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The <i>Iron Brigade Chronicles</i> is published in the interest of the Soldiers, families and friends of the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. The IBC is an Army-funded newsletter authorized for members of the U.S. Army, under the provision of AR 360-1. Contents of the IBC are not necessarily the official views of, nor endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense or Department of the Army.

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This work, Iron Brigade Chronicles, is free of known copyright restrictions under U.S. copyright law.

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Iron Brigade Chronicles - 10.23.2006

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Striker Six, Seven send; Easy Company's prayers answered a thousand times; Unsung Heroes; Strikers complete OIF tour; Soldiers give compensation to landowners; From 'Black Knight' to 'desert warrior';
Iron Brigade Chronicles - 09.24.2006

700 hits


KMTB turnover brings in new command; The Path to Freedom A Future; Hunters return to Iron Brigade; 9/11 firefighter volunteers to do his part in Iraq; ForeRunner keeps troops at remote locations fully supplied; A Soldier's road to citizenship;... more
Iron Brigade Chronicles - 08.30.2006

629 hits


Key to saving time is to ship early; Entertainment Center is big change at Norquist building; Winning hearts, minds with a medical civil action project; Field Artillery unit bids their Cavalry brothers farewell; Training keeps medic platoon... more
Iron Brigade Chronicles - 07.29.2006

908 hits


Medics tested; Pacesetter patrol finds baby; Fighting Eagles on patrol; Cleaning up a mess; From cook to sniper; Random Thoughts..
Iron Brigade Chronicles - 06.21.2006

817 hits


Messages from the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team commander and a tribute to fallen Soldiers, Toby keith Playes for troops during annual USO tour around the world, 100 wheelchairs were delivered the Baqubah General Hospital by IPs Phoenix Soldier,... more
Iron Brigade Chronicles - 05.30.2006

494 hits


Messages from the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team command team, Iron Brigade Soldiers earn citizenship at naturalization ceremony at LSA Anaconda, Warhorse ceremony commemