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    Combat Parachute Assault into Bashur, Iraq – 15th Anniversary

    Iraqi Freedom

    Photo By Lt. Col. John Hall | OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM -- U.S. Army paratroopers prepare to board a C-17 Globemaster...... read more read more



    Story by Lt. Col. John Hall 

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Combat Parachute Assault into Bashur Iraq – 15th Anniversary
    By Lt. Col. John Hall
    VICENZA, Italy – "Commanders, it's time to move the Herd," boldly stated Colonel William C. Mayville, Jr., commander of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, as they boarded aircraft 15 years ago with the intent of parachuting into the Kurdish region of Iraq.

    Just before midnight, on March 26th, 2003, a thousand Sky Soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade opened a second front in the Iraq War, by parachuting from C17 Globemasters into Bashur Drop Zone in northern Iraq, effectively redirecting six Divisions from the Iraqi Army away from Baghdad.

    One year later, Soldiers vividly related their experiences to Spc. Adrian Schulte, SETAF Public Affairs,

    “I knew it was real when they gave us live ammo at the airfield. I knew then that there was no turning back,” recalled Pfc. Jerry Allen, Chosen Co. 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry (Airborne). “I’ve never seen so many planes in my life,” he said referring to the Air Force C-17 Globemasters waiting to take them to war.

    The time for the paratroopers to make their leap into war came quickly. About 30 minutes from the drop zone, the white lights that had been illuminating the cabin were cut off and replaced by red ones, signaling “show time” was close at hand.

    “I wasn’t nervous until they started going through the jump commands about 20 minutes before the jump,” Allen said. “When they turned the white lights off and put those red ones on, it was a rush.”

    “Each little event after the red lights came on made your heart beat a little bit faster, regardless of what you do or don’t know,” Deaconson said. “By the time we stood up to wait for the green light, my stomach was doing somersaults. I thought for a second I might throw up and had to put my head on the parachute of the guy in front of me to get my bearings.”

    “We stood up and our rucksacks were heavy as hell, so we were leaning on everything and trying not to stand up straight because it was horrendous,” Holbrook said.

    The Air Force loadmasters then opened the doors of the aircraft. Wind, dust and anticipation tore through the cabin. The paratroopers hooked up their static lines and did their final checks. Because they were in hostile air and because the drop zone was nestled in a valley, the giant C17’s had to go into an intense, steep dive from 30,000 feet to 600 feet.

    “We were already standing and hooked up when they went into this crazy dive,” Allen said. “When they started to pull out of it, I couldn’t stand up with all the weight I had on. All I wanted to do was get out of the bird.”
    The Air Force had a narrow window of time to get the paratroopers into the air, so after pulling out of the dive, the red light by the open door was quickly replaced by a green one and paratroopers started pouring out into the night sky.

    “It was almost dead quiet once you hit the ground, you couldn’t hear a thing,” Deaconson said. “It was good, but eerie in a way. It gave you time to get your bearings. I felt drained just from stressing out so much on the plane.”
    The Soldiers donned their night vision goggles and looked for their Phoenix beacon, a flashing beacon used for guidance visible through the night vision goggles.
    from "The 2-503d Jumps Into Iraq" Spc. Adrian Schulte, SETAF Public Affairs 3/23/2004

    Kurdish fighters had closed off a highway and roads leading to the drop zone and airfield where the paratroopers were infiltrating near Irbil, Iraq. Just as U.S. and British paratroopers had done in Holland in 1944, the Sky Soldiers parachuted into enemy territory, secured the drop zone, coordinated with local freedom fighters and then moved their forces to secure key terrain and infrastructure.

    The following day, CBS News reported, “Pentagon officials had hoped to have the Army's 4th Infantry Division invade Iraq from the north, but Turkey balked at allowing up to 62,000 U.S. troops on its soil to prepare for that option. The use of the 173rd shows the military has shifted to a smaller, lighter force. Though no hostilities were expected during the deployment, the 173rd decided to parachute in rather than ferry troops in by plane so that a significant combat force could mass almost immediately to protect itself.”

    On the 15th anniversary of this historic airborne insertion, the current 173rd Airborne Brigade Commander, Col. Jay Bartholomees assembled the brigade at their battalion flagpoles in Italy and Germany to communicate the significance of this day in our Brigade’s history. Here is what he said,

    “On this day 15 years ago, 1000 Sky Soliders boarded 17 C17 aircraft to conduct a mass tactical combat parachute assault onto Bashar Airfield in northern Iraq. The brigade’s mission was to secure the northernmost offensive boundary under Special Opearations command and establish a lodgment for the introduction of follow on forces into Iraq. Sky Soldiers boarded buses at Caserma Ederle and drove to Aviano Air Base to prepare for the jump. Strategically positioned in Italy, the 173rd made a 4.5 hour flight into northern Iraq, penetrating enemy air space and delivering The Herd where US mechanized forces could not go. Just as our 173rd forefathers made history with the introduction of the first brigade combat team into Vietnam in 1965 and the first combat jump into Vietnam into Operation Junction City, the 173rd parachute assault was the first combat jump from the C17 Globemaster and the only combat jump conducted by US Airborne forces since the War on Terrorism commenced in 2001.

    As we reflect on this historic event and remember the paratroopers that jumped into Iraq, take a moment to think about what their perspective was in 2001 and 2002 leading up to this operation. The vast majority of these paratroopers had never seen combat. Only a handful of senior NCOs jumped into Panama with the 82nd Airborne in 1989. On 9-11 the 173rd was in a training rotation at Hohenfels Training Area conducting routine collective training. The Sky Soldiers of 15-17 years ago drilled and trained, studying the combat lessons of recent conflicts, preparing for the unknown.

