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News: Para-veterinarians graduate in Charikar

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Para-Veterinarians Graduate in Charikar Sgt. 1st Class Peter Ferrell

The freezer, the vet tools and a solar panel to provide power to run the freezer are all given to each graduate of the 24-week para-veterinarian course in Charikar here. The package is provided by the Texas Agribusiness Development Team to help the new para-veterinarians sustain a practice in their villages. The para-veterinarians will provide preventive medicine and treat the most common animal diseases that affect animals in Afghanistan. Animal diseases can result in a loss of up to 30 percent of a herdsman’s flock.

PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Seven Afghan students graduated a 24-week para-veterinarian training program in Charikar District here Aug. 5.

The Dutch Committee for Afghanistan, which established and manages the program, taught the graduates how to diagnose, treat and prevent the most common animal diseases.

In addition, the graduates learned business techniques as part of their training to help them set up and sustain a para-veterinary practice when they return to their village, said Dr. Nagibullah Durani, head of training for the Dutch Committee for Afghanistan Para-Veterinarian Training and Support Center in Charikar.

The Texas Agribusiness Development Team, which supports the para-veterinarian program, contributed a start-up package for each of the graduating students. The package consisted of a small freezer with a solar panel to power it in remote places and an array of stainless steel instruments for performing procedures on animals, said U.S. Army 1st Lt. Rodney Robinson, project manager, Texas ADT.

“These graduates will make a positive impact on livestock health in their villages,” said Durani. “Some Afghanistan herdsmen lose up to 30 percent of their herd to disease every year without preventative medicine. This may only allow them to feed their family. With a para-veterinarian in the area to treat these animals, a herdsman can provide much more for his family.”

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The freezer, the vet tools and a solar panel to provide...
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Dr. Nagibullah Durani, head of training at the Dutch...
U.S. Army 1st Lt. Rodney Robinson, project manager,...

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