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    Yudh Abhyas 2014

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    Yudh Abhyas Training

    Yudh Abhyas Training

    10.01.14 | SSG Mylinda Durousseau | 1BCT-25ID
    Exercise Yudh Abhyas 14 is being held in the area of Ranikhet Cantonment, Utterakhand, India, approximately 200 miles northeast of Delhi and is...

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    Cultures combine at Yudh Abhyas 2014

    Cultures combine at Yudh Abhyas 2014

    09.30.14 | CPT Jason Sweeney | CANGVI
    Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 9th Gorkha Regiment demonstrate their traditional fighting style during a social event following the conclusion of...
    US and India together

    US and India together

    09.30.14 | SSG Mylinda Durousseau | 1BCT-25ID
    Soldiers from 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, and the 2nd Battalion, 9th Ghurak Regiment of the Indian army present their...
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    Cultures combine at Indo-US exercise

    Cultures combine at Indo-US exercise

    10.14.14 | CPT Jason Sweeney | CANGVI
    For U.S. soldiers who traveled to India for exercise Yudh Abhyas 2014, many of the things they saw and experienced might have seemed unusual or...
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    Yudh Abhyas Conclusion

    10.03.14 | Courtesy Audio | 1BCT-25ID
    Winn Mete, Radio Show host with Base Alpha-Kilo, talks with Staff Sgt. Jesus Gutierrez, of 5th Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment after the completion...