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News: 19th ESC senior leaders visit Chipyong-ni for a historic tour.

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CAMP HENRY, South Korea – Senior leaders of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command participated in a historic tour on March 21 to commemorate the victory of the battle in Chipyong-ni during the Korean War.

“The purpose of this special occasion is to visualize the battle as it happened and focus on the lessons that apply to today’s Army and its leaders.” said Lt. Col. Ki T. Lee, assistant chief of staff, G-2.

The battle of Chipyong-ni lasted for three days between the Chinese army and United Nations forces at the small town.

The U.S. 23rd Regiment Combat Team along with an affiliated French battalion repelled a siege and killed roughly one-third of the attacking 35,000 Chinese forces with only a force of 6,000 troops.

“It is our legacy. In this particular battle, you can see so many aspects of leadership and tactics that we can learn from and apply to current missions.” said Brig. Gen. Paul C. Hurley, 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command commanding general.

The 40 senior leaders and staff members were guided by Ron Miller, 8th Army History Office command historian, and discussed the battle’s significance.

The tour started at the monument that commemorates the victory of battle and sacrifices of the deceased.

Next, the members walked along the battlefields and were briefed about the various terrains where several engagements took place.

“I feel very humbled and impressed by the courage and bravery shown by the Korean, French and American forces that fought to defend this area,” said Col. Jonathan G. Leong, 19th ESC command surgeon. “And I feel reverent walking this ground where so many paid with their blood, sweat and their lives to defend this land.”

The tour ended with the group paying a silent tribute to the spirit of those who gave up their lives to protect South Korea.

“Until you get boots on the ground and really see the terrain, you really can’t grasp the context,” said Miller. “If there is chance in the future for those soldiers who were unable to attend this because of their mission priorities to come, they should attend to take the lessons you learn from this battlefield tour.”

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