Defense Media Activity - Navy

Hometown: Ft. Meade, MD, US

Defense Media Activity - Navy
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DVIDS Media Specialist:
Katherine Carmichael


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Fab Lab Fab Lab
Video for Fab Lab, published and produced by All Hands Magazine.
USUHS Gunpowder Challenge B-Roll USUHS Gunpowder Challenge B-Roll
Sixteen teams of third-year, uniformed medical students competed against each other in the annual “Gunpowder Challenge.” The gunpowder challenge is a two-day...
USUHS Gunpowder Challenge USUHS Gunpowder Challenge
Sixteen teams of third-year, uniformed medical students competed in the annual "Gunpowder Challenge". The challenge is a two-day field exercise designed to help...
Sexual Assault Sexual Assault
When you observe or become aware of undesired behavior, it is your responsibility to help a shipmate. If you see something, step in and stop it.
Postal: Absentee Ballots Postal: Absentee Ballots
Need an Absentee Ballot? Register early!
Postal: New Address Postal: New Address
NAVY Fleet Post Offices around the world has a new Navy Standardized address for all service members when they receive. Make sure your new standardized address is...