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    NATO Media Tour Highlights eFP Battle Group Poland

    NATO Media Tour Highlights eFP Battle Group Poland

    Photo By Staff Sgt. Matthew Foster | Hristianiya Chervenkova, a Belgium reporter, conducts a news report as U.S. Soldiers...... read more read more

    BEMOWO PISKIE, Poland – Members of the international media community visited multiple countries to tour the individual NATO Battle Groups stationed across Europe. They concluded their tour by highlighting NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battle Group Poland, which is currently led by the 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment (3-8 CAV), 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division (3-1 ABCT) operationally controlled by the 1st Infantry Division (1 ID), alongside the U.K. The Royal Lancers, Prince of Wales Troop, the Romanian Sky Guardians, and the Croatian Archer Battery.

    The media tour showcased the individual battle group’s capabilities and highlighted the interoperability between the differing nations to their own communities.

    “What we're trying to do is showcase what the Battle Groups look like, what their capabilities are, what it's like for nations to be training together in a combined cohesive fighting force,” said U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Clinton M. Carroll, public affairs military liaison tour coordinator. “We've had journalists from Romania, Bulgaria as well as journalists from Estonia, Poland, and even Japan for a global audience to see the training here today, and to be able to see what the capabilities the unit have and how they work together as one team.”

    The NATO media tour began with observing U.S. Soldiers assigned to the 3-8 CAV, 3-1 ABCT fire 120mm cannons from the M1A2 Abrams tank alongside U.K. soldiers assigned to The Royal Lancers, Prince of Wales Troop utilizing a Mobility Weapon-Mounted Installation Kit during a live fire training exercise.

    “Our media tour’s mission is to offer an opportunity to partner with U.S. embassies across Europe to identify journalists who'd benefit from understanding U.S. lead and NATO affiliated missions and exercises to familiarize their publics with how NATO Allies work together to defend and deter any aggression on NATO territory,” said Jesse Shaw, Deputy Spokesperson with the U.S. Mission to NATO.

    Photographers, videographers, war correspondents and economists from seven countries were present to document and share what the NATO mission is and how it impacts the world.

    “Before I came onto this tour, I specialized in economics and criminal journalism, stories like money-laundering,” said Anastasiya Tido, Estonia journalist with the Postimee (Postman) newspaper. “But because I started writing about Ukraine when it started and the war measures, now I can claim I specialize in military operations.”

    The soldiers' story and their commitment and resolve, while faced with the possibility of a looming threat on a daily basis, was the focus of many of the journalists' inquiries.

    “That's what I want to do here, is to highlight the soldiers story and why they are able to serve and sacrifice when they face emotional and physical stress having conflict so close, and could have to go fight at a moment's notice,” said Tido.

    The media journalists concluded their tour with an open panel discussion with the command elements of the eFP Battle Group Poland, consisting of representatives from the U.S., U.K. Romania, and Croatia.

    “The enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Poland consists of our partner countries of Croatia, Romania and the United Kingdom, which are all the tenant members of eFP Battle Group Poland,” said Eric Yost, executive officer of the eFP Battle Group Poland and executive officer of the 3-8 CAV, 3-1 ABCT. “There are multiple battle groups throughout Europe, however for battle group Poland, the United States provides the framework nation and has the largest contributor for battle group Poland, consisting of one Combined Arms Battalion with two tank companies, one mechanized infantry company with an attached artillery company and engineer platoon and lastly, we have our headquarters and Forward support company.”

    Media journalists inquired about a variety of subjects from the stability of the European theater to interoperability and the cooperation between the allied nations within the battle group.

    “The main mission for the Romanian detachment here is to cover air defense for the eFP Battle Group Poland, which gives the battle group more flexibility and more capability,” said Romanian Maj. Florian Ion, commander of Romanian Sky Guardians. “Acting in cooperation we have maneuvering forces, such as tanks and infantry units, and it is our mission to cover all those forces with protection for air threat threats.”

    Members of the eFP Battle Group Poland shared with the media their individual units capabilities and how cohesive training has prepared the allied nations to operate as one synchronous military in all environments.

    “The Jackals provide a reconnaissance capability, and they work well with the U.S. Combined Arms Battalion and we are trained to act favorably with all of our NATO partners,” said U.K. Maj. Freddie Taylor-Dickson, commander of The Royal Lancers, Prince of Wales Troop. “As reconnaissance soldiers, we’re trained to operate by day, night, in all weather, so it is a challenging environment, but it's one that we are prepared and trained for.”

    The eFP Battle Group Poland is positioned to be the tip of the spear, ready at a moment's notice to engage and defend should an adversary threaten the allied nation’s sovereignty. Many journalists posed questions concerning the current events surrounding the region.

    “Obviously the world has changed this year, February 24 was a unique day in history that has affected not only Europe but specifically Eastern Europe, and tragic events happened.” said Yost. “But that just really reinforces the importance of this battle group and the other battle groups throughout the nations on the Eastern Flank of NATO.”

    The impact of the current events within the European theater has had a significant impact and positive effect among the allied nations along the front.

    “What has happened is that it's really unified us as one team, the NATO alliance and the NATO member countries and the allies,” said Yost. “It solidifies and reinforces that we are committed to deter any aggression, committed to the mutual defense of any of our allied partner nations.”

    Yost continued to express the value and importance of the battle group and its positioning within the host nation of Poland.

    “Each and every nation that is represented here today, they have sent their best, their first teams, this is truly the first team represented from across multiple countries that are here committed to defending one another, the NATO alliance, and the region,” said Yost. “We are honored to be among so many professionals and we're so very proud to be here, to be a part of eFP Battle Group Poland.”

    At the conclusion of the NATO media tour, the journalist from Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Poland, and partner country Japan, were provided the opportunity to observe the operations of a NATO Battle Group and the cohesion and interoperability displayed brings awareness of the battle group’s commitment and ability to deter and defend the Eastern theater.

    “The journalists were thrilled and will be sharing some positive stories educating their public on the importance of the eFP Battle Group, and their missions,” said Shaw.



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