Live Event
Warriors Corner - Day 2
10.15.2019     09:25:00 AM
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0930 a.m. EDT-Driving Capabilities to the War Fighter (AMD CFT)- BG Brian Gibson, MG Robert Rasch
1020 a.m. EDT- Revolutionizing Training through the Synthetic Training Environment) (ST CFT) - MG Maria Gervais; BG Michael Sloan
1110 a.m. EDT-Soldier Lethality (SL CFT)- BG Dave Hodne, BG Potts, Mr. Doug Tamilio, Dr. Donald Reago, Mr. John Hedderich
1430 EDT- Enlisted Talent Management (G-1)- CSM Kevin C. Miller
1520 EDT-Army Talent Alignment Process (ATMTF)-MG JP McGee, COL Michael Kuzara
1610 EDT- Cyberspace Workforce Talent Management (TRADOC, CCoE)-MG Neil S. Hersey, Mr. Todd Boudreau

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