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B-1 achieves 10,000 combat sorties milestone Date: Feb 27, 2012 Title: SWA’s B1 10K Combat Sortie Subtitle: B-1s 10, 000 Combat Sortie from Southwest Asia Producer: Tech. Sgt. Lisa Carlson, 379th AEW/Public Affairs Name: 120227-SWA’s B1 10K Combat Sortie Keywords: 379 AEW, 379, 379th, AEW, Southwest Asia, SWA, Grand Slam wing, Triangle K, Air Expeditionary Wing, B-1, B1, Bone, Lancer, 10K, 10,000, Combat, Combat Sortie, Sortie, Aircraft, Bomber, milestone, historic moment, bombs, flight, aircrew, Co-pilot, WSO, Weapon Systems Operator, Pilot Runtime: 02:44 Fonts: Tech. Sgt. Lisa Carlson – Producer Capt. Mark Kimball, Aircraft commander 1st Lt Anh-Vu Nguyen, Co-Pilot Capt Laura Hunstock, WSO (Weapon Systems Officer) Lt. Col. Alejandro Gomez, Mission Team Lead A1C Bradley Skelton, B-1 Crew Chief MSgt Christopher Busch, B-1 Production Superintendent ANCHOR LEAD: Imagine making something for a single use and then using it 10-thousand times. Now, imagine it’s an aircraft. Tech. Sgt. Lisa Carlson has the details on a remarkable milestone for the B-1. BODY: Announcer: The B-1, Lancer is a supersonic bomber built in the 1970s. Commonly known as “Bone” for B-dash-one, this uniquely designed aircraft marked its’ historical 10-thousand combat sortie or mission, this past Sunday on Feb. 26, 2012. Capt. Mark Kimball, Aircraft commander explains the difference between a sortie and a combat sortie. Kimball SB: “We fly a sortie at home for training and you’ll go against simulated threats and simulated targets and you’re just out practicing. A combat sortie, you know now, we’re taking all that training and we’re actually applying it.” Announcer: A remarkable achievement for an aircraft not originally built for these continuous missions. Kimball SB: “It’s pretty amazing that an airplane that was designed for low-level strategic attach in a nuclear role back in the 70s and 80s when it was first designed has really evolved into a pretty big combat platform.” Announcer: This 10-thousandth combat mission also has a personal meaning to its crew members: Lt. Anh-Vu Win (Nguyen) Co-pilot, Capt. Laura Hunstock Weapon Systems Officer, and Lt. Col. Alejandro Gomez Mission Team Lead. Nguyen SB: "This is my first deployment with the B-1. I’m actually the youngest aviator, part of the team so, I’m very honored.” Hunstock SB: “My father flew bombers for 23 years and I’m excited to carry on our family tradition and legacy in flying the B-1.” Gomez SB: "I’ve got to watch the very first combat sortie launch on that date Dec. 16, 1998 and it’s pretty surreal watching 2 B-1s take off at 2 o’clock in the morning to go do strikes.” Announcer: Kimball explains what it’s like in the cockpit of a B-1. Kimball Nat SB: "... you spend somewhere like 300 hundred hours cramped into an area the size of a mini-van or something. So, it's like a big road trip with 3 of your closest friends." Announcer: 10-thousand combat missions mean 10-thousand maintenance successes. Airman 1st Class Bradley Skelton B-1 Crew Chief and Master Sgt. Christopher Busch B-1 Production Superintendent explain what that means. Skelton SB: "It’s amazing that we’ve been here this long, uh, to support the friendly forces on the ground. It’s just a good thing to be a part of.” Busch SB: “You know, I was a crew chief on the B-1 for about 14 years. You know, I know what they’re going through. It’s a tough aircraft to work. It’s challenging, some days you want to go home and cry after the day you had. You know when you see the aircraft, I think you mentioned it, when you see the aircraft take off, that’s what it’s all about.” Announcer: The B-1 will continue to be the “backbone” of America’s long-range bomber force and 10-thousand combat sorties is only the beginning. I’m Tech. Sgt. Lisa Carlson, 379th Public Affairs, Southwest Asia.

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