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The Alaska Post is a weekly newspaper produced by the U.S. Garrison Fort Wainwright Public Affairs Office and serving more than 16,000 soldiers, families and DOD civilian employees of the Fort Wainwright community and local communities. Fort Wainwright's home website is at The Alaska Post's mission is to inform, promote and educate through accurate reporting, writing and imagery.

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Alaska Post - 08.28.2015

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Excited to serve in Alaska – Maj. Gen. Bryan Owens, USARAK commander, message; Soldiers must complete school before promotion; Rescue teams prepare for worst during RED FLAG-Alaska 15-3; Alaska Air National Guard hosts joint multinational... more
Alaska Post - 08.21.2015

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Wars fought by ground troops, new Army chief says; MEDDAC-AK Assumption of Responsibility; Text Reminders for Medical Apointments; Hunting and Outdoors Safety; Women and the U.S. Army; Calendars and News Briefs
Alaska Post - 08.14.2015

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Alaska Post, Vol. 6, No. 32; Antiterrorism Awareness Month Proclamation; U.S. Army Garrison Fort Wainwright Notice of Availability; Japanese Paratroopers train in Alaska; Red Flag-Alaska 15-3 officially begins at Eielson; What Soldiers should... more
Alaska Post - 08.07.2015

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Alaska Post, Vol. 6, No. 31, August 7, 2015 SMA visits the Last Frontier; Commanding General’s message for Antiterrorism Awareness Month; For those unsure, Army defines ‘online misconduct’; Aviators save two in back-to-back rescues;... more
Alaska Post - 07.31.2015

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Alaska Post, Vol. 6, No. 30, July 31, 2015 Army leaders meet at West Point, strategize on Army Ethic; Why I wear teal: It starts from within; Marines sharpen mountaineering skills in Alaska; Tips on getting hitched, to a trailer that is;... more
Alaska Post - 07.24.2015

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Alaska Post, Vol. 6, No. 29, July 24, 2015 Meet Fort Wainwright’s new commander; Program brings fresh spiritual outlook, experience to the chapel; Fort Wainwright Soldier dies in Florida; Army Community Service, 50 years strong; Military... more
Alaska Post - 07.17.2015

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Vol. 6, No. 28 Fort Wainwright, Alaska July 17, 2015 Home of the Arctic Warriors ALASKA POST RECYCLED Recycled material is used in the making of our newsprint an edition of the FREE AT A GLANCE BRIEF Fairbanks will celebrate Golden... more
Alaska Post - 07.10.2015

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Alaska Post, Vol. 6, No. 27, July 10, 2015 World Eskimo-Indian Olympics comes to Carlson Center July 15 through 18; Change of Command; Paratroopers return from Kosovo; Community Calendar, Eielson and Fort Wainwright News Briefs; With new... more
Alaska Post - 07.02.2015

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Alaska Post, Vol. 6, No. 26, July 3, 2015 Innovative system revolutionizes Northern Edge 2015 battlespace, maximizes training capability; Fighting Fire; Independence Day Holiday Safety from IMCOM-Pacific; Celebrating independence on the 4th of... more
Alaska Post - 06.26.2015

