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Housing beautification

Spc. Tyler Stryffeler, combat engineer, 62nd Sapper Company, 4th Engineer Battalion, combs the area behind military housing along Gate 1 for trash, during Make-A-Difference Day, Oct. 27, 2012. “I volunteer because I like giving back, and I like the community that it brings. You meet really great people,” said Stryffeler. “People get the opportunity to see and be with people who have similar interests as them.” Stryffeler arrived at Fort Carson near the beginning of October and said he likes to volunteer as much as he can. He said he heard about MADD the day before the event and asked around to find out how he could volunteer for it. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Nathan Thome, 4th Infantry Division PAO)

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  • The Regimental Combat Team 6, sailor of the day is Hospitalman Taylor Jensen, 27, patient tracker, Regimental Combat Team 6, from Portland, Ore. He has one daughter, Ophelia, who recently turned three. Jensen has been in the Navy for a little more than three years. Jensen joined the Navy because he wanted to help support his family and wanted to better himself.  “The ladies like to hear I joined to better myself,” he jokingly added. Anyone who talks to Jensen can see he loves to make jokes and see people laugh. Before joining the Navy, Jensen had many different jobs but says his two favorite were when he worked at GameStop because he is a video game fan and when he was a cook at Multnomah Athletic Club. “I did a lot of catering for Oregon State football players and Portland political figures when I worked there,” he said referring to his time as a cook. “If you can sustain the hectic lifestyle of working as a cook there, you can be pretty well known.” Before joining the Marines and sailors of RCT-6, Jensen was stationed at Naval Hospital Portsmouth in Portsmouth, Va. Although having only served three years in the Navy, he says he has really enjoyed his time. “I like it a lot,” he said. “It’s been quite a thrill ride. I’ve had my ups and downs but my day almost always comes out positive. “Right now I work with the best group of ‘dudes’ I’ve worked with in my three years,” he added with a smile. Jensen says he also enjoys his job as a corpsman and his current billet as the patient tracker. “It’s a very important job,” Jensen said. “I like it because I’m messing with computers and electronics all the time. The fact that a lot of people rely on what I do makes me feel important.” Jensen, a self proclaimed nerd, says his hobbies include playing video games, comic books and animation. “Like a big percentage of the military, I like to wear my thumbs out playing video games,” he said. “I’ve been playing video games since like ’84 or ’85 and that’s not going to stop anytime soon.” Jensen says he also enjoys the Twilight series of books and movies. “Yesterday I demanded my mom send me the new Twilight DVD,” he said as he laughed. “I know almost as much about Twilight as a 13-year-old girl.”
  • Soldier Amarnodeen, a soldier with the 215th Corps of the Afghan National Army, a native of Takhar province, Afghanistan, serves for his country in Helmand province. “I just want to help my country, we want to see a lot of improvements,” he said. “I just want to make a difference so that the next time you come back to see my country it is closer to being like America. We want our people to have the freedom of America.”
  • The Regimental Combat Team 6 Marine of the day is Cpl. Daniel Cassis, 20, common operational picture manager, Regimental Combat Team 6, from Peaks Island, Maine. He has been in the Marine Corps for a little less than three years and said he joined for the experience and the help with college that the military offers. After leaving the Marine Corps he hopes to go back to college and study international affairs. “I want to travel the world,” he said. “I want to see different countries besides Afghanistan. I think that with a degree in international affairs I’ll be able to do that once I get out [of the Marine Corps].” Although Cassis is thinking about getting out of the Marine Corps after he is done with his current enlistment, he says he’s still not 100% sure he wants to leave. “I still have plenty of time to decide if I actually want to get out and go to school full time or stay in for another four years,” he said. Cassis, an infantry rifleman by trade, is currently on his second combat deployment to Afghanistan. His first deployment was with Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment from July of 2010 until January of 2011. “I became a [rifleman] to get a combat experience,” he added. “All my friends did the normal thing after high school. They went to college or got jobs. I wanted a different experience.” Cassis says he has enjoyed his time so far in the Marine Corps and his favorite part is meeting new people and making new friends from all over the United States.
“The Marine Corps has its ups and downs,” he said. “One day you’ll be having fun doing what you expect and the next you can be doing anything else.” Cassis hobbies include skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking and pretty much any outdoor sport. “Growing up where I grew up in Maine, it’s pretty rural,” he said. “So that’s pretty much what there is to do out there. There are a lot of snow activities there. I’d like to say hi to all my family and friends back home and tell them I miss them,” he said.
  • The Regimental Combat Team 6 Marine of the day is Pfc. Miouly Dessources, 28, food service specialist, Regimental Combat Team 6, from Brooklyn, N.Y. He is married and has a baby girl due to be born in March. Dessources joined the Marine Corps in December 2010. He decided to join the Marines to provide a better future for his family and because he likes to help people.  “I hit a roadblock in life, and I needed help to pay for school,” Dessources said. “The Marine Corps was a perfect fit with my goals and ideals.” Dessources wants to make the most of his Marine Corps enlistment by becoming a sergeant before he gets out. He only plans on serving one enlistment so he feels he needs to do as much as possible in that time. Dessources plans to earn his associate’s degree before he gets out and eventually wants to receive his master’s degree in psychology.  “While I’m in the Marines, I want to show the kind of character I have. I want to be the best,” Dessources said. “Afterward, I want to become a school counselor or psychologist.” Rank and school are not the only dreams Dessources has. He wants a big family with four or five kids. He also wants to live in a big house where he can have a huge garden and grow his own food, like apples, oranges and vegetables. “I want a big family. I was raised as an only child, so I’m envious of big families, to be able to spend time with them,” Dessources said. “I want a simple life, where I can raise my own food.” In his free time, Dessources likes to spend time with his wife. A self-confessed homebody, he doesn’t like to go out. He likes to cook Haitian food and read fantasy books, his favorite auther is George Martin and the “Song of Fire and Ice” series. “Kicking back at home with my wife is my idea of fun. While deployed, I like to read fantasy books; it’s the only type I read,” Dessources said. “I also think I have a hidden talent for cooking.” “Millie, I can’t wait to come home and raise our daughter together,” Dessources said.

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Volunteers make difference across Fort Carson


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