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    Soldiers sharpen skills during attack drill at BAF

    The simulation focused on how quick and effective security elements would react to an enemy attack on the compound. Securing the area, getting accountability of personnel, and locating and evacuating the wounded while providing tactical combat casualty care were amongst the skills tested during the training exercise.
    “As a platoon sergeant, you are looking for a certain level of proficiency from the team, be it medical skills, military tactics or just overall battlefield knowledge,” said Staff Sgt. Rodniel Valdes, platoon sergeant, security platoon, HHC, STB, 1CD RSSB.
    On the day of the exercise, security platoon Soldiers were going about their normal daily activities of manning guard gates, checking identification badges and escorting visitors, unaware of any scheduled training until the alarm sounded on the loudspeakers inside the compound.
    Soldiers in body armor scrambled in different directions, ushering people to bunkers while others grabbed extra gear, but they all quickly organized into small groups at various locations in a way that showed there was disciplined order within the chaos.
    “We all assume we know what to do, but through training exercises like this, you realize you may have forgotten something or done something wrong in the heat of the moment, and you realize what you need to work on,” said Spc. Rudy Lie, security platoon medic, HHC, STB, 1CD RSSB. “We have to know what we’re missing and catch the little things.”
    The Soldiers also had to respond to an alert that communicated an unknown number of injured personnel requiring medical treatment and evacuation, thus implementing mass casualty training and response.
    Teams of Soldiers grabbed extra medical gear and leapt into action, tactically and swiftly moving throughout the compound searching for the injured personnel. The teams moved as a cohesive unit, sharing the responsibilities of pulling security in all directions while other Soldiers moved to the next defensive position.
    “Even though everyone may know their own job and responsibilities, it’s the working together that’s important,” said Lie. “The teamwork is what takes the most practice, so we all work smoothly together as one unit.”
    When the injured Soldier was found in a remote corner of the compound, some security platoon Soldiers established a defensive perimeter while other help Lie assess the extent of the victim’s injuries.
    The role of the injured Soldier in this exercise was played by Johnny the mannequin who was dressed with blood and injuries adding realistic values to the training.
    Lie, with assistance from some of the other Soldiers, applied a tourniquet and necessary bandages, placed Johnny on a litter and evacuated the 180-pound victim to a more secure area where transportation to the hospital would be more accessible.
    “It’s a great refresher for a medic,” said Lie. “Even though we perform extensive medical training, you can never practice enough.”
    Once the victim was reassessed and stabilized, and all personnel involved in the exercise were accounted for, the drill ended and the evaluation process began.
    “I am impressed with the level of proficiency I saw today from my guys, but that doesn’t mean we will stop training,” said Valdes. “You never take your foot off the gas.”
    Observers and participants went through the exercise step-by- step and discussed the positives and negatives of the training, so next time, the same mistakes will be avoided.
    “You train as you fight,” said Valdes. “You have to be ready at all times in case the real thing happens.”



    Date Taken: 01.17.2017
    Date Posted: 01.21.2017 00:50
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