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NATO Land Forces- Enhanced Forward Presence (Efp)
10.10.2017     09:25:00 AM
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Presenters are LTG Darryl Williams, CG LANDCOM, Mr.Stephen Rice, Chief Warrant Officer, Command Senior Enlisted Leader (Canada), LTC Wade Rutland, Commander, Battle Group Latvia (Canada) and CPT Brage Reinaas, Battle Group Lithuania Norway.

Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) is a NATO-led mission of credible defense and deterrence of its outlying borders. The borders consist of four nations: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) has a two-part mission: 1) provide land expertise to all NATO ground forces in the form of evaluation, certification and training, and 2) serve as the core headquarters responsible for the conduct of land operations and command and control in accordance with Allied level of ambition.

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