    Today we stand ready just as Sky Soliders did 15 years ago. Today we train just as our forefathers did in Okinawa in 1963, just as Sky Soldiers did in Italy and Germany in 2003. The only certainty we have is that we do not know when we will be called, but that we must be ready when we are called. Our citizens and political leadership expect us to be ready – we must prevail for the livelihood of American generations to come. Thank you for the collective sacrifice that you and your families make each day in service of our great nation. Remember that day and prepare for final manifest call for our next combat parachute assault. Sky Soldiers!”

    Sky Soldiers were flown into combat on C17s from the 62nd and 446th Airlift Wings from McChord Air Force Base in Washington and the 437th Airlift Wing and 315th Reserve Airlift Wing from Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina.

    Those conducting the combat jump in 2003 consisted of paratroopers from:
    HHC, 173rd Airborne Brigade
    1st-508th Infantry
    2nd-503rd Infantry
    74th Long Range Surveillance Detachment
    D Battery 4-319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment
    173rd Combat Support Company
    501st Forward Support Company
    250th Forward Surgical Team
    2nd Battalion 10th Special Forces Group
    4th ASOS and 86th Expeditionary Contingency Response Group from the U.S. Air Force

    Every paratrooper who made this historic airborne assault into Iraq was awarded the Bronze Star Parachutist Badge and Arrow Head Device “for participation in a parachute assault landing into enemy controlled territory.” Airborne!

