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2018 Global Force Symposium - Warriors Corner
03.26.2018     12:35:00 PM
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1240-1300 EDT/1140-1200 CDT PEO Missile and Space Modernization Efforts

1310-1330 EDT/1210-1230 CDT Army S&T’s Support to the Army’s Modernization Priorities

1340-1400 EDT/1240-1300 CDT Next Generation Combat Vehicle and Future Vertical Lift Modernization Priorities

1410-1430 EDT/1310-1330 CDT Contracting Support to Accelerating Modernization

1630-1650 EDT/1530-1550 CDT Mission Command Systems -Delivering the Command Post Computing Environment

1700-1720 EDT/1600-1620 CDT Network Modernization Priority: United Network

1730-1750 EDT/1630-1650 CDT Cross-Command Collaboration in support of the Long-Range Precision Fires and Air and Missile Defense System Modernization Priorities

1800-1820 EDT/1700-1720 CDT
The Operational Environment and the Changing Character of War

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