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Alaska Post, Vol. 6, No. 25, June 26, 2015 Alaska Army National Guard Black Hawk crews help fight Alaska fires; Independence Day Celebration; Getting to know everyday superheroes; Garrison commander’s holiday safety message; U.S. Soldier... more
Alaska Post - 06.19.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 24, June 19, 2015 Fort Wainwright celebrates 50/75/240; USARAK Soldier dies in training-related vehicle accident; Northern Edge 2015 fills the skies; Alaska service members depart for peacekeeping exercise in... more
Alaska Post - 06.12.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 23, June 12, 2015 50/75/240 Celebration: Recognition Overdue; Eielson signs cooperative partnership charter with community; Practice bicycle safety; Where does our water come from?; Fluoride: Friend or Foe?;... more
Alaska Post - 06.05.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 22, June 5, 2015 Operational Camouflage Pattern Army Combat Uniforms available July 1; Fort Wainwright welcomes new garrison command sergeant major; We will always remember; Military moves forward for moose... more
Alaska Post - 05.29.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 21, May 29, 2015 Exercise Northern Edge 2015 to begin June 15; Honoring the Fallen; Power, influence: Baron Controllers leading the fight; Getting below the surface; Tiny device could save lives on... more
Alaska Post - 05.22.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 20, May 22, 2015 Alaska Army National Guard commander retires after nearly 35 years of service; Memorial Day Safety Message; Red Flag Warning: Fire Risk; Alaska water: cold dose of reality; BOSS Soldiers... more
Alaska Post - 05.15.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 19, May 15, 2015 What's in this issue: Aviators train for rapid deployment; Sesame Street and USO 2015 Tour; Fort Wainwright sizzles with tasty Top Chef Competition; Retiree Appreciation Day benefts... more
Alaska Post - 05.08.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 18, May 8, 2015 What's in this issue: Community celebrates military; Soldier victim in homicide; Sesame Street and USO Tour Offers Pertinent New Show for Military Families; Retiree Appreciation Day; MEDDAC... more
Alaska Post - 05.01.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 17, May 1, 2015 The safest NCO in USARAK; Sharing some n-ice with the Nooks; Soldiering through the drawdown; One in a Minion celebrates military children; 50/75/240: A time to honor heroes, an opportunity to... more
Alaska Post - 04.24.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 16, April 24, 2015 Shooting survivor recognized; Alaska Air National Guard commander retires after 31 years of service; Happy Earth Day to you; Planning for the golden years; Warrior Transition Unit closes;... more
Alaska Post - 04.17.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 15, April 17, 2015 What's in this issue: Altendorf assumes responsibility of Pacific Region; Exercise: Arctic Thaw; Eielson AFB retains aggressor mission; More than fun and games; Meet the Nanooks; Revised... more
Alaska Post - 04.10.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 14, April 10, 2015 Arctic Thaw 2015: Garrison-wide training exercise; IMCOM leaders set sights on 2025; Female Soldier’s ninth title fuels Olympic dreams; Tax deadline – Wednesday; Resources available to... more
Alaska Post - 04.03.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 12, April 3, 2015 What's in this issue: Birch Hill ‘plunges’ into spring; Joint exercise on Fort Wainwright; Yukon Quest champion shares ‘a little piece of Alaska’ with military families; IMCOM... more
Alaska Post - 03.27.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 12, March 27, 2015 9th Army Band brings music to local schools; Alaska students recognized for Army skills; ALCOM, USARAK play in Exercise Rock and a Hard Place; Gold Star Weekend; Eat your way to a slimmer... more
Alaska Post - 03.20.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 11, March 20, 2015 Commander, U.S. Army Pacific, experiences the Last Frontier; Financial security requires budget management; March Madness 2015: Next weekend at Birch Hill; Odierno: Budget cuts do not... more
Alaska Post - 03.13.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 10, March 13, 2015 Battle Dawgs carry their musher and his message to Nome; Commanding General presents awards to community leaders; Spartans fly high with northern neighbors; Women’s History Month;... more
Alaska Post - 03.06.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 9, March 6, 2015 Spartan Pegasus: A demonstration in rapid Arctic Airborne insertion, mobility; Historic sled dog race to Nome restarts in Fairbanks; Dr. Seuss birthday celebration of reading; Daylight... more
Alaska Post - 02.27.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 8, February 27, 2015 What's in this issue: The golden heart of Fairbanks shines bright on Fort Wainwright; Family Child Care homes provide day care and job options; The world comes to Fairbanks for an ice... more
Alaska Post - 02.20.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 7, February 20, 2015 What's in this issue: Odierno visits Fort Wainwright; Money stressors: Saving makes more cents; Army listening sessions in Fairbanks; Tele-ASAP: the way ahead for substance abuse; MEDDAC... more
Alaska Post - 02.13.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper Vol. 6, No. 6, February 13, 2015 USARAK brings equipment experts to subarctic; Changes on the horizon: Alaska Post switches gears; YUKON QUEST; SWEETHEARTS; Don’t let frostbite ruin your outdoor fun; MEDDAC Minute; An... more
Alaska Post - 02.06.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper Vol. 6, No. 5, February 6, 2015 Army spouse sticks it to cancer; Hockey heats up with Ice Dog Military Appreciation weekend; Dailey assumes role as 15th sergeant major of Army; Shedding light on job opportunities; MEDDAC... more
Alaska Post - 01.30.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 4 January 30, 2015 Army must be prepared for multiple threats; Arctic Wolves validate new Army concept; Tax center opens, serving residents on Fort Wainwright; It’s possible to eat healthy during the big... more
Alaska Post - 01.23.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 3, January 23, 2015 Arctic Wolves descend upon the desert; Fort Wainwright honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Retired Soldier continues service through coaching youth; Tax center opens Monday; Fuel for the... more
Alaska Post - 01.16.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 2, January 16, 2015 Soldiers overcome environmental challenges to fitness; Tax Center opens soon; America celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy; AVOID WINTER SLIPS, TRIPS AND FALLS; MEDDAC Minute;... more
Alaska Post - 01.09.2015

