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    Setting the Standard: Executive Development Program’s Cadre XI Takes on the Challenge to Become Future Leaders of the Enterprise

    Setting the Standard: Executive Development Program’s Cadre XI Takes on the Challenge to Become Future Leaders of the Enterprise

    Photo By Shelby West | Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) recently named its participants in the Executive...... read more read more



    Story by Kristi R Britt 

    Norfolk Naval Shipyard

    Four individuals from different corners of Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) have been chosen for the shipyard’s Executive Development Program (EDP) Cadre XI, the latest group to take on this prestigious leadership program. At the start of their journey together, these four individuals have quickly become a cohesive team, building off each other’s strengths and ideas, to bring lasting change to America’s Shipyard and beyond. Under the mantle known as “The Standard,” these four are ready to set the precedence for future leaders across the enterprise.

    The EDP is a competitive program that selects four of the best-qualified applicants for each cadre, providing mentors and opportunities to shadow senior leaders across the naval enterprise. Participants are able to gain a better understanding of what leaders are working on in their day-to-day, as well as the operational tempo and functionalities of the shipyards and bases at the executive level, across the country. The program is an intensive and immersive experience taking place across six months. “It’s definitely a hectic schedule,” said NNSY EDP Manager Danie Larrew. “Our participants really have to hit the ground running to get as much as they can from the program.”

    The four selected for Cadre XI are Tom Angle (Code 1200), Jahmal Bazil (Code 2350.3), Paul Hall (Code 300N - Navy Nuclear Regional Maintenance [NRMD]), and Timothy Mccary (Code 105.7) – each with individuals goals for the program centered around an overarching consensus of bringing positive changes to America’s Shipyard and the Navy. “This cadre was quick to come together and become a unit,” said Larrew. “They are energetic and taking the reins in their journey through the EDP. They have the drive to go far.”

    Angle said, “It’s definitely fast-paced but already we as individuals and as a team have learned from leadership we’ve spoken with and meetings we’ve been able to attend. It’s about making this experience your own and getting what you put into it.”

    The members of Cadre XI are partnered with mentors within the shipyard, paired in hopes to challenge them to get what they desire from the program. In addition, the cadre is provided with a list of leadership they will engage with during their travels – spanning across the four public shipyards, Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Foundry and Propeller Center (NFPC), Naval Regional Maintenance Department (NRMD) Kings Bay, Nuclear Propulsion Training Unit (NPTU) Charleston, Newport News Shipbuilding, Fleet Forces Command and more.

    Cadre XI has worked tirelessly to maximize their experience and knowledge, and also have their voices heard as future leaders.

    “We are ‘The Standard’ because we want to be the basis from where this program flourishes,” said Bazil. “The EDP is a program built so that current leaders support the efforts and growth of our future leaders – it’s also a program that requires the participant's input and efforts. We’re looking for every opportunity we can, to see how other commands run, to see as many leaders as we can, to share our thoughts and really set the standard that we’re here to bring positive change to the Navy.”

    He continued, “We are in one of the most diverse areas to work, and we get to work on so many amazing things that greatly benefit our country. The standard is the heart and mentality of this group as a whole – there’s so much that we can do, including sharing our voices so that current leaders can understand our visions, encouraging our future leaders to stand up and put in the work for the change we need. We need to limit our convening and start doing. The standard is service; how I can best affect my peers, the shipyard, the enterprise, everything. And it also has us asking the question, ‘what is my purpose for being here?’ With this program, we can pave the path to where we need to be.”

    Hall has been in production for nearly 17 years and with the program, he’s looking to where his future might take him. “We’ve only been in the program for a couple weeks and I’m already self-reflecting,” he said. “The EDP is really about finding yourself and what is going to make you feel satisfied every day.”

    Angle added, “That’s the beauty of this program. It exposes you to these different areas and helps you understand that what you’re doing now is just one piece of the puzzle that makes up our shipyard and our enterprise. We’re all important pieces that have to work together to make it work. With this program, you get to take a step out of your comfort zone and see the big picture and all the opportunities for change and success.”

    Mccary has a three-tier approach to the EDP, built on his expectations going forward not only for himself but for all future leaders who want to take on the challenge. “First, this program is about us as the individuals, providing an avenue to learn leadership from those currently at the helm, learn how to interface with NAVSEA, learn the inner workings of the business itself,” he said. “Second, take that knowledge we gain from the program and bring it to action. We can change where change is needed and use our experiences to build our enterprise to be a place of diversity-of-thought and action. Lastly, the EDP needs to be bolstered to be relevant; a place where you can groom the future leaders who want to take that next step in their career. We need folks who are committed to the success of the shipyard and beyond.”

    This is just the beginning for Cadre XI – the four reaching every corner of the corporation to make their mark in their leadership journey. They also look to challenge those who’ll come after them, setting the standard for the EDP and for future leaders of NAVSEA. Stay tuned – we’ll be sharing some of Cadre XI’s adventures across the enterprise in our new segment, “Where in NAVSEA is NNSY EDP.” Interested in learning more about the EDP and Cadre XI? Check out their SharePoint page that they developed at You can contact the team at

    What Does the EDP Mean to You? Why Apply for the EDP?

    “For me, I came into the shipyard through the business office so unfortunately I do not have a lot of waterfront experience. I have academic knowledge of the waterfront but I need that tangible experience of the waterfront to be the leader at the shipyard I want to be. Our business is ships – so you’ve got to understand what’s going on at the deckplate.”

    “We as a team want to really elevate this program to the level of prestige we feel it deserves and inspire future leaders to apply. This is the program for executive development. You get experiences you may have never gotten before. We want to draw in the potential next leaders of our shipyard and show them that they have the power to make change happen.”
    -- Tom Angle

    “For me, this program is positioning myself for change and to make change. That’s always been the goal from me. I haven’t been siloed in the shipyard, I’ve had opportunities across the shipyard and have seen it from all angles. I want to network and build on my allies across the enterprise who can help me bring lasting change across the board. There isn’t a doubt in my mind – I will be a leader in the enterprise.”

    “The goal of the EDP is to identify those people who really want to change the way we do things, who are progressive in thought and action, the protagonists for our enterprise who aim to Get Real, Get Better. Our enterprise needs leaders who aren’t just satisfied with the status quo, we need innovative folks who want to push the boundaries, challenging our shipyard to do its best while also taking care of the people who get the work done each and every day.”
    -- Jahmal Bazil

    “I wanted to cause change on a different level and thought I had already accomplished all the change I could in my current position. I felt change was needed at a higher level. So I applied for the EDP and here I am.”

    “The EDP helps build people to help the shipyard and the enterprise. For me, I really care about the people who come to work every day to meet our mission. Yes – our mission is to fix ships, but if you don’t have the people, you can’t fix ships. In order to meet our mission, we have to be able to motivate our people and help them so we can all succeed together. Commitment can’t just be in a room at the highest point, it has to be across the board. We need those leaders who can help motivate our people, help them succeed, and change our shipyard for the better. Let’s make it happen now – with this program and across our enterprise. Let’s build up our leadership with the best of the best who are ready to lift our people up and commit to positive change.”
    -- Tim Mccary

    “This program is building a network for me and helping me determine where I want to be in the future. I know how the waterfront operates but now I need to see the world through the eyes of folks like the business office. I want to get that exposure to operational meetings, seeing where funds are allocated and why, really seeing the strategies of what goes on behind the scenes.”
    -- Paul Hall



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