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Notre-Dame de Lorette ceremony Notre-Dame de Lorette ceremony
Ablain St.-Nazaire French Military Cemetery recently unveiled it's new memorial to the fallen soldiers of WWI, the French president François Hollande was the...

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Inner Strength Inner Strength
Hidden away in the SHAPE Healthcare Facility in Belgium is a woman that works behind the scenes to ensure that the clinic runs smoothly. But what people don’t know...
Regimental Run Regimental Run
The signal corps took a week to honor their proud history in Europe. Includes sound bites from Lt. Col. Eric Ban Den Bosch, 39th Signal Battalion Commander. Also...
Kudos Kudos
Families on Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base had a chance to take part in the family building event called Operation KUDOS
Kudos Kudos
Interview package about Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base Operation Kudos
Kudos Kudos
Families at Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base took part in the family building event called Operation KUDOS
SGT Morales Club Ceremony SGT Morales Club Ceremony
The USAG Benelux welcomed a few new members to one of the Army’s most exclusive club

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NATO press conference at SHAPE, Belgium
NATO forces around the world are constantly working to ensure the safety of the alliance. Army Sgt. Jake Marlin takes us to a press conference at SHAPE, Belgium with...
Exercise Selva Backdrop
Troops from NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps are the tip of the spear when it comes to dealing with threats to the alliance. Army Sgt. Jake Marlin shows us how a...
As NATO transitions into Operation Resolute Support at the end of the year, training has intensified among the NATO partners as they prepare for future conflicts....
Benelux Zombie Run
The Benelux community came together Oct. 24 for its first ever Zombie Run.
SACEUR and CSEL discusses leadership
The Supreme Allied Commander Europe Gen Philip Breedlove and the Command Senior Enlisted Leader CCM Richard Small discusses the importance of leadership within the...
Need for speed
Soldiers with HHC Benelux Chievres MP Station take part in annual calibration training conducted by members of the SHAPE Federal Police to ensure their vehicles are...