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Okinawa Marine - 02.28.2014

362 hits


Nepalese, III MEF Band play in harmony; Cobra Gold 2014 concludes
Okinawa Marine - 02.28.2014

99 hits


Okinawa, Pacific area Marine news available online now; Cobra Gold 2014 concludes; Nepalese, III MEF Band play in harmony
Okinawa Marine - 02.07.2014

40 hits


Japan defense, ministry officials experience Osprey simulator; Installation tours give perspective; 3rd Maintenance Battalion completes exercise at Kin Blue; Marines host firefighter rodeo
Okinawa Marine - 01.31.2014

40 hits


Allies respond to potential crises at Keen Edge 14; Marines put steel on targets at ARTP 13-4; Japan's top enlisted attend SNCO Academy leadership course; Recon Marines earn DPD certification
Okinawa Marine - 01.24.2014

29 hits


JASDF General tours Futenma; Marines establish deployable joint command center; Japan, US officials sign agreement
Okinawa Marine - 01.17.2014

264 hits


31st MEU raid force dominates night; Marines, sailors deploy to Fuji for ARTP 13-4; Infantrymen take on Okinawa's jungle
Okinawa Marine - 01.10.2014

147 hits


Infantrymen fast-rope into Hansen LZ; Recon Marines depart for Sandfisher 2014; Super Stallions train for confined area landings; President Obama calls sailor on Christmas Day
Okinawa Marine - 12.20.2013

225 hits


2013 Year in review; 2013 defined by Marine Corps expeditionary success
Okinawa Marine - 12.19.2013

103 hits


2013 Year in Photos
Okinawa Marine - 12.13.2013

128 hits


BRIDEX 13 aircraft display opens to public; FFII improves air combat skills; Combat scenarios challenge Marines during Chromite; 3D campaign heightens safety awareness
Okinawa Marine - 12.06.2013

224 hits


Land return lauded by Japan Vice-Minister of Defense; Marines rescue downed aviators amid Damayan; JSDF members visit Kinser
Okinawa Marine - 11.27.2013

128 hits


AFP, US evacuate injured in wake of Typhoon Haiyan; Forager Fury II to exercise Marine Corps aviation; ROK, US Marines share knowledge, prepare for future
Okinawa Marine - 11.22.2013

141 hits


Damayan relief efforts continue; Japan Ground Self Defense Force officers tour Ospreys; Budokan Festival creates international harmony
Okinawa Marine - 11.15.2013

184 hits


Lives saved during Operation Damayanl Osprey lands on JMSDF ship for first time in Asia-Pacific; MCIPAC, III MEF celebrates birthday with uniform pageant
Okinawa Marine - 11.08.2013

122 hits


Memories made at Kadena Special Olympics; Future amphibious force discussed at Courtney; Marines summit Suribachi; 3rd Medical Battalion prepares Marine Corps' future leaders
Okinawa Marine - 11.01.2013

132 hits


Combat pistol program reaches Okinawa; MCIPAC welcomes new sergeant major; "Sumos" present "Firebirds" with gift of appreciation
Okinawa Marine - 10.25.2013

136 hits


Islandwide exercise tests disaster response; Battery F returns from CATC Camp Fuji; Walk to Remember brings families, service members together
Okinawa Marine - 10.18.2013

125 hits


CFC-0 participation encouraged; Service members, Okinawa residents participate in Naha Tug-of-War; Philippine forces, Marines complete PHIBLEX 2014
Okinawa Marine - 10.11.2013

100 hits


Typhoon damage may qualify for claims; Wissler discusses future with minister for foreign affairs; Air delivery specialists train in Philippines
Okinawa Marine - 10.04.2013

237 hits


Phrogs finish final flight; Course stengthens disaster response, Philippine Armed Forces members, Marines trian for emergencies
Okinawa Marine - 09.27.2013

174 hits


Commanding general delivers intent; PHIBLEX 14 begins with ceremony; Marines, sailors go ashore; Western Army, Marines focus on communications
Okinawa Marine - 09.20.2013

85 hits


3rd Marine Division celebrates 71 years; Pacific Resilience concludes in Nepal; Doctors, medical students visit USNH Okinawa
Okinawa Marine - 09.13.2013

83 hits


Japan Diet members tour Futenma, Ospreys; Marines, Aussies continue partnership; MWSS-172 refuels helicopters during Exercise Lejeune II; 3rd MEB initiates ACM drill
Okinawa Marine - 09.06.2013

57 hits


"Flying Tigers" celebrate change; JSDF, 3rd MEB prepare, train for disasters; Community members rehearse evacuation routes
Okinawa Marine - 08.30.2013

59 hits


KMEP 13-8 strengthens alliance; ARTP 13-2 commences; III MEF Marines command from sea during UFG; Pilots evade Smokey SAMs
Okinawa Marine - 08.23.2013

