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Aspen Security Conference: "From Terrorism to Cold War-like Conventional Military Adventurism. Is Europe Up to the Test?" Aspen Security Conference: "From Terrorism to Cold...
℠25JUL14- "From Terrorism to Cold War-like Conventional Military Adventurism. Is Europe Up to the Test?": It was not that long ago that NATO was a solution in...
DoD News Now 1300 July 25, 2014 DoD News Now 1300 July 25, 2014
Progress is being made in the long, tough fight against Western wildfire, the very latest from Cape Ray's mission to destroy Syria's chemical materials, and security...
Fuerzas Comando Fuerzas Comando
℠2014 - U.S. Southern Command's exercise Fuerzas Comando got underway this week in Colombia. Security forces from 21 countries take part in the exercise, a special...
Utah Wildfires Utah Wildfires
National Guard crews report progress in fight against stubborn Utah wildfires.
National Guard Makes Headway Fighting Fires National Guard Makes Headway Fighting Fires
℠2014 - After weeks of hard work by National Guard and Reserve personnel, some progress is being reported in the battle against western wildfires.
New Criteria for Polio Shots New Criteria for Polio Shots
The Director of the Military Vaccine Agency Vaccine Health Care Centers Network says there are new criteria for polio shots for US travelers. There has been a...

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DOD News Now 0900 July 24 2014
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs says they'll never stop, a U.S. medical team steps up at a Kabul hospital, and a wall honoring veterans rolls into another city.
DoD News Now: 0900 July 24, 2014
℠2014 - Defense leaders gather in Aspen, Airmen tell a dramatic tale of survival during a typhoon and a military hospital is recognized for healthy starts.
DoD News 1100 24 July 14
Leaders with the Department of Veterans Affairs testify on how to restore trust; Army Chief of Staff discusses security and fiscal challenges; National Guard troops...
Defense Leader Discusses Fight Against Terrorism
At the Aspen Forum, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers discusses direct, indirect approaches in the fight against terrorism.
DoD News Now 1500 July 24 2014
Global threats and instability-a visit to the Aspen Security Forum, a bullete that knows where to find its target, and the final rounds for an army private who's "Got...
DoD News Now: 1300 July 23, 2014
Defense Department and State Department officials testify on the situation in Iraq, C-130s help fight fires in Utah, and TRICARE launches nurse advice line.


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Spc. Cheri Cramutolo and Spc. Tanya Van Buskirk, Third U.S. Army PAO, facilitate live interviews between Vice Admiral Thad Allen and national media reporters on top...