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    On the Run: Ninety nine problems but running isn't one



    Story by Cpl. Mary Carmona 

    Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune   

    JACKSONVILLE, N.C. - Sometimes the knowledge that running benefits you physically just isn’t enough to get you out the door.

    However, if you grab your ear phones and “let the bodies hit the floor,” your legs might just find the motivation they need to whip out that five-mile run.

    According to Dr. Costas Karageorghis, an expert on the effects of music on exercise and author of “Inside Sport Psychology”, music is “a legal drug for athletes.”

    He said that listening to music can boost running performances by 15 percent.

    Runners World, a popular running magazine, states that studies show listening to music makes you feel like running is easier by distracting you from how much effort you are exerting.

    Basically, you can get so caught up in the vocal complexity of Eminem’s “Rap God” you won’t even notice you just pounded the pavement for a whole mile.

    Nina Kraus, professor of neurobiology at Northwestern University in Illinois, said your heart synchronizes with music, creating a metronome-like effect.

    “Our bodies are made to be moved by music and move to it,” she said.

    According to Karageorghis, individual’s perform best while listening to music with a rate of 120-140 beats per minute.

    So take advantage of the natural advantage music offers you. If you are having trouble getting into a regimented running routine, grab your iPod, load a few fun favorites and get going.

    Keep in mind, however, there are precautions one must take while running with music.

    Don’t let the distraction of your beats keep you from noticing obstacles such as potholes or oncoming traffic.

    According to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune base order PFF60.2M, using earphones or other audio devices is only allowed on designated running paths, so make sure you aren’t running around with your Beats by Dre in the wrong place.

    Also, keep the volume at a reasonable level. Iggy doesn’t need to be so fancy your eardrums blow out or you can’t hear the lightning strike a tree five feet from you.

    Combine common sense with quality music, and you are guaranteed a more enjoyable run.



    Date Taken: 07.31.2014
    Date Posted: 08.04.2014 14:29
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