killed and the destruction of a tunnel system, several improvised explosive devices, two 82 mm mortar systems and large caliber machine guns.

The insurgents engaged the security force with rocket-propelled grenades, IEDs and small-arms fire throughout the operation. An air weapons team and ground forces suppressed the enemy, resulting in several insurgents killed. Additionally, precision air strikes destroyed dozens of pressure plate and command-wire IEDs.

The assault force also found and destroyed multiple RPGs, automatic weapons, chest racks, mortars, hand grenades and IED-making material.

During the last operation the assault force discovered and destroyed a house-borne IED, three trip wires attached to IEDs, a large caliber machine gun, a recoilless rifle mounted on a tripod, a machine gun and multiple rounds, along with IED material, including at least 80 blasting caps and multiple pressure plates. They also discovered and cleared two enemy bunkers containing homemade explosives. Several insurgents died in that operation.

"These clearing operations put the pressure on the insurgents and make the area safer for its residents," said Col. Rafael Torres, ISAF Joint Command Combined Joint Operations Center director. "Afghan civilians could've easily stumbled on these operational and dangerous IEDs, we're glad we were able to find and destroy them."


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