54 hits


Marines prep for KMEP 13-8; UFG Veterans visit Foster, share experiences; UFG 13 improves stability, overall mission readiness; Nonlethal weapons exercise begins
Okinawa Marine - 08.16.2013

52 hits


Oshima teens bid emotional farewell; Cambodia Medical Exercise 2013; MAF, US Marines share expertise through survival training
Okinawa Marine - 08.09.2013

55 hits


Ospreys make longest Pacific flight to date; MRF-D Marines break barriers in Aussie fitness test; Khaan Quest 2013 begins
Okinawa Marine - 08.02.2013

42 hits


Oshima youth return; Marines belt-up with MACE; 31st MEU infantrymen insert into Talisman Saber
Okinawa Marine - 07.26.2013

66 hits


III MEF welcomes Wissler, bids Glueck farewell; Commandtant visits Okinawa Marines; Talisman Saber 2013 commences
Okinawa Marine - 07.19.2013

68 hits


Leaders from across Pacific combat sexual assault; Glueck bids farewell to III MEF; JGSDF officers tour Marine Corps facilities; Clardy assumes command of 3rd Marine Division
Okinawa Marine - 07.12.2013

60 hits


Rudder takes command of 1st MAW; 31st MEU Marines enhance night vision skills; Japanese officers learn III MEF capabilities; Marine saves child's life, awarded Air Force medal
Okinawa Marine - 07.03.2013

58 hits


Futenma, Ginowan agree on disaster procedures; Training continues during CARAT '13; ARTP 13-1 concludes; JGSDF trains in logistics
Okinawa Marine - 06.28.2013

71 hits


Asia-Pacific nations unify disaster approach; III MEF Marines test new uniform materials at JWTC; CBRN Marines train alongside JGSDF counterparts
Okinawa Marine - 06.21.2013

48 hits


Hudson assumes command of MCIPAC; Nations complete multilateral exercise; III MEF's motor transport unit's recognized, awarded; Royal Thai, US Marines train during CARAT 2013
Okinawa Marine - 06.14.2013

38 hits


Talleri retires after 34 years; Japan officials visit Futenma; Timberlake relinquishes command of 3rd MEB
Okinawa Marine - 06.07.2013

48 hits


Values cards issued to Marines, sailors; Exercise CARAT '13 underway; Volunteers clean, beautify Okinawa
Okinawa Marine - 05.31.2013

70 hits


3rd MLG focuses on combat skills during exercise; Japanese business, government leaders visit US installations on Okinawa; Semper Fit program awarded
Okinawa Marine - 05.24.2013

46 hits


Sea Knight makes final flight; Futenma mainstay remembered; Medical personnel lead disaster management conference
Okinawa Marine - 05.17.2013

38 hits


University, III MEF bands share musical talents during concert; DOD to implement furlough plan; Marines receive new equipment, upgrade capabilities
Okinawa Marine - 05.10.2013

55 hits


General briefs Okinawa Marines, ROK, US forces conclude Exercise Ssang Yong ‘13, Military women’s symposium enhances leadership traits
Okinawa Marine - 05.03.2013

54 hits


USNH hosts ceremony; Navy, Corps conduct medical exchange with Vietnam; Talleri commends Fuji Marines, sailors; Earth Day activities benefit environment on Okinawa; US, ROK forces off-load equipment on peninsula
Okinawa Marine - 04.26.2013

50 hits


Expo highlights training capabilities, Balikatan 2013 ends with blast, 2013 road taxes deadline nearing
Okinawa Marine - 04.19.2013

45 hits


Interactive class raises assault awareness; Marines, Navy demonstrates team capabilities; Marines volunteer, assist Uruma City during safety campaign; Squadron receives top honor
Okinawa Marine - 04.12.2013

43 hits


Minister discusses relocation; Philippine, US militaries work shoulder-to-shoulder; Service members volunteer time at Tomo Days festivities, cleanups
Okinawa Marine - 03.29.2013

106 hits


Off-load displays expeditionary readiness, Small protests create unsafe gate conditions, Hospital on Camp Lester officially closes
Okinawa Marine - 03.22.2013

59 hits


Assistant commandant visits Okinawa, CBRN specialists refresh response rocedures, Options available in place of Corps’ tuition assistance, Paxton visits USNH Okinawa,
Okinawa Marine - 03.15.2013

55 hits


Japan, US memorialize disaster, strengthen bond; Ceremony honors Iwo veterans; Marines save life in Pohang
Okinawa Marine - 03.08.2013

55 hits


Okinawa families view Osprey aircraft, Marine assists heat victim, JGSDF members, Marines strengthen relationships, Friendly competition Fosters fun, Harsh conditions test skills and interoperability during exercise
Okinawa Marine - 03.01.2013

77 hits


Exercise Cobra Gold 2013 concludes; Bilateral cold weather training begins; Okinawa units prepare for fund drive
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