    Chalk # 1
    Hanley Robert Michael MAJ
    Hughes Brian CPT
    Gaspard Joshua Michael 2LT
    Mcginnis Michael Eugene PFC
    Guidry Jonathan Maurice SPC
    Kennedy Brian Joseph PFC
    Vien Richard Michael PFC
    Mangine Nickolas Albert SPC
    Hansen Jason C 1LT
    Torres Oscar PFC
    Springsteen Erickson SSG
    Carney Stephen Anthony Jr SGT
    Mills Eric Lee PFC
    Sthilaire Shaun Michael SGT
    Salador Rhyan SPC
    Marstella Jerrmiah Scot PFC
    Kidd Daniel Jon SSG
    Keener Benjamin Christopher SGT
    Mann Robert Jason SGT
    Reidy Martin Joseph Iii CPT
    Vipond Jason Alan SPC
    Cuiroz Charlie Luciano PFC
    Myres Neil Jonathan 1LT
    Goolsby Lance Matthew SGT
    Rodriquez Brandon G PFC
    Bernot Christopher Michael SSG
    Cato Christopher Lee SSG
    Lawrence Dustin Alan PFC
    Morris Joshua Alan SSG
    Kobelka Stephen Wolf SPC
    Emmons Michael Joseph SFC
    Foote Matthew D SSG
    O’neil Bradley A MAJ
    Brooks Todd A LTC
    Ortiz Leo Anthony B SRA
    Gunter William Wade CSM
    Mayville William Charles Jr COL
    Cdrick Devron T SGT
    Buck Edward Forrest Jr CPT
    Laboycortes Edwin SPC
    Larson Paul Leo CPT
    Schmid James R CPT
    Rathoun Brian James Ii SSG
    White Depek Charles PFC
    Fesmire Drew Christian PFC
    Hamrick Bradley C SPC
    Spear Ronald SSG
    Espinoza Sergio SGT
    Tinsley Johnny Lee SPC
    Alameda Francisco Diego PFC
    Cauly Duane Ezra Jr SGT
    Thurman Danny Lee PFC
    Austin Daniel Lynn PFC
    Nunez Daniel Jesus SSG
    Ardner Shane Paul SPC
    Krajieck Anton James Ii SGT
    Bowman Ray William PFC
    Turner Carl O PFC
    Ingram James Daniel SPC
    Lappedaard Justin William PFC
    Burgoscerpa Alberto I PFC
    Vazquez Philip SPC
    Stanley Timothy Alan SGT
    Hardyway Jonathan Terell SPC
    Rosario Joel Anthony PV1
    Gonzalez Jamie Jose SGT
    Southerland Michael Terheno SSG
    Galvan Albert SGT
    Scrivens Bennit Bruce SPC
    Werley Charles Scott SPC
    Rowell Richard Allen PFC
    Martin David Benjamin PFC
    Hankins Brian Jason PFC
    Magana Jose Angel SSG
    Clark Nathan Robert PFC
    Burns Larry James PFC
    Wells James Anthony SPC
    Koch Robert David 2LT
    Holbrook Christopher David PFC
    Silvacruz Axel J SSG
    Bruens Joshua Andrew SGT
    Swarner Tyler Romar SPC
    Jacks Samuel Paul PV2
    Clark Ryan Douglas PV2
    Bryant Richard Sean SPC
    Hedgepeth Wendell Jr SGT
    Waterstripe Michael Paul SPC
    Marker Justin Troy SPC
    Chalk # 2
    Vogel Stephen F
    Tunnell Harry Daniel Iv LTC
    Brown James Michael SGT
    Tyndall Adam Mark SPC
    Hooper Brian Eric CPT
    Howard Jacky Shay CPT
    Sangster Benjamin Franklin CPT
    Riker Randy Ray CPT
    Haynes Jason Gilbert SGT
    Coke Garth SGT
    Franklin David Brett PFC
    Harden Kyle John PFC
    Gillison Daniel Robert PFC
    Warren Dustin Allen PFC
    Patterson Mark Alan SSG
    Baughman Jeffrey Allen SFC
    Degenhardt Clayton John SFC
    Ehresman Mark Theadore SSG
    Burr Peter Ernest Jr PV1
    Latimer Eric Shane SFC
    Avila Orn SGT
    Hinkkanen Jacob Paul SPC
    Oakes Kevin SFC
    Shelton Christopher Randall SGT
    Meneses Thomas SPC
    Mendez Ivan Alfredo SPC
    Brzak Scott Allen SFC
    Ramirez Christopher PFC
    Adamksi Michael John CPT
    Franceschini Wilfredo 1LT
    Decoudres Timothy Allaire SSG
    Cundiff William Emmett Jr SPC
    Nicholson Joseph Jeremy SSG
    Benzer Joseph William SPC
    Reed Jonathan Sahnger PV2
    Baus Eric Ammon CPT
    Dahl Chris Anthony Jr SPC
    Tuttle Myron George SPC
    Stocking Steven Andrew SPC
    Crockett David Edward Iv SSG
    Livingston Jamar Burnett SPC
    Issertell Joseph David 1SG
    Williams Vernon Chris Ii SSG
    Brignoli Steven James 1LT
    Jackson Christopher Joseph PFC
    Andrews Matthew Adam SPC
    Thomas Richard D CPT
    Hartless Jeffrey Scott SGM
    Kilbride John Patrick CPT
    Wallace Phillip Edward SSG
    Walter Samuel Nelson SGT
    Peoples Willie Cornelius Jr CSM
    Mortati Gaetano Anthony SGT
    Barden Jeremy K 1LT
    Guderski Christopher G 1LT
    Brannen Robert Marshal PFC
    Levesouf Michael John SSG
    Culpepper Thomas Michael 1LT
    Perez Ernesto 2LT
    Thomas Darrell Shane SGT
    Herrera Philips Apollono SPC
    Herper Earl Alexander PFC
    Keller Sean Noel SSG
    Mouer Joseph Michael CPT
    Jamison Brian Michael CPT
    Storie Stephen Michael PFC
    Farrow Harold Herbert SSG
    Young Jason Roy SSG
    Pardo Robert Alfredo SSG
    Cross Joseph Raymond SGT
    Hardy William Gregory PV2
    Connell Patrick Sean SSG
    Smith Carson Mccay PFC
    Perez Cruz Edilberto A PV2
    Ridgeway Jason Randall CPT
    Painter Crew Albert PFC
