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    50th Space Wing      

    Colorado Springs, CO, US  

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    SnoFest Tubing

    SnoFest Tubing

    01.20.2018 | Video by Airman William Tracy
    A short video showing Airman 1st Class William Tracy tubing down the side of a hill at Copper Mountain Resort in Copper Mountain, Colorado....

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    Schriever Sentinel  - 01.18.2018

    Schriever Sentinel - 01.18.2018

    This week our commander set the tone for our mission-oriented year, but not only that, allowed us to recoup and recharge with some snow-capped...
    Schriever Sentinel  - 01.11.2018

    Schriever Sentinel - 01.11.2018

    Our Airmen are on track to do some amazing things this year. With leadership training, space training, adapting to BRS and more, the future is...
    Schriever Sentinel  - 01.04.2018

    Schriever Sentinel - 01.04.2018

    A new year for Schriever Air Force Base has arrived! Open to get some glimpses of the amazing 2017 our leaders and Airmen have achieved.
    Schriever Sentinel  - 11.30.2017

    Schriever Sentinel - 11.30.2017

    We had some ground-breaking events to wrap up the year. Sadly, we saw the end-mission of ANGELS, but our first visit from SECDEF Mattis! Read on...
    Schriever Sentinel  - 11.09.2017

    Schriever Sentinel - 11.09.2017

    This week we're honoring the past while looking to the future! Read on to learn more about our traditions here at Schriever, and our goals leading...
    Schriever Sentinel  - 10.26.2017

    Schriever Sentinel - 10.26.2017

    TEDxSchriever 2017, Cheyenne Mountain Zombie Run 2017 and Schriever Wargame's 2017! A lot of amazing annuals just passed and now it's time to find...


    GSU Map

    GSU Map

    03.01.2018 | Graphics by 2nd Lt. Scarlett Rodriguez
    The 50th Space Wing, housed on Schriever Air Force Base, is home to not only many tenant units, but also several Geographically Separated Units...
    Fire Warning

    Fire Warning

    02.21.2018 | Graphics by 2nd Lt. Scarlett Rodriguez
    Schriever Air Force Base goes through seasons where wild fires have the potential to run prominently after winter. To avoid unnecessary calamity,...