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Video: NAC Morehead - Amb. Grigol Mgaloblishvili, Permanent Representative of Georgia to NATO

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A delegation of ambassadors from the North Atlantic Council (NAC) visit Camp Morehead in Afghanistan and are treated to an ANA demonstration. Soundbites from Amb. Grigol Mgaloblishvili, Permanent Representative of Georgia to NATO. Also available in high definition. Transcript: Well, first of all let me thank our Afghani hosts for hosting us here in Kabul and we will have the chance to visit the other parts of Afghanistan. We are today in the school of excellence that trains the Afghani special forces as well as the commander units, and their performance clearly demonstrates how successful the transition process goes on. That Afghani forces are getting more and more capable to resume the responsibility of their own security. So the performance that we have just observed again underlines the level of their professionalism has gone up significantly. From our side it is extremely important that our commitment to transition, to the decisions of the Lisbon summit as well as Chicago is unwavering. All of the nations are committed to the decisions and timelines that have been set in Chicago and in Lisbon. As well it is extremely important that we will be supporting Afghanistan, Afghani people in the post-2014 period when the transition process ends. As you know the deliberations on training, assisting, and advising Afghani troops has already started among the council members, the allied nations, but some of the partner countries have already been included in the early deliberations, and we appreciate that to be included at the early stage. Commitment of my country is unwavering. And one of the testimonials of that is as I am speaking right now to you the second rotation of our armed forces is taking place. So, by the end of this month the number of our troops who are deployed in Helmand, south of Afghanistan, will reach, will exceed 1500, and Georgia will become the number one (NATO partner) troop contributor in Afghanistan. Ensuring that transition process goes smoothly, goes well, and Afghanistan never falls into hand of terrorist and never becomes again the safe haven for terrorists.

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Date Taken:10.18.2012

Date Posted:10.18.2012 1:37PM


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