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 1, January 9, 2015 2014: Looking back through the lens; Fort Wainwright Soldier meets Peyton Manning; Lead Dog claims rightful spot ahead of the pack; Marijuana legalization impact reviewed: It continues to... more
Alaska Post - 12.19.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 50, December 19, 2014 Junior leaders learn about tools to help Soldiers achieve resiliency; Holiday safety message from the Garrison commander; MEDDAC Minute; General’s Holiday Safety Message; Soldier for... more
Alaska Post - 12.12.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 49, December 12, 2014 What's in this week’s issue: IMCOM commander visits Fort Wainwright, presents awards; Army versus Air Force Commander’s Cup Hockey; Relocating students get assistance from peers;... more
Alaska Post - 12.05.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 48, December 5, 2014 Birch Hill Ski and Snowboard Area open for business; Arctic Tab equals Arctic Tough; Weather wizard predicts warm wet winter; Survey could have effect on Soldier housing allowance;... more
Alaska Post - 11.28.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 47, November 28, 2014 Under Secretary of the Army visits U.S. Army Alaska; 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment home again; Stryker brigade begins movement to California; MEDDAC Minute; Active duty Service... more
Alaska Post - 11.21.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 46, November 21, 2014 Civil service, Caring for Soldiers and Families from bottom to top; Garrison Commander’s Holiday Safety Message; Tips for Thanksgiving Fire Safety; Mentorships could help Soldiers... more
Alaska Post - 11.14.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 45, November 14, 2014 Resource Management Office recognized for outstanding customer service efforts; Community celebrates Veterans; Army Family Action Plan: Making a change for good; November: Warrior Care... more
Alaska Post - 11.07.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No.44, November 7, 2014 Fort Wainwright Soldier represents Army, Alaska during barbecue world championship; Be safe as the weather is changing; Army experts discuss veteran, spouse employment; Southern Lights... more
Alaska Post - 10.31.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 43, October 31, 2014 USARAK recognizes Stryker Soldiers for excellence; School Partnership program fortified with leaders’ visit; Fort Wainwright has the tools to help Soldiers achieve resiliency; November... more
Alaska Post - 10.24.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 42, October 24, 2014 What's in this issue: Battalion conducts brigade-level walk and shoot; ASYMCA: A mission of support for Soldiers, Family members; Bison hunting camp reveals a late-glacial visit to Fort... more
Alaska Post - 10.17.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 41, October 17, 2014 Joint teams, training to increase competitiveness; Alaska Guardsman commissions after yearlong deployment to Afghanistan; Steam line bypass complete, full heat restored to north post;... more
Alaska Post - 10.10.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 40, October 10, 2014 Wellness Center opening promotes healthy living; Alaska’s Medevac Experts return from Deployment; ID card office staff recognized for outstanding customer service; Alaska National Guard... more
Alaska Post - 10.03.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 38, October 3, 2014 U.S., Indian Soldiers train together; Fire Prevention Week campaign; Arctic Warrior: Ultramarathon tough; Soldiers, family members on board with proper prescription drug disposal;... more
Alaska Post - 09.26.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 38, September 26, 2014 Alaska Army Guardsman earns Expert Infantry Badge; Stryker Soldiers begin annual bilateral training exercise in India; It’s about to get real: Winter driving requires proactive... more
Alaska Post - 09.19.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 37, September 19, 2014 Increased presence, enforcement nabs violators for safety sake; Veteran visitors tour Fort Wainwright; Soldier for Life: An Army that offers a quality civilian workforce; Team 6 Note... more
Alaska Post - 09.12.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 36, September 12, 2014 Ham operators are in hog heaven; 70th Brigade Engineer Battalion reactivates; Gold Star Mother’s Day and Gold Star Family Day; Join the voices for recovery: Speak up and reach out;... more
Alaska Post - 09.05.2014

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Alaska Post newspaper, Vol. 5, No. 35, September 5, 2014 'A Higher Calling': Soldiers and Airmen call close air support; Soldiers, retirees, veterans have new help on post; Fort Wainwright celebrates Women’s Equality; Bowling center... more
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