    Rock Kerry Joseph SPC
    Squillini Michael Anthony CW2
    Reffeor Jonathan Edward SSG
    Underwood James Patrick SPC
    Sonnentag Michael John PV2
    Daugherty Brain Douglas SGT
    Alarez Roberto Horacio SSG
    Workman Zachariah Joseph SGT
    Hassanien Tamer M A SPC
    Macdougall John David PFC
    Thomas Kyle Gregory PFC
    Fegely Melville Kenneth SPC
    Marino Charles Francis SPC
    Hund James Jeffery PFC
    Sanchez Robert Lee MAJ
    Blackburn Kyle Chris SPC
    Corbitt Brian John PFC
    Hiller Darren Mathew SGT
    Jacobs William Glen Ii CPT
    Hoye Timothy Charles MSG
    Knight Ryan SSG
    Montalvo Guadalope SSG
    Laporte Dwight Robert SSG
    Maunz James E CPT
    Baker Brian Thomas SSG
    Sparks Justin Charles SPC
    Chalk # 3
    Ostlund William Brian MAJ
    Reyna Thomas Steven Ii SPC
    Cannon David Tillman SSG
    Clements Michael Wayne SGM
    Askew Vincent Edward SFC
    Lape David Edward Jr PFC
    Lester Tommy Lee Jr SSG
    Staley Darrell Edward Jr PFC
    Tavarez Abel Emilio SSG
    Carlsson Glen Eric CPT
    Karahharisis John James PFC
    Navasmartinez Carlos N SGT
    Olvera Rogelio Rene PFC
    Teigue Richard Charles PFC
    Bewley Brandon David SGT
    Ruiz Natividao SSG
    Young Drew Allen SPC
    Harrill Phillip Benjamin PV2
    Alvarez Gilberto SPC
    Ashurst Michael Brandon SFC
    Hadlocl Kyle Herman CPT
    Gonzales Juan Jose SFC
    Kim Kyusik SPC
    Bagby John Vincent 1SG
    Becker Jordan M 1LT
    Wright Benjamin West CPT
    Richards Aire Christian CPT
    Frazier Justin Lee SPC
    Gonzalez Manuel 2LT
    Ortizhill Jorge Luis Ii SFC
    Lee Lawrence 2LT
    Kemp Michael Edward SPC
    Ragoonanan Amar Ramnan SGT
    Lucas Eric Michael SPC
    Hebert Justin W SPC
    Levy Jason Edward SSG
    Freese Thomas Frederick CPL
    Holmes Mannie Lee Ii SPC
    Mazza Nathan Christopher PFC
    Schuette Devin Lee CPL
    Pingle Christopher Lee PFC
    Leamont Brandon John PFC
    Higgins Conan Koseph TSG
    Anderson Blaine MSG
    Roos Benjamin August SGT
    Biggs Christopher Adam SGT
    Bellew Brian Wayne SPC
    Litty Jon Joseph 1LT
    Ritzmann Christopher CPT
    Campbell Dale Eudon SGT
    Naranjo Carl Ernest SGT
    Nelson Charles Cody SPC
    Hayes Steven Christopher PFC
    Malish Richard Glade MAJ
    Medina Abraham Jr SSG
    Lopez Victor Javier Jr SSG
    Wood David Wayne SSG
    Kucfrak Daniel William Ii PFC
    Caynor David Michael PFC
    Garrett Beau P 2LT
    Milton Ronald Joe SGT
    Jensen Timothy James SGT
    Ernest Andrew Eli PFT
    Montour Joseph Allen 1SG
    Turner Prince Lee Jr SSG
    Robinson Brandon J PFC
    Zimmer John Raymond SSG
    Kelly Shane P 2LT
    Estebanesalas Dorian F SPC
    Campbell Frederick Cornelius SPC
    Kahler Matthew Ryan SSG
    Perez Ernesto Flavio PFC
    Ludin Robert Burnett SPC
    Holmes Dustin Dean PFC
    Ezernack Troy Shane SPC
    Condit F H Theodore SGT
    Person James Andrew 2LT
    Schlothauer Daniel Allan SGT
    Milquist Jason Thomas SGT
    Grove Joshua Charles PFC
    Lockhead Eric Dennison PFC
    Huskins Brandon Ty SGT
    Baden Matthew Daniel SPC
    Kruse Matthew James PFC
    Ftacek Michael David SSG
    Perry Brandon John SSG
    Frenzel Michael Reid MAJ
    Dibias John Brian CW2
    Gowan Robert Edward Lee Iii MAJ
    Cubbage Adam Thomas CPT
    Evancic Michael CPT
    Batta Christopher SMSgt
    Weart Steven K COL
    Czarkowski Kevin Michael 1LT
    Gavula David Lawrence PV2
    Rundquist Eric K MAJ
    Cannon James Louis SSG
    Daniels William Wayne PFC
    Pilow Daniel Joseph SGT
    Chalk # 4
    Alexander Ditsen Carvey SPC
    Aljehani Jason Morril PFC
    Ames Chet Douglas PV2
    Barlett Daniel Wayne Ii PFC
    Begay Byron Ray SPC
    Betancourt Rogelio SPC
    Biggs Eric Raymond CPL
    Butler Nathan Joseph SPC
    Cagno Andrew Duncan SGT
    Campbell Michael Ryan PV1
    Caraccilo Dominic Joseph LTC
    Clark Joshua Michael SPC
    Cline Brandon Christopher PFC
    Curtis Robert O 2LT
    Dessecker Michael Wayne SSG
    Dodd Michael Lee SPC
    George Randy Allen MAJ
    Harper Brian Allen SPC
    Harrell Jonathan Norwood PFC
    Harrison George Paul SPC
    Harrison Talon Jatony SGT
    James Jeremiah Lee SPC
    Johnson James Christopher SPC
    Kunasek Brian L PFC
    Lawrence Adam Glen PV2
    Likins Robert Anthony Iii 2LT
    Mcclure Kyle Michael PV2
    Morgan James Elmer Iii SPC
    Perkinson Patrick Kennedy SGT
    Price Kenjim 2LT
    Reibsome Ricky Len SGT
    Rouse Harold Dean 2LT
    Santos Niogel Rafel PFC
    Shaffer Allan Michael PFC
    Shannon Matthew Justin PV1
    Shelton Ryan CPT
    Swan Joshua Robert PVC
    Vansickle Jeffrey Brett 1LT
    Wagoner Mark Paul CPT
