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    2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division      

    Fort Bliss, TX, US  


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    Waigali Battle NIE 16.2

    Waigali Battle NIE 16.2

    05.07.2016 | Video by Sgt. EJ Woodard
    Soldiers from the Iron Brigade battle it out in the take over of the training village of Waigali, during NIE 16.2. Army Sgt. EJ Woodard takes us...
    Divestiture 2016

    Divestiture 2016

    04.08.2016 | Video by Sgt. EJ Woodard
    Soldiers on Ft. Bliss work together to ensure equipment is ready for a massive turn in. Army SGT EJ Woodard takes us to the motor pool for the story.

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    Capt. Blankenship

    01.14.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a Knoxville News Sentinel reporter in Knoxville, Tenn., about working with and training Iraqis, improving security, his military service...

    Staff Sgt. Wolfe

    01.14.2009 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a reporter from the Tooele Transcript Bulletin in Tooele, Utah about his deployment and his experiences in Iraq.

    Capt. Rehnberg

    07.21.2008 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to a reporter at WVNE-AM in Worchester, Mass. about the success of the troop surge in Iraq his duties while deployed and the success of his...

    Capt. Ferguson

    06.20.2008 | Courtesy Audio
    Talks to WNPV about his background in the Army, his experences in Iraqi, level of morale, and his family.

    Recent Publications

    Iron Brigade Magazine - 03.02.2018

    Iron Brigade Magazine - 03.02.2018

    The March issue of the Iron Brigade Magazine features stories about some of the major exercises that we've recently completed such as Iron Union...
    Iron Brigade Magazine - 01.02.2018

    Iron Brigade Magazine - 01.02.2018

    This is a special holiday’s edition of the Iron Brigade Magazine. We remain committed to keeping you up to date on the activities of the Iron...
    Iron Brigade Magazine - 12.01.2017

    Iron Brigade Magazine - 12.01.2017

    Introducing the first issue of our quarterly digital publication: Iron Brigade Magazine. Our mission is to keep you up to date on the activities...
    The Red Letter - 06.19.2013

    The Red Letter - 06.19.2013

    NIE 13.2 issue: TRADOC physical demands survey, range week, table qualifications, air assault raid, and mass casualty training.
    The Red Letter - 04.08.2013

    The Red Letter - 04.08.2013

    February-March 2013 4-27 recognized by AUSA; Golf Forward Support Company gets involved in the community; Artillery Soldiers qualify, provide...