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    • Armed with Science

      Armed with Science

      10 Episodes   |   Start date: Dec 15, 2016   |   Latest Episode: Feb 23, 2018

      Armed with Science is a dedicated channel aimed at sparking the conversation about the science, innovation and technology that is shaping the future of the force every day. Content is engaging, and in tandem with the Armed With Science Blog, encourages open discussion about the technological contributions the Department of Defense provides to the world of science....

    • Through Their Eyes

      Through Their Eyes

      4 Episodes   |   Start date: Mar 30, 2017   |   Latest Episode: Dec 2, 2017

      A series that focuses on bringing the audience closer to unique Service members and Veterans who have achieved remarkable success. At the intersection of Service and Civilian life, Through Their Eyes highlights military service, past and present by showcasing the family and military experiences that became the foundation for their incredible achievement. You're not just seeing the story,......

    • The 4orce Minute

      The 4orce Minute

      38 Episodes   |   Start date: May 26, 2016   |   Latest Episode: Nov 13, 2017

      The same great service show you know and love! Created for the quick, need to know, lifestyle. Get in, get your info, get out....

    • DOD News: In Focus

      DOD News: In Focus

      12 Episodes   |   Start date: Dec 14, 2016   |   Latest Episode: Apr 20, 2017

      Episodes of the DOD News production: DOD News: In Focus

    • Soldier's Journal

      Soldier's Journal

      14 Episodes   |   Start date: Dec 31, 2012   |   Latest Episode: Feb 15, 2017

      Soldiers Journal is a monthly television news magazine that covers accurate and timely information about Soldier missions, training, operations and achievements of today's Army....

    • DOD News Now

      DOD News Now

      56 Episodes   |   Start date: Aug 6, 2014   |   Latest Episode: Dec 12, 2016

      Episodes of the DOD News production: DOD News Now

    • MO Guard TV

      MO Guard TV

      32 Episodes   |   Start date: Jun 1, 2012   |   Latest Episode: Sep 15, 2016

      “MO Guard TV” is a half-hour television program that showcases the efforts of Citizen-Soldiers, Airmen and Family members throughout the Show-Me State....

    • In The Fight

      In The Fight

      317 Episodes   |   Start date: Apr 1, 2007   |   Latest Episode: Mar 25, 2016

      A monthly half hour show that offers an incomparable and rare insight of life on the frontlines reported directly by U.S. military service members deployed around the globe....