    Weaver Jasan Kip SSG
    Watts Walter Frank Jr SGT
    Minucci Joseph Ii SGT
    Allen Jerrey Don PV2
    Bazer Jonathan Fredrik SSG
    Bender John Joshua SPC
    Butler Jaron Blue PFC
    Cavatao David Anthony SSG
    Christian Michael Lawrence SSG
    Cody Steven Joshua SPC
    Crenshaw Aaron Edward SSG
    Cummings Aaron D 1LT
    Ellis Christopher Howard SSG
    Fogleman Michael Ferrel SPC
    Garacia Timothy Ryan PFC
    Griffey Jeffrey Kenneth SGT
    Guerrero John Manual CPT
    Hanchett Charles William PV2
    Henman Chad Andrew PFC
    Hernandez Angel Ricardo PFC
    Hernandez Jaime Rosauro PFC
    Hormann Justin Paul PFC
    Hauser Paul Joseph SPC
    Jones Lee Tom PFC
    Lombardi Albert Anthony Iii SGT
    Lugo Franklin B SSG
    Lutz Thomas Ralph CPT
    Martinez Anthony Isaac PFC
    Mcdougall John D 1LT
    Mcelyea Robert Samuel SGT
    Morgan Brandon Scott PV2
    Morsebach Willliam Paul PFC
    Cakes Christopher Warren PV1
    Orban Joseph Robert SPC
    Rice Earl Leslie CSM
    Rodenburg Gregory Allan PFC
    Simon Hector Iii SPC
    Sparks Michael Shawn SGT
    Sprague Scott Anthony PV2
    Stoddard Travis Santrell SPC
    Summerfield Jeremy John PFC
    Taffoya Christopher Gorden PFC
    Todorov Timomir Stefanov SPC
    Tusa John Thomas SPC
    Tuttle James John PFC
    Weik Richard Wesley MSG
    Whaley Patrick Shaun SSG
    Zawadski Alexander SGT
    Adkins Emmett Charles Ii SGT
    Bartlett Michael Orhan SPC
    Miles Matthew Eric SSG
    Deibel Corey Bronson SGT
    Mower Clifford Lamar SGT
    Choay Christopher SPC
    Lytle Ashley PV1
    Wiseman Michael L SGT
    Klepac Kevin Jeffery PFC
    Kagan David SPC
    Mcdonald Mason James SSG
    Barnhill Ryan Mitchell SPC
    Chalk # 5
    Spencer John W 2LT
    Lanthier Jason Michael PFC
    Landre Jason Willilam SPC
    May Peter Griswold PFC
    Robbins Kasey Lynn PFC
    Burre Paul Jonathan SSG
    Gondeck Benjamin Lee PV2
    Sharkey Keven David SGM
    Vermillion Chad D 2LT
    Price Micheal Wayne SSG
    Planas Jeffery Rafael SGT
    Cummings Nathan Christopher PFC
    Ballou Jason Emmerson PFC
    Davis Christopher Michael PFC
    Aguirreosorio Roberto SSG
    Hall Samuel Regoli SSG
    Jones Leighton Christian PFC
    Reedy Gary W Jr CPT
    Saltus Arthur Ronald SFC
    Beeson Scott Alan SSG
    Peddoycord Andrew Charles PFC
    Hodapp Thomas Richard SGT
    Fletcher Jacob Samuel PV2
    Hill David Vernon Jr PFC
    Stockard William Shane SSG
    Gonzalez Terry Joseph Jr SPC
    Davis Cameron J SSG
    Knight Gregory Earl CPT
    Brown Aaron Matthew PFC
    Gibbs Jonathan Clarkson Iii MAJ
    Ortiz Valente SSG
    Castro Frankie James SFC
    Singleton Tyler James SPC
    Bernstein David R 1LT
    Travis Byron Joe SPC
    Fahnestock Corey Dwayne SGT
    Stribling Michael Corin SFC
    Duaret Anthony David SPC
    Vogel Leland Wesley SPC
    Truclovec Joshua Marl PFC
    Skrapke Allan Wayne PFC
    Baggett Jeremy Kelly SGT
    Tashima Brianjay Mitsuru SPC
    Mccormick Chad Wesley SPC
    Chavez Gregory Michael PFC
    Dillard Jeremy Todd SSG
    Newman Robert Clifton SFC
    Bradford Jeremy Phillip SGT
    Northrop Kenneth Paul Lamar SPC
    Perry Antonio J SPC
    Brasher David Edward SSG
    Cuebas Edwin Marcus SGT
    Hudson William Utah Jr SGT
    Colton Jonathan Michael PFC
    Chandler Carl David Jr SGT
    Lafferty Thomas Michael Jr PFC
    Krezelak Justin Douglas SGT
    Short Andy Lee PFC
    Nelson Jonathan David PFC
    Muhcnen Evan Craig SPC
    Madison Adam Andrew SPC
    Gray David Anthony PFC
    Marin Daniel Moncayo SPC
    King Nichols Allan PV2
    Osbeck Craig Wilson SPC
    Vasil Carl Garrett SSG
    Sanchez Christopher Daniel SGT
    Ingrham Nichols Aaron SPC
    Lehnhart William Robert PFC
    Higginsotham William SGT
    Taylor Gregory Scott Jr PFC
    Young Michael Ramey PFC
    Wood Christopher Smokie SSG
    Mendoza Tony MSG
    Agnes Kevin Wayne CPT
    Sookbirsingh Gearry Terrell SPC
    Morrow Michael Atwood SPC
    Burrow Thomas Lee SPC
    Deakman Caleb Henry PFC
    Dillon Ryan Scott CPT
    Morin Radolfo SGT
    Black Nicholas Harding SPC
    Spielhagan Bernard C Iii SSG
    Grueser Shawn Michael SGT
    Gross Manny Edward SGT
    Puigruiz Michell SGT
    Borlock Horace J Jr SPC
    Ortizmontes Hector Javier PFC
    Isaacs Russell Allan SGT
    Wilkison Austin Spencer SPC
    Chavez Gregorio Armondo SFC
    Smith Blake Orien SGT
    Wolfert Erik Andrew SGT
    Pridgen Randolph Jr SFC
    Dohr Shawn Mcmanamon SFC
    Burnett David Alexander PFC
    Liddick Scott Robert Jr PFC
    Hinton Gavin Michael PFC
    Ball Michael PV2
    Gargas Edwin Thaddeus Jr SFC
    Walter George CPT
    Hortsmann Jacob Paul SFC
