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The Indianhead newspaper is an authorized biweekly publication with a circulation of 6,000, which supports the command information goals of the 2nd Infantry Division commander. It is published at Camp Red Cloud, Republic of Korea, and contains public affairs products for 2nd Infantry Division Soldiers on the Korean Peninsula. The Indianhead is partly printed in Korean for use by Korean Augmentees to the U.S. Army.

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Indianhead - 07.18.2014

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Tribe Battalion Conducts NCO Induction Ceremony; 2-9 KATUSAs engage their skills and commitment during NTC hardships; Medics keep their finger on the pulse of best medic challenge;Cultural exchange brings unity among ROK and U.S. Soldiers;6-17th... more
Indianhead - 01.18.2013

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US medics work Korean hospital; Soldiers see stars; Tanker qualification
Indianhead - 12.14.2012

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2ID units named best in the Pacific; EOD company joins famed division; Warrior Soldiers celebrate holiday season
Indianhead - 11.21.2012

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1ABCT Soldiers mentor youth; US-ROK get lifted; Manning the line
Indianhead - 10.22.2012

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1ABCT Soldier earns his EIB; 95 years strong; Flying dogs
Indianhead - 09.10.2012

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US-ROK combine training, tactics; Selfless service; Soldiers, leaders hone skills
Indianhead - 08.10.2012

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US-ROK combine training, tactics; Selfless service; Soldiers, leaders hone skills
Indianhead - 07.06.2012

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2ID candidates pursue EFMB; Tomorrow's leaders; Army Superior Unit Award
Indianhead - 06.08.2012

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"Death" from above; 1BCT breaks new ground; Steel trident
Indianhead - 05.11.2012

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Memorial day; The making of a Manchu; 10,000 hours
Indianhead - 04.06.2012

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Fires in the sky; Month of the military child; Katchi kapshida
Indianhead - 03.09.2012

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Leaders, warriors, wives and mothers; A humvee gets its wings; Fire and ice
Indianhead - 02.17.2012

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Cardon reviews division capabilities; New NCOs welcomed in brigade induction ceremony; Meeting the need
Indianhead - 01.20.2012

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A deadly game of hide, seek; Soldiers, sailors strengthen future relationships; Being a mom in Land of Morning Calm
Indianhead - 12.16.2011

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No cookies for these girl scouts; Sports personalities Soldier up; Modern Army Combatives Program spreads like wildfire
Indianhead - 11.25.2011

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Chemical brigade sweeps facilities; Talon Brigade first in Army to field new equipment; Nightmare Battalion fires it up on range
Indianhead - 10.28.2011

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2nd ID receives honors from ROK president; 2-2 Avn. expands training during War Path II; Obama: All US troops out of Iraq by year’s end; HeadStart2 online training now earns promotion points; Students learn the importance of saving; 2nd ID Good... more
Indianhead - 05.14.2011

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CCTV installed in Area I barracks, 2nd ID soldiers train up on counter-IED skills
Indianhead - 03.18.2011

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Chemical, maneuver teams conduct operations;Course helps Families be resilient; 2-2nd Avn. ‘Wildcard’ training true to namesake; Casey dining facility reopens after facelift; Asian flavors win 2nd ID Culinary Team medals; Zumba classes take... more
Indianhead - 03.04.2011

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Area I Soldiers test abilities for worst-case scenarios; Taking on the challenge; Commander's corner; Camp Casey anniversary bridges 60 years of history
Indianhead - 02.18.2011

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Allies remember Jipyeong-ri victory; Fires Brigade soldiers conduct joint survey training; 2nd Infantry Division soldier named top artilleryman.
Indianhead - 01.31.2011

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Division welcomes new CSM to Warrior Country; Camp Casey Tax Center opens its doors for new season; CMO KATUSAs slam dunk opposition; Army father, son protect peninsula from ground, air; Partners against disease Iron Brigade, Korea fight... more
Indianhead - 10.29.2010

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Engines roar at Formula One grand prix final race; Education helps soldiers advance in life
Indianhead - 10.15.2010

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Warrior Division welcomes new 'M'; Wi-Fi in 2nd ID DFACs helps Warrior University students; ‘Avenger Btry.’ completes semiannual gunnery; ‘Manchus’ train with real-life scenarios; Wildcards conduct combined training with 37th ROK ID
Indianhead - 10.06.2010

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Casey School opens for first time; Warrior Division bids Ferrell adieu; KATUSAs partake in UFG training; Warrior Soldiers complete Korean language class
Indianhead - 10.01.2010

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Celebrating Chuseok, a Korean Thanksgiving; Soldiers take on 10K challenge at a peace marathon; Iron Brigade families strengthen their marriages.
Indianhead - 08.27.2010

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Top ten attractions to visit in South Korea; Lean useful Korean phrases to help you explore; Find out what Area I facilities offer you and your family.
Indianhead - 08.13.2010

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New commander takes reins of Iron Brigade By Sgt. Ryan Elliott, 1st HBCT Public Affairs Korean class students experience traditional art form By Pvt. Hong Sang-Woon, 2nd ID Public Affairs Warhorse challenge sharpens Soldier... more
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