Lit rocks MCAS Iwakuni

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni
Story by Lance Cpl. James Smith

Date: 09.07.2013
Posted: 09.16.2013 22:42
News ID: 113744
Lit rocks MCAS Iwakuni

IWAKUNI, Japan - Residents aboard Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, attended a performance by the Rock band Lit, provided by Armed Forces Entertainment, inside the Club Iwakuni ballroom Sept. 7, 2013.

Lit was originally slated to perform at the Summer Music Festival, but arrived prior to the event being rescheduled to Sept. 21 and were ready to perform.

"We appreciate everything the armed forces do for us because it keeps us American, so every opportunity we get to come over, we give back and put on a show,” said A. Jay Popoff, lead singer from Lit. “It’s always an honor to be here. Every time we step on stage, we always put everything into it, but we put out a little bit more for these military shows.”

The group said that even with 20 shows already performed for the military, this was their first time in Iwakuni.

Even with their busy schedules and the recent release of their fifth album, “The View From The Bottom,” the men from Lit always find time for military concerts.

"Someone asked us several years ago if we were interested in coming overseas and playing for the military,” said Jeremy Popoff, lead guitarist and singer for Lit. “Immediately, we said, 'not only would we be willing to do it, but we would be honored to do it.' It’s something we look forward to doing and whenever we get asked to do it, we slate everything else around it because this is something we look forward to doing.”

The Popoff brothers said their enthusiasm behind playing for members of the armed forces goes back to their childhood.

"Our grandfather was in World War II with the 101st Airborne and he was the one who got us into music,” said A. Jay Popoff. “He was in an Army band called, ‘Drill Masters,’ so we kind have a soft spot for the military.”

Lit’s performance lasted throughout the night with fans taking photos, videos and even getting the chance to dance onstage with the group and dive into the crowd. Lit concluded their performance with a meet and greet with fans and autographs for those who desired.