    Chalk # 6
    Dilanian Kenneth Jacob
    Addison Carlon Hardy Ii SFC
    Avery Jason F SPC
    Baummur Paul David SPC
    Blackmore Brandon Victor SPC
    Bourne Jonathan Edward SPC
    Brown Christopher Joel SPC
    Brandy William Douglas CPT
    Cahill Scott Vincent SPC
    Campbell Donald Malcom Jr MSG
    Cockman Jason Winfred 1LT
    Denny Michael Justin PFC
    Espinoza Jeffery Guadalupe SPC
    Frisbee Shaun Thomas SPC
    Gaudette Brian Joseph PFC
    Goings Keith James PFC
    Griffith Leon Dexter SGT
    Hagelpitt Brent W 1SG
    Halliburton James Allen SPC
    Hando Thomas J 1LT
    Herst Jonathon Patrick SPC
    Jeleniowski James Craig SPC
    Jenson Anthony Dale PV2
    Lang John Karl MAJ
    Lattimore Neri Parshur PFC
    Lindocrg Michael Joseph Jr PFC
    Linne Ryan Colt PV2
    Lovett Barry Franklin Jr SGT
    Marino Scott Allan SGT
    Mccarthy Cory Michael SPC
    Medina Anthony Carlos SGT
    Odom Mark Weld MAJ
    Ortiz Juan Antonio Jr PFC
    Oteystephenson Cole Cassidy SPC
    Palacios Erik Michael SPC
    Parfitt Joseph Anthony SPC
    Pasion Jay Echipare SSG
    Perkins John Oliver Jr PVC
    Robertge Matthew John SSG
    Sahagun Landon T SSG
    Salavar Kenneth Alserto PFC
    Sabano Nicholas Willliam SPC
    Shone Zechariah Samuel SPC
    Smith Jay Brent CPT
    Snyder Jeremiah Don SPC
    Durbin Robert Allan SSG
    Etheridge Michael David SGT
    Fuchs Leonard Maritin Iv SGT
    Grant Erin Nathaniel SPC
    Halvorsen William Reed PFC
    Harris Ricky Gregg SSG
    Hatton Phillip Kyle PFC
    Himrod James Nathan SPC
    Hoffer Aaron James SGT
    Hogan Timothy Sean SSG
    Howe Jesse Lynn SPC
    Husketh Jesse Lee SPC
    Lee Robert Paul SSG
    Linderman Robert Thomas PFC
    Lodolo Lance Anthony PFC
    Manana Rommel Emilio SPC
    Marois Alexander Chaianglee SGT
    Martin Eugene Lynn CPT
    Mcdonald Carl Adam SFC
    Oakley Bryan Scott SGT
    Orourke Troy Kenneth PFC
    Perry Joshua Len PV2
    Quiros Miguel A SFC
    Stanton William Michael Jr SFC
    Storms Austin Michael PFC
    Szczepanek Zachary Joseph PV2
    Tobias Chrisopher Castillo PV2
    Watson Timothy Robert MSG
    Diehl Jesse Seth PFC
    Brown Matison Russell PV2
    Cutshall David Lee Jr SGT
    Anderson Seth Erik PV2
    Anwar Yamim Ibn SGT
    Barnes Benjamin D SGT
    Barrios Juan M SFC
    Bayang Andrew SGT
    Bentley Glen Arthur Ii SGT
    Beilefflot Bryan Lee PFC
    Boyd James Craig SGT
    Brumely Timothy Carlton SPC
    Caldwell John Andrew SSG
    Campsell Christopher John SPC
    Cini Robert Lee SSG
    Cowden Michael Cheyne SPC
    Devor Christian James PV2
    Doles John Glen SGT
    Ramirez Francisco SGT
    Reed Richard Allen SPC
    Roden Sean Michael SPC
    Rodrigueztorres Alexis SPC
    Roy Tanner J 1LT
    Sokolowski Stephen Wacy SPC
    Stone Georffery Thomas SGT
    Watts Christopher Lee PV2
    Woody Gavin Ward CPT
    Gueringer Jason Adam SFC
    Chalk # 7
    Shinners Michael James MAJ
    Baysore Thomas Allen Jr SPC
    Bednar Joel Gibbons SGT
    Bunting William Scott PFC
    Zole Corey Gene SGT
    Bryan Daniel Lee PV2
    Fullerton Luke James SSG
    Kollar Richard Thomas SGT
    Weiskittel Chris SSG
    Korp Daniel Herbert Jimmy SGT
    Workman Thomas Isaac PV2
    Cox Barry James PFC
    Hunt Lester Allen Jr PFC
    King Troy Edward PV
    Monge Andre Silauhent 1LT
    Mullins Donald Gene Jr SGT
    Underhill William Gabriel PFC
    Raser Joseph Raymond PFC
    Stewart Timothy John Jr PFC
    Jeans Rayland Robert SGT
    Pero Christopher Frank PFC
    Jujan Llawrence Wade SSG
    Boland Toby John SFC
    Faherty Shawn Prtrick SPC
    Pearson Zachary Matthew SSG
    Williams Adam Johnathan PV2
    Motley David Josiah SSG
    Coleman Jeri George SFC
    Odell Rooney Dwayne SSG
    Wall David Tristan PFC
    Deubeck Curtis Allan SPC
    Carrillo Josel Moises Jr SPC
    Waddell Derron Leshon SGT
    Wightman Jonathan William SSG
    Patutoa Vito Bob SPC
    Espenhover Adam Stephen PV2
    Cambell Gabriel PSC
    Buske Matthhew Wayne PFC
    Correa Gabriel Martin SPC
    Baum Jeremy Crandall SSG
    Bessette Scott M SPC
    Roseberry Cory James PFC
    Wipperman Brent Douglas SSG
    Houchens Tyson Charles PFC
    Romesberg Jason Edward PFC
    Miller Marcus P PFC
    Bourne Thomas Earle Iii PFC
    Hilla David Thomas SGT
    Monti Jonathan D 1LT
    Pazjose Francisco Jr SPC
    Escalera Raul SPC
    Bryant Mason L SFC
    Campbell Damion Garland SPC
    Rodriguez Angelo Jose PFC
    Bayer Brian Douglas PFC
    Graves Brian Thomas SGT
    Wicks John Franklin Iii SPC
    Pazsylski Robert J 1LT
    Angulo Alfredo SPC
    Cuestavalerio Will Omar SPC
    Shannon Andrew Michael SGT
    Calvo Jorge SPC
