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    • Vigilant Guard Hawaii 2015

      Vigilant Guard Hawaii 2015

      Vigilant Guard Hawaii is a National Guard led training exercise to allow regional National Guard units to work with local, state and national government organizations in response to multiple, geographically disparate, catastrophic disasters in a DSCA environment in order to strengthen regional partnerships, validate crisis action plans, and demonstrate the interoperability of the participants.

    • Patriot Warrior

      Patriot Warrior

      Patriot Warrior is an integrated operational and medical joint field training exercise designed to evaluate the ability to deploy MAF/ECS capabilities to support joint theater operations.

    • New Horizons 15

      New Horizons 15

      New Horizons 15 - New Horizons is a U.S. Southern Command-sponsored joint humanitarian assistance exercise designed to provide humanitarian, dental and medical services to communities in need while demonstrating U.S. support for Honduras.

    • Arctic Challenge 2015

      Arctic Challenge 2015

      Arctic Challenge is a multinational flying exercise involving Europe-based U.S. Air Force aircraft and personnel alongside eight partner nations to ensure interoperability. Through these strengthened relationships and engagements with our Allies and partners, the U.S. demonstrates its shared commitment to a safe and secure Europe.

    • Exercise Platinum Eagle 2015

      Exercise Platinum Eagle 2015

      Black Sea Rotational Force Marines and Sailors conduct basic-infantry training, advanced marksmanship, company-level command and control training, and both static and squad/platoon live fires with Romanian and Bulgarian forces. The emphasis is to build partner nation capabilities, reinforce relationships in a multilateral training environment, increase interoperability of allied/partner forces...

    • Vibrant Response 2015

      Vibrant Response 2015

      Vibrant Response is a U.S. Northern Command-sponsored field training exercise for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive consequence management forces designed to improve their ability to respond to catastrophic incidents.

    • Exercise Maple Resolve

      Exercise Maple Resolve

      Maple Resolve is a combined U.S. Army exercise with Canada that serves as a
      brigade-level validation for the Canadian Army. The exercise seeks to
      enhance our professional relationships, training and overall coordination
      with our allies and partners. The exercise improves relationships between
      the two armies and allows them to work together to address mutual threats
      and hazards at home...

    • Angel Thunder 2015

      Angel Thunder 2015

      Angel Thunder is an Air Combat Command-sponsored, joint national training capability accredited/certified personnel recovery exercise for Combat Air Force, joint, allied and interagency participants. Angel Thunder provides the most realistic personal recovery training environment available to more than 2,700 USAF rescue forces, as well as their joint, interagency, and international partners...