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The Rock Slate is the official publication of the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing in Southwest Asia. The 386th AEW is the primary aerial hub for Operation Iraqi Freedom and provides airlift support for Operation Enduring Freedom and the Horn of Africa. It is composed of more than 3,400 Airmen from the National Guard, Air Force Reserve and active duty.

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Rock Slate - 03.05.2007

864 hits


Needs of the Air Force; Leadership; It's all about the people
Rock Slate - 02.13.2007

766 hits


Service before self, rock solid integrity; African American Heritage Month: Mae Jemison; CSAF spends a day with Rock Airmen
Rock Slate - 01.28.2007

773 hits


SHOW YOUR PRIDE WITHOUT BEING TOO PROUD; Part of our team: Camp Patriot, KNB, Service before self leadership; the price of freedom;
Rock Slate - 01.19.2007

735 hits


Budget advice; make the most of deployment pay and benefi ts in 2007; Compass Calls reach a high mark; Integrity-Based Leadership, pride in profession;
Rock Slate - 01.12.2007

368 hits


Who is the 586th Expeditionary Mission Support Group?;Airman travels to Kirkuk for pin-on;Last Combat Mission for 517th C-130's; MySpace..... My mistake???;
Rock Slate - 01.12.2007

768 hits


Who is the 586th Expeditionary Mission Support Group?; Airman travels to Kirkuk for pin-on; Last Combat Mission for 517th C-130's; MySpace..... My mistake???;
Rock Slate - 01.05.2007

663 hits


New Year's resolutions - just do 'em; 386 AEW: Teamwork triumphs; Firefighter Challenge;
Rock Slate - 12.22.2006

859 hits


Anyone can be great because anyone can serve; Farewell, kudos to the 70th Medium Truck Detachment; Milestones reached for new heroes
Rock Slate - 12.15.2006

639 hits


USCENTAF CC offers thoughts for holidays; ELRS helps clarify redeployment questions;
Rock Slate - 12.08.2006

396 hits


"I'm just a Tech. Sergeant" is NOT a good excuse; Air Force releases new mission statement; SECAF visits Rock, addresses Airmen; Tops in Blue entertain, 'inspire' audience
Rock Slate - 12.01.2006

486 hits


It takes good followers to make good leaders; Cool Weather Brings IN The Critters; The Harlem Globetrotters; 386th Air Expeditionary Wing Rock Solid Warriors.
Rock Slate - 11.24.2006

295 hits


General North delivers Thanksgiving message
Rock Slate - 11.17.2006

463 hits


What's the Big Deal about Saluting Anyway?; Enlisted aviator 'Exceptionally Qualifi ed'; Honor and Remember; Rock Solid Warriors.
Rock Slate - 11.13.2006

606 hits


Taking advantage of this deployment's opportunities; Hate groups, gangs not acceptable to Air Force; USCENTAF CC's Veterans Day message; Civil Engineering has tips to improve life on the Rock; The 2006 Chief Master Sergeant Promotion List
Rock Slate - 11.03.2006

511 hits


Don't let your team run out of gas; 'Super Troopers' win CFC softball tournament; Exercise hones important skills
Rock Slate - 10.27.2006

527 hits


Producing Airmen to be 'diamonds in the rough'; Purple Heart presented in unique setting; Prevention, immunization key to avoiding Flu
Rock Slate - 10.20.2006

451 hits


Tips on dealing with "Groundhog Day syndrome"; Supplements pose hazards if not used properly; Good ideas save Air Force, make Airmen money; Keeping up appearances; Service with a smile; 386th Air Expeditionary Wing Rock Solid Warriors
Rock Slate - 10.13.2006

363 hits


The Rock has own 'airport terminal for the sick'; 386th Air Expeditionary Wing Rock Solid Warriors; Healthy Relationships:Dealing With Conflict; Passing the guidon; Passing the guidon
Rock Slate - 10.06.2006

223 hits


The Lion and Gazzelle; Public health offers tips to prevent insect bites
Rock Slate - 09.29.2006

308 hits


Service is a privilege; 4th Corps Soldiers get lift from 386th AEW; Chaplain's Assistants provide support, sanctuary; Band of Brothers.
Rock Slate - 09.22.2006

188 hits


Making the commitment to improve; 'Universal' federal ID card to replace CAC; Air Force 59th birthday celebration is a joint affair; Defeating illness through handwashing; Taking Aim; Rock Solid Warriors...
Rock Slate - 09.15.2006

351 hits


Truck commander awarded Purple Heart; Airmen given 80,000 ways to keep cool; Helpful hints for newcomers from civil engineering; Airmen of the Rock are part of great lineage, tradition of excellence
Rock Slate - 09.08.2006

