Defense Media Activity - Navy

Hometown: Ft. Meade, MD, US

Defense Media Activity - Navy
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Current Personnel:
Mark Logico
Andrew Miller
Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas Miller
Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyrell Morris
Petty Officer 3rd Class tamekia nelson
Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique Pineiro
Jon Poindexter
Nathan Quinn
Joshua Sheppard
Petty Officer 1st Class Jeremy Starr
Petty Officer 2nd Class Kevin Steinberg
Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Sunderman
Lt. Loren Terry
Petty Officer 2nd Class Amara Timberlake
Ensign Michelle Tucker
Senior Chief Petty Officer Terrina Weatherspoon
Daniel Zaborowski

DVIDS Media Specialist:
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Featured Video

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