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The Cobra Strike is published monthly by the 4th Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs Team, 4th Infantry Division. All editorial content of this newsletter is prepared, edited, provided, and approved by the 4th BCT Public Affairs Team and the 4th Infantry Division Public Affairs Office.

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Cobra Strike - 08.29.2013

67 hits


4-4 IBCT Monthly Newsletter
Cobra Strike - 11.01.2007

445 hits


Cobras ready for NTC; Cobra Commander comments; Cobra leaders trained to lead at NTC
Cobra Strike - 12.18.2006

724 hits


1st Battalion, 12 Infantry Warriors; 4th Special Troops Battalion Griffons; 3rd Battalion, 67th armor Hounds of Hell; 8th Squadron, 10 Cavalry Scouts Out;
Cobra Strike - 10.15.2006

658 hits


Doin' the work; A partnership for security; 1-14 Cavalry hits it big in Abu T'schir; Adversity no match for Cobra Soldiers; Spot Report; PSD: Not your everyday job; Iraqi Cultural Notes: Ramadan...
Cobra Strike - 10.13.2006

1,180 hits


Commander's Update Brief; Cobra QRF ready to rock 'n' roll; Baghdad,, A city of Brotherlly Love; Sharpshooters score M14; Helping make Baghdad better; Soldiers embody Warrior Ethos; Unsung Heroes; This Day in History...
Cobra Strike - 09.15.2006

566 hits


Special Edition: Ma'an Ila Al-Amam; Forward Together, Taking Back Al Doura; Building up Doura to keep terrorism out; Picking up Baghdad; Warhorse joins INP to secure Abu T'Shir; Mission in Al-Jihad; Gators take a bite out of Risala...
Cobra Strike - 07.15.2006

647 hits


Commander's Update Brief; 4STB ICE, charged to build Baghdad; Griffon Motor Pool gets 'er done!; SPOT REPORT; Lest We Forget; Cobras honor Currahee; Chow fit for a King . . . Cobra!; 4th BCT celebrates 4th of JULY; Cultural Notes: Security is the... more
Cobra Strike - 06.15.2006

605 hits


Commander's Update Brief; 704th Support Battalion; Leading from the front; 704th Medics keep Soldiers ready; Spot Report; Lest We Forget; Remembering the Fallen; 4--27 FA takes on new mission; Steel Warriors open Artillery Dome; Iraqi Culture::... more
Cobra Strike - 05.25.2006

566 hits


Commanders Update brief, to lead from the front, Gators police up Baghdad, Spot Report, Lest we forget, Scouts honor fallen, NCO's gave all, New Georgians take command, Iraqi culture: shut up Sarqawi, Cobra fitness,.....
Cobra Strike - 04.15.2006

396 hits


Rough riders in Baghdad, A mission unlike any other, 8-10 Ca 8-10 Cav. Takes on an encompassing mission in southern Baghdad, Combined patrols, 2-6th Infantry, Blacksmith Medics upgrade, Cobra Soldiers celebrate women's history, ...
Cobra Strike - 03.15.2006

472 hits


Cobra Six On Point; From the Front; Iraqi NCOs take lead in Training; Iraqis in the Lead; Soldiers receive CAB: GEORGIAN ALLIES keep IZ, Task Force Cobra safe; Cobra Responder; Unsung Heroes; 2-506 scouts nab AIIF mortar team; Spot Report; Cobra... more
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