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Inside the Castle is the official publication of the 412th Theater Engineer Command.

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Inside the Castle - 01.14.2014

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The Theater Engineer Command Supporting the Army of 2020; Miyako Miyako Schanely: First Female Japanese-American, Female Reserve Engineer Promoted to General Officer.; 365th Engineer Battalion Engineers Prepare for Advise and Assist Mission;... more
Inside the Castle - 09.03.2013

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Lt. Gen. Talley outlines Army Reserve Private-Public Relationship; Army Must Defeat Sexual Assault; 302 MEB at Vibrant Reponse 2013; River Assault 2013; Rebuilding Miami, Home by Home; Firefighters Get Hot at Hanscom
Inside the Castle - 07.08.2013

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Army Engineers Unit in Solving Global Military Engineering Issues; Regional Alignment of Forces; Army Force Generation; The Delta: The Challenge of Leading Extraordinary People to Do Ordinary Things; Combat Engineers Demonstrate Their Skills at... more
Inside the Castle - 03.03.2013

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A Word from the Command; The Command Sergeant Major's Corner; Learn to Build Strong Bonds at a Retreat; Thoughts from the Command Inspector General; 412th TEC Engineers Enhance OEF Effort; Echelons above Brigade Redesign: Settings Conditions for... more
Inside the Castle - 01.11.2013

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A Word from the Commander Command Sergeant Major's Notes A Holiday Message from the Chaplain Inspector General's Notes Army Reserve Bridge Unit Activated After 62 years 340th Engineer Company Conducts Fire Management Exercises 'Build to... more
Inside the Castle - 09.15.2012

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Summer 2012
Inside the Castle - 02.01.2012

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The 411th Engineer Brigade's Olympic Hopeful, Flubacher is the TECs new SEL, ACE intervention saves Soldiers life.
Inside the Castle - 08.08.2011

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Iraq's new SWAT team courtesy of the 94th MP Company; The 716th Engineer Company; Haiti's good neighbors;
Inside the Castle - 01.03.2011

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94th MP soldiers coordinate aid for families of fallen Iraqi policemen; Operation Essaysons 2010; Double 'TEC' at Operation River Assault.
Inside the Castle - 08.14.2010

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These guys can cook; Soldier from Lexington, Ky., named Best Warrior
Inside the Castle - 02.09.2010

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Mayor honors Soldiers for saving woman; Taming the Tigris; Operation Sand Castle 2009.
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