259 hits


Top CENTAF leaders praise outgoing AEF; Smoking affects everyone; Reserve leaders visit the Rock for troop call; Five years on, 9/11 survivor reflects on attack; Being prepared to tell the Air Force story; Rock Solid Wrriors.
Rock Slate - 09.01.2006

189 hits


Walk raises money for multiple sclerosis; Who's On Your Team?; Backpacks now prohibited in dining facility; AEF 3/4 moves in as 1/2 starts to move out; Flight provides proactive force around perimeter
Rock Slate - 08.25.2006

252 hits


Boots on the Ground – One Gallon at a Time, Keep Your Eye on the Ball, Career enlisted aviators host career day, Charity walk for multiple sclerosis scheduled, Fight Night Contender, C-12 detachment enjoys deployment,
Rock Slate - 08.18.2006

340 hits


Camp Patriot command changes hands; We're Deployed; Preparing your baggage for redeployment; Unit celebrates two years of support in Oct.; Airmen risk their lives to make mission happen; Your deployed "IDEA" can really pay off;
Rock Slate - 08.11.2006

312 hits


Stay focused, finish your rotation strong; Peer Pressure is Effective; Curlett holds his first commander's calls; New airline security measures apply to AMC; Decorated Vietnam veteran back at war; 'The Bats' keep troop safe daily; Rock Solid... more
Rock Slate - 08.04.2006

382 hits


Purple Heart awarded to truck commander; Your Vote Counts!; Coalition forces train for VBIED scenarios; Last second divert saves Soldier's life; Base parking, driving guidance set; Answering the, "when am I leaving," question; Air Force mom, son,... more
Rock Slate - 07.28.2006

330 hits


C-130 aircrews join humanitarian effort; Are you just getting by?; Top 3's seminar offers career advancement tips; C-130 crews ensure wing continues to put "Boots on the Ground"; ROKAF Coalition Dinner; Rack hosta Airman Marine Reunion...
Rock Slate - 07.21.2006

241 hits


Security forces Airmen battle the HEAT; Camaraderie; Uniform board to release updates to AFI 36-2903; Security Forces Military Working Dog Flight; HVAC Keeps us Cool; Ramp it up; 386th Air Expeditionary Wing Rock Solid Warriors...
Rock Slate - 07.14.2006

311 hits


Aircrew delivers mission-critical goods, Thank you, Tae Kwon Do students strut their stuff during demo, Aerial Port Flight shatters old cargo record in June, Tops In Blue, This Squadron puts services before self, 386th Air Expeditionary... more
Rock Slate - 07.07.2006

334 hits


Command changes hands with ceremony; The high costs of anger; CENTAF leader lauds wing's airlift mission; Quick Turns Push Mission Through; The Rock's July 4th Celebration; Fight Night V; 386th Air Expeditionary Wing Rock Solid Warriors...
Rock Slate - 06.30.2006

366 hits


Team using its resources to spread goodwill; Passion, Pride, Professionalism; Security forces earns anti-terrorism award; Wing says goodbye to boss with cookout; Air Force leaders send their July 4 messages; Do your part with dress, appearance... more
Rock Slate - 06.23.2006

438 hits


Rock boxers ready to put their dukes up, Stronger Together, Colonel Hale gives his final commander's call, VA data theft: Airmen may check status at AFPC, Take time to know emergency leave rules, Precautionary steps can help prevent heat... more
Rock Slate - 06.16.2006

350 hits


Fitness center opens gymnasium addition, Integrity first, always, Chief warrant officer to celebrate 60th birthday, New AAFES Internet cafe opens its doors, ...
Rock Slate - 06.09.2006

372 hits


Patrol keeps mission going, Airmen hydrated; Expectations; Travel requests made easier; Everyone fits into base force protection picture; Deployments offer TSP/SDP opportunities; Boots On The Ground; CASF Takes Charge Fast; 386th Air... more
Rock Slate - 06.02.2006

351 hits


Fuel system saving Air Force time, money; Iron sharpens iron - A one year perspective; Bats fly past 1,000 combat sortie marker; Maintenance team self-helps took kit shop; Commander welcomes AEF 1/2 Airmen; Memorial Day 2006; Fire dogs claim boat... more
Rock Slate - 05.26.2006

340 hits


Opportunities abound for Airmen to sharpen skills at Ali Al Salem; Monthly Rock bazaar a big hit with all; Uniform Tip of the Week; Honor guard seeks Airmen; Security Forces - Kickin' Down Doors and Takin' Names; Father, Daughter meet up 7000... more
Rock Slate - 05.19.2006

570 hits


AEF 1/2 takes over as 9/10 rolls out of AOR; New engine repair shop saves time, money; Base councils provide Airmen more than just fun; CENTAF Leaders Tour Camp Bucca; New service dress prototypes peak interest; Uniform Tip of the Week; 386th Air... more
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