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News: Devil Pups grow in 10-day evolution

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Devil Pups grow in ten day evolution Cpl. Orrin Farmer

Family members watch as their teenagers march onto the 52-area parade deck on the day of their graduation from the Devil Pups Incorporated program held here July 13. Devil Pups Inc. encampments are a ten-day youth camp that teaches discipline and respect to teenagers age 14-17.

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. -- On Independence Day, teens from across the southwest region started a journey to become Devil Pups aboard Camp Pendleton.

Hundreds of teenagers, 14-17 year-olds, were put into six platoons throughout the first training day of the encampment.

According to the official Devil Pups website the program will implement, “Ten days of challenge, teamwork, discipline and education.”

The website also states that boys and girls learn “cooperation and respect for the dignity of others, regardless of race, creed, color or national origin.”

Many of the Devil Pups said they gained motivation from their instructors and fellow Devil Pups through the long days and hard work.

Eleanor Franc a 16-year-old Devil Pup came back this year to help out with the program. Franc said that motivation was the biggest thing she took away from the encampment.

“I had never heard the word motivation used so much and I took that home with me,” said Franc. “I got back into school and I started doing much more than before I left.”

“I had so much more time in the day because I knew what a long day felt like,” said Franc. “I started four different sports, several clubs and I got so much more involved. I just wanted to do more.”

Customs and courtesies are heavily enforced by the instructors throughout the program.

“Coming here, you really get respect drilled into you and you realize the importance of it,” said Franc.

Kira Lavine, 16, a Devil Pup and the 6th Platoon Guide said all-in-all, despite the huge amounts of learning that occurs and the short ten days it occurs in, these Devil Pups are standing tall and proud.

“Confidence is what I learned most. Shoulders out, good posture, being proud of what you have and who you are,” said Levine “Confidence is something every Devil Pup should take away from the program.”


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