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DVIDS Video: In The Fight

In The Fight: Episode 97

03.31.15, Video by Travis Sauls

On this episode, U.S. and NATO forces in Europe gear up for Operation Atlantic Resolve, seventy years after World War II, we sit down with a veteran of the Battle of Iwo Jima, Army and Air Force personnel team up to deliver heavy artillery, Navy and Marine Corps forces deliver vehicles ship to shore, and wounded warriors take a risk to compete in new sports.. Watch Video

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About “In The Fight”

DVIDS On Demand presents “In The Fight,” a monthly half-hour program showcasing the latest action from the field.

This informative and entertaining program is available via satellite, DVD, and various videotape formats.

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Multiple Service Operators interested in developing a Military Channel for Video on Demand should look no further than DVIDS for all things military. In addition to “In The Fight,” DVIDS on Demand offers multiple newscasts filmed directly from the field. This content is the perfect complement to the monthly show, and will be provided free-of-charge upon request from Cable Companies or Broadcast Stations.

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