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    Bill of Rights Day Info Graphic

    Bill of Rights Day Info Graphic

    Info graphic reads title: “Dec. 15 Bill of Rights Day – subtitle: 1st Amendment – Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition – subtitle: 2nd Amendment – Right to keep and bear arms – subtitle: 3rd Amendment – Conditions for quarters of soldiers – subtitle: 4th Amendment – Regulation of search and seizure – subtitle: 5th Amendment – Rights of the accused – subtitle: 6th Amendment – Right to speedy trial – subtitle: 7th Amendment – Right to trial by jury – subtitle: 8th Amendment – Limitations on bail and punishment – subtitle: 9th Amendment – Rights kept by the people – subtitle: 10th Amendment – Powers kept by the states or the people.” The graphics lists each Amendment of the Bill of Rights with a brief description of each on the left side, and a cartoon representing each amendment on the right. The graphics from top to bottom show a man speaking to an audience, men holding rifles, a house with a sign that reads “NO soldiers,” handcuffs and a paper that reads “WARRANT,” cartoon hands in handcuffs, a lawyer speaking to a group in court, scales of justice, a person in jail, a diverse group of people smiling, and a map of the United States. This graphic was designed on December 13, 2017 at Office of Communication, Marine Corps Installations West, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, Ca. and intended for use by any U.S. Marine Corps units or installations. (U.S. Marine Corps graphics by Lance Cpl. Baylee Boggs)



    Date Taken: 12.13.2017
    Graphic ID: 1202
    VIRIN: 171213-M-SP684-001
    Size: 472.27 KB