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Images: 'Death from Below' sees big pitcher [Image 1 of 2]

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'Death from Below' sees big pitcher

A section leader’s vehicle equipped with a Joint Range Extension system sits at the battery headquarters April 9. The JRE system gives the LAAD community the capability to see further out and determine the type, speed and direction of aircraft. It also identifies aircraft as friendly or hostile.

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Date Taken:04.09.2013

Date Posted:04.10.2013 15:29

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  • Cpl. Michael S. Hall leads his platoon of Marines through the brush during their field training exercise at Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue May 17-19. “Here in garrison our job is to keep fresh on our primary mission, which is low altitude air defense,” said Hall, the 1st platoon team leader for Battery B, 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion. “While deployed on the current missions in Afghanistan, we are used for security in patrols and convoys. So this training is really getting us back to the basics of what we need to know to better prepare us for the future deployments we will see in the future.”
  • Marines of Battery B, 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion, sight down range through and M240B and M2 .50-caliber Browning machine guns atop humvees at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Feb. 16. “The ultimate goal of the training was to achieve efficient combat readiness by ensuring the Marines are more confident in the weapon systems – making them more proficient,” explained Gunnery Sgt. Jerry D. Brown, operations chief for Battery B, 2nd LAAD Battalion. “We only do two live fires a year and any time we can get Marines out of the rear to put rounds down range, it’s a good thing.”
  • Sgt. Nelson L. Aviles performs a cool down routine with 2nd Platoon after completing a six-mile hike at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Dec. 16. The hike was conducted as initial conditioning for the upcoming Red Flag Exercise. Red Flag is an annual, multi-national aviation exercise annually hosted by the U.S. Air Force. Aviles is a team leader with 2nd Platoon, B Battery, 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion.
  • Cpl. Cameron S. Neivert, left, a gunner with Battery B, 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense  Battalion, assists fellow gunner, Cpl. Michael J. Covey, in sighting down range at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Feb. 16. The Battery B, 2nd LAAD, Marines engaged targets at nearly 600 yards from turrets atop humvees, tripods on the ground and from the standard prone position.

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