    Espinosa Guillermo SPC
    Berry Ralph Kenneth PFC
    Stone Steven James SPC
    Dean Rick Eldon SFC
    Garcia Soloman Dewayne SPC
    Bolland Glenn Scott SPC
    Bird Jonathan Doughlas PFC
    Hunter Corey Terrell SPC
    Yang Mithcell H SrA
    Martinez Faustino T SSG
    Sternberg Nicholas A CPT
    Henson Robert P SMSgt
    Braune Joshua W SSG
    Zarumaremache Marco Vinicui SPC
    Hansen William Grant 1LT
    Delmar Benjamin TSG
    Scott Jeffrey SSG
    Lenington William Edward SSG
    Papke Matthew Edgar SGT
    Verespej Jason Anthony SPC
    Arellanoarias John Paul SFC
    Alvarado Ronaldo Antonio PV2
    Deaconson David Nicholas PV2
    Hopkins Jonathan J 1LT
    Arends Jacob Glenn PV2
    Oaks Dutin Ryan PV2
    Wilmington Ryan Andrew PV2
    Oakes Joseph Robert SPC
    Jacquez Anthony John SGT
    Bunker Leon William SGT
    Neel Jessee Lee SPC
    Chalk # 8
    Heinerici Eduardo SPC
    Lealayala Rene Alexander PV2
    Creighton Phillip John SGT
    Boozer James Aarron PV2
    Sapoznidov Dimitri PFC
    Gordon Lawrence Francis Jr SPC
    Pfeilschiefter Justin Lee SGT
    Treguboff Dustin Peter PV2
    Kazanchy Karl Lane SPC
    Clifton Derek Drake SSG
    Peterson Kendall Rand PV2
    Santanasantana Jesus SGT
    Stodomingo Karlo Costales PFC
    Burke Cody Patrick PFC
    Barron Williard Earl 1LT
    Green Robert Lee SPC
    Campsell Tyrus Lee PFC
    Puckett James Robert PFC
    Baxley John William PFC
    Connell Adam Charles PFC
    Coffey Justin Steele SPC
    Reed Paul Henry PFC
    Pulaski Andrew James SPC
    Curry Michael Seafred Jr SFC
    Ortiz Michael John SGT
    Newmyer Bret Alan PFC
    Cook Mitchell Lee SGT
    Patrick Aaron Jason PFC
    Spoor Richard George PFC
    Kirschmann Elijah SPC
    Stinger Harrry Kappas Iii LTC
    Devine John Glenden MAJ
    Gibbs Karl Josep SFC
    Kaleff Ryan Allen PFC
    Ayotte Michael Landard PFC
    Bradford Darrell D SGT
    Watson Ralph Jay Jr PFC
    James Adam Dean PFC
    Pratt Joseph Lewis Lee SGT
    Cady Aaron J PFC
    Nix Barry Wayne Jr PFC
    Rice Christopher Damon PV2
    Anderson Robert John SGT
    Nathan Tony Labaron SSG
    Burgess Charles Michael CPT
    Brooks Jonathan Peter SGT
    Beers Jason CPT
    Spaits Damain SSG
    Schabbhar George E V CPT
    Vetten Billy Scott SSG
    Michael Stephen Leopold MAJ
    Ringgenberg Dirk Dale CPT
    Pryor Richardo Anthony SSG
    Rossi Christopher Joseph SPC
    Lightman Michael Robert SSG
    Sandifer Roberto Charles PFC
    Llewellyn Jason Lee SGT
    Deveydt Michael John SGT
    Edwareds Michael Stephen SPC
    Ellison Joel P 2LT
    Mazur Joseph Michael CPL
    Caldwell Lamont A SFC
    Jeter Melvin B 1LT
    Holland Daryl Bradley SPC
    Ogan James Caylan SPC
    Charlesworth Shayne Lee SGT
    Salinas Juan Jose SGT
    Marrero Ricardo SPC
    Shcafer Michael Wayne SPC
    Roman Jovany PV2
    Harmon Mikie Dale Jr PFC
    Couturier Gregory M 2LT
    Calkins David Samuel PFC
    Evans Geoffrey Allen SGT
    Bauman Zaachary Porter SPC
    Mowery Jonathan William SPC
    Zimmer James Paul SGT
    Ledoux Andrew Allen PV2
    Weister Jaemson Edward PV2
    Maloney Michael Christophere SPC
    Riosreyes Jose R SGT
    Dominguez Kenneth Allen 1LT
    James Eric Nathaniel SGT
    Cross David Joseph PV2
    Mcwhorter James Michael SSG
    Smith Travis Edward Taylor PFC
    Beyl Grant Michael SGT
    Ludwig Jeffrey Louis SPC
    Swanson Andrew Mclean SPC
    Smith Robert Joseph SGT
    Fehl Joel David SSG
    Charo Christopher Adam SGT
    Fraley James Brittain SPC
    Rockwell Nicholas Allen SPC
    Torres Victor PV2
    Thompson Zachary Lyn PV2
    Spencer David Patrick SPC
    Tedeton Scott Anthony SGT
    Kelley Chet TSG
    Barnett Franklin SSG
    Rivera Noel Mauel Jr SFC
    Neal Jonathan Keith SGT
    Chalk # 9
    Rivera Elliott Enrique SPC
    Mayo Christopher Michael SPC
    Gokey William Allen SGT
    Davis Jeremy Lawrence PFC
    Cameron Rooney Dewayne SGT
    Knight Phillip Harlan PFC
    Pratt Carl Patraick SFC
    Oldenburg Michael John SPC
    King Joseph Earl SPC
    Perezmartinex Nicholas SSG
    Garrison Jayson Ray SGT
    Good Nathan Robert SGT
    Tetrault Garrett Joseph PFC
    Rocco John Anthony PFC
    Cline Judd Reece PFC
    Gutierrezmartin Antonio SGT
    Watson Charles Stuart SPC
    Price Joseph Christopher SSG
    Llamagutierrez Mario A PFC
    Mahlik Jason Lee SPC
    Fitz Samuel Lee SGT
    Perry Christopher Joseph SPC
    Hoy Brian Dick PFC
    Pettigrew Brandon Edward SPC
    Bennett Richard Craig SGT
    Scott Richard Graham SPC
    Cayabayab Leonard Quntos SGT
    Bateman Jason Emory Winton PFC
    Moulton Damien Adam PFC
    Johnson Jason Stanlyey SPC
