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    Pickleball court serves up fun times

    Pickleball court serves up fun times

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    Story by Janecze Wright 

    Fort Cavazos Public Affairs Office

    FORT CAVAZOS, Texas — Sports are an integral part of military life here. So, it was only a matter of time until pickleball, an up-and-coming sport currently trending all throughout the nation, made its way to the Great Place.

    The Cavalry Family Housing Resident Advisory Board decided to re-purpose an old tennis court in the Comanche II area of family housing and introduce the popular sport to residents and pickleball enthusiasts.

    “Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America,” said Chris Albus, Cavalry Family Housing project director. “Our Resident Advisory Board recommended putting the pickleball court in to replace one of these old tennis courts in order to keep up with the modern Army family. We hope it’s going to take off.”

    Pickleball is a paddle sport involving two or four players. Players hit a perforated, hollow plastic ball back and forth over a net, competing for the most points.

    While it resembles tennis, there are many differences in how each sport is played.

    • Pickleball paddles are smaller than tennis racquets. Unlike textured tennis racquets with strings, pickleball paddles are either completely smooth or have air holes.

    • Pickleball uses a small plastic ball, which means it doesn’t bounce as high as a tennis ball. It’s similar in appearance to a whiffle ball.

    • While tennis requires an overhand serve, pickleball serves must be underhand.

    • Picklers serve diagonally to the opposite side of the court.

    • Pickleball utilizes a two-bounce rule. After a serve, the returning team must allow one bounce before hitting the ball, then the serving team follows suit. This is the rule at the start of every point.

    • The no-volley zone known by picklers as “the kitchen” is a seven-foot area located at the front of the court on each side of the net. The serve must clear this area. Players can’t enter “the kitchen” when the ball is in the air, only after it bounces. “The kitchen” is a safety feature that prevents spikes from hitting players that are close to the net.

    Enthusiasts eager to join the pickleball craze should know a few key things about how to play the sport, and love has nothing to do with it.

    The first player or team to get to 11 points within a 2-point margin (having at least 2 points more than the other side) is the winner and the game uses side-out scoring, meaning only the serving side can score.

    The score is called aloud before each serve, the server starts on the right side and switches to the left as they continue to score. Right side denotes even numbers, and the left indicates odd numbers. Knowing which side to serve from helps to remember the count.

    Pickleball is beginner-friendly and suitable for players of all ages. Residents can sign out equipment at the Comanche II Community Center or bring their own.

    Fostering healthy competition and encouraging unity within the community is what it’s all about, RAB President Leslie Cromer conveyed.

    “We want to bring the community together any way we can and pickleball seems to be the way to do it.”

    Cromer added that it’s important to accommodate the needs of Fort Cavazos residents and encouraged those interested in joining the RAB to weigh in on decisions that affect the community.

    Joining RAB “helps you be the voice of your community,” she said. “We definitely recommend anyone to come and join and bring new ideas to the board.”

    Visit for more information about the RAB.



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