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Package made from "Night Raid/Day Game b-roll" in this section, about 2-325 Airborne Infantry Regiment (Ft. Bragg, NC) playing soccer with the 23-6 Iraqi Intervention Forces after a night raid. Soundites from Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Penwell, Advisory Support Team's 4th Company Advisor; Captain Kenneth Burgess, Commander of C Company, 2-325 AIR; Sergeant Eric Torres, 2-325 AIR; and another Soldiers who was Honorable Mention recipient for the match. Produced by Sergeant Wes Kappelman, 366th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment.

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Date Taken:03.6.2005

Date Posted:04.19.2005 1:33PM


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  • Lieutenant Andrew Hamilton, Platoon Leader of Charlie Company, 3rd Platoon, 2-325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, takes the viewer through how the unit is incorporating explosive breach training into live fire raid missions during the unit Intensive Training Cycle. Available in high definition.
  • For the infantry, earning the Expert Infantryman Badge is a way of proving yourself to be above the standard. Army Sgt. Tony McCaslin follows the first and second battalions, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment through their EIB testing. Includes soundbites from 1st Lt. Brian Lee, platoon leader with B Company, 1-325 AIR, 2BCT, 82nd Airborne Division, from Suwanee, Ga., 2nd Lt. Christopher Oblak, platoon leader with D Co., 2-325 AIR 2BCT, 82nd ABN DIV, and Sgt. 1st Class Timothy Jones, platoon sergeant, A Co., 1-325 AIR, 2BCT, 82nd ABN DIV, from Columbia, S.C. Also available in high definition.
  • This B-Roll Package includes a 2nb Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade,s 82nd Airborne Division morning patrol and night patrol in Baghdad, Iraq. 
Daytime footage includes a morning patrol in the al-Karkh district. The White Falcons move through the streets, pull security, search a house under construction and talk to local residents.
Night Footage includes a night patrol in the al-Karkh distrit. The White Falcons move through the streets, pull security, and talk to local residents. Soundbite includes SSG. Christopher Welch - Squad Leader from 2nd Platoon, B. Co., 2-325, AIR, 2AAB, 82nd ABN DIV, is from Beeville, Texas.  Produced by SGT. Tony McCaslin.  Also available in High Definition.
  • Package made from "82nd Transfer of Authority b-roll" in this section, about Forward Operating Base Patriot transferring from 2-325 Airborne Infantry Regiment Soldiers to 23-6 Iraqi Intervention Soldiers; the first time a coalition base has been transferred to Iraqi control in Northern Iraq.  Soundbites from Marine Major Frank Sheldon, Advisory Support Team's Senior Advisor; Colonel Bob Brown, Commander, 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division; Captain Aaron Gorrie, 2nd Battalion, 325th AIR; and Lieutenant Colonel Chris Gibson, Commander, 2nd Battalion, 325th AIR.  Produced by Sergeant Wes Kappelman, 366th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment.

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