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Video: Motorcycle Gouge: Downshifting

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The fifth spot in the Motorcycle Gouge series addresses downshifting. The purpose isn't just to know how to do it; it's also about your safety when riding. Don Borkoski shows riders how knowing this procedures can keep you safe and give you power when you need it.

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  • I’m Airman First Class Daniel Burkhardt and we’re here at the second annual motorcycle safety day at Joint Base Andrews. Behind me, riders are participating in the slow rider’s competition, but we’re out here to demonstrate safe riding techniques, personal protective equipment, and to just let our riders have a good time. So let’s go find out what they think about today’s event. 
So I’m here with Master Sergeant retired Paul Grugin, who is here as a rider today. Tell me Paul, Master Sergeant, what do you get out of this as a rider?
Paul Grugin- Well, I’ve been riding since the 80’s so it really comes down to, you can always learn something new. And there is always somebody else that doesn’t have that experience, so we can take that Air Force term we all like to use, “Mentor” and take a young rider and mentor them a little bit, things to do, things not to do. It’s all about safety and comradery.  There’s all types of bikes, all makes all models, all ages groups, it’s a great Air Force event.
Of course one of the main points of today’s event is to demonstrate proper wear of motorcycle safety equipment, but as one of our rider’s experienced, that sometimes isn’t even enough to keep you from getting injured. 
It happened on April 9th, all I was trying to do was just commute to work, that was it. Next thing you know I see someone who was just creeping out, he was on the right hand side coming out of a stop sign. And as I noticed, he wasn’t stopping I hit the clutch, hit both brakes and that was it. All I hear was the ringing in my ears and everything went black until I hit the ground. Until they put that mask over my face and said breathe deep and I woke up two days later. Wear the boots, wear the whole helmet. Because aside from all of the broken bones and surviving a torn Aorta, this all my road rash right here which y’all probably cant see in the distance, but its not even two inches long. That stuff will save your life. 
Last year we lost a total of 15 riders in the air force, air force wide. And this year we’re already at 13 and we’re not even halfway through the season yet. 
That’s a lot of people.
Yeah it’s a lot of people so we kind of want to bring awareness and try to bring a little entertainment for the vendors and stuff so people can see but we want to bring something with more safety
Motorcycle safety day 2012 was a huge success, but we want to make sure that people know that no matter where you are in the world, whether state-side or overseas, using the proper protective equipment and safe driving techniques. As the sign next to me says, stay safe, stay vigilant, stay alive. 
Reporting for Joint Base Andrews, I’m Airman First Class, Daniel Burkhardt. Available in high definition.


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