    Whitelow Thomad Earl Germar PV2
    Conley Andrew Curtis PV2
    Blake Andrew Craig Omar SSG
    Mack Clint Edward SGT
    Geopfert Franklin Dwight PFC
    Auttonberry James Allen SSG
    Danforth Joshua Wayne PFC
    Frenandez Roberto Iii PV2
    Tano Antonio PFC
    Urquhart Joseph Vern PFC
    Samuel Wesley Andrew PFC
    Dalton Randall Allen SGT
    Velasquez Hilario Andres SSG
    House Keith Richard SPC
    Cumo Robert Angelo Jr SSG
    Linden Jakob Albert PFC
    Ruddell Gary H MSG
    Lee Jarrett S 1LT
    Rideau Adam Joshua SPC
    Blaney Joshua Charles PFC
    Lopez Melvyn SSG
    Paquette Scottt Andrew SGT
    Foran Darrell Arvalyn CPL
    Mond Daniel Duncan SPC
    Snyder Reuben Conrad SSG
    Gitthens Jonathan Marit SPC
    Marshall Jason Christopher PFC
    Howell Richard Dale SPC
    Brown Nicholas William SPC
    Lamora John Paul SGT
    Flores Alejandro R SSG
    Verdugo Daniel Enrique SPC
    Gilbert Hartley Thomas Jr SPC
    Walker Adam Jacob SPC
    Thompson Rassun Davion SGT
    Reisetter Kevin Allan SPC
    Gregory Jason Forga SGT
    Roberts Jason Gregory PFC
    Russell Phillip Jason SPC
    Gregg Jeremy Daniel PV2
    Labriola Thomas Richard PFC
    Massey Monte Edmund SGT
    Mandfield Nicholas Christo PFC
    Erler Chrisopher SPC
    Scherrey Jeffrey Benton PV2
    Caprio Joseph Frank Iii SPC
    Garcia Christopher SGT
    Williams Christopher John PFC
    Mahrer Bradley Paul PFC
    Moore Jason Andrew PFC
    Abraham Jonathan SPC
    Grabinski Michael Stephan SGT
    Crosay Edward John SGT
    Wilder Ian Richard PFC
    Heim Luke William PFC
    Leaf Jacob William PFC
    Singer Mario Sebastion A SGT
    Dennis Stephen Grodon Jr SSG
    Mcintosh James Stanton PFC
    Harness Chad Bryan SPC
    Knoll, Larry R SSG
    Cremeans Charles A MSG
    Burns Robert Walker Jr SSG
    Novak Robert Christopher SFC
    Dolan David SGT
    Nelson John Peter SGT
    Grafton Stephen PFC
    Chalk # 10
    Camp Ryan Michael PFC
    Ybarra Steven Reynaldo PFC
    Post Nicholas Hunger PFC
    Summers Patrick Shannon PFC
    Nino Arnulfo Jr PFC
    Glennie Caleb Ray PFC
    Goldsworth William PFC
    West Bradley Christian MAJ
    Winstead Justin Wayne SGT
    Horn Brian Martin SGT
    Brammer Jerod Alan PV2
    Alvarez Reinaldo PFC
    Pullen George Rodney SSG
    Martin Christopher Michael SPC
    Gambino Matthew Paul PFC
    Cross Benjamin Christopher PV2
    Rocha Juan Daniel SGT
    Petry Cardson Alan PFC
    Dus Sebastian Damian SSG
    Amaraz Hugo SGT
    Mcmillan Merideth Racean SGT
    Reynolds Paul Anthony PV2
    Gaffney Edward James Jr SPC
    Stark Robert Joseph PV2
    Holliday James Conrad SGT
    Tyson James Christopher PFC
    Orozco Kevin Eli PFC
    Lincoln Arron James SGT
    Johnson Jeremy Doughlas PFC
    Kellywood Johnny S PV2
    Cutler David Wayne SGT
    Rogers Timothy James PFC
    Zaleski Stphen Louis SSG
    Lauer Frank Gregory SFC
    Krueger Nathan Edward SPC
    Esquibel Oscar SPC
    Sport Shane Christopher SSG
    Corella Rene Gerardo SGT
    Shcnerre Michael Thomas SPC
    Kindart Ryan James PFC
    Voline Stephen John SSG
    Volz Jody David SSG
    Dake Brad Alan PFC
    Clayton Marty Keith PFC
    Rolling Nicholas Alexander 1SG
    Castillo Alejandro Rene SSG
    Valentin Juan Carlos SSG
    Maus William K MSG
    Hoyt Robert E TSG
    Bates Jason Boyd SSG
    Gronke Daniel Anton SFC
    Camporese Rafael 2LT
    Arding Jason Reed SGT
    Samps Timothy Joel SGT
    Sanchez Gregory Lee SPC
    Swanson Jacob Gregory PFC
    Dean Coleman Samuel PFC
    Loera Gabriel SSG
    Ruizandaluz Luis SFC
    Freeeborn Matthew John PFC
    Lovell Garland Stewart PV2
    Ortiz Rafeal Arturo SSG
    Allen Jeremy Nathan PFC
    Weller Matthew Isaiah PFC
    Mora Fabian SPC
    Tucker Mark Randolph PV2
    Squires Thomas Laurence SPC
    Elliott Richard Andrew PV2
    Schultz David Gordon PFC
    Hoskins William D PFC
    Stephens Tony Lee SPC
    Berkoski Mar Anthony SPC
    Morrow Demarlo Antwan SPC
    Strauss Keith Robert SPC
    Joyner Philip Randolp PFC
    Qunitanilla Sonny Cruz SGT
    Harper Justin Iles SGT
    Colliton Robert Henry SGT
    Reynolds Wilbur Lewis Jr PFC
    Abarca Addrian Alexis SGT
    Lopez Oscar Jr PFC
    Godi Eric Paul SGT
    Langhirt Michael Joseph Jr SGT
    Robinson Rhcistopher Wayne SFC
    Lanfear Raymond Clifford SFC
    Perry Andrew Steven PFC
    Herman Thomas Arnold Iii SPC
    Riosmontalvo Alex SPC
    Pappano Robert Brandon SGT
    Lopez Francisco Pancho SPC
    Ashry Michael James PFC
    Cantrell Steven Edward CPT
    Zientek Frank N SSG
    Jones Ace W SSG
    Desfuanderson Federico SSG
    Sheet Michael SRA




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