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News: Afghan, coalition force kills Taliban senior leaders in Ghazni

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KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghan and coalition forces killed Mohammad Ali, a Taliban senior leader and improvised explosive device expert in Ghazni province Wednesday.

Muhammad Ali led his network in ambushes against Afghan and coalition forces using rockets, small arms fire and IEDs.

The security force also killed Mowlana Fatih Sahib, a Taliban operations leader also involved in ambushes against Afghan and coalition forces.

Intelligence tips led the security force to a remote compound in Rashidan district. As the security force arrived at the scene, they immediately took heavy small arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire from armed insurgents, including Mohammad Ali and Mowlana Fatih Sahib.

The security force returned fire, killing several insurgents.

The assault force found multiple RPGs, hand grenades, automatic weapons and magazines, along with a machine gun with the insurgents.

The security force then moved to clear and secure the targeted buildings. During the clearance of the building, another adult male was killed inside the building after he threatened the security force.

When the area was secured, the security force detained several suspected insurgents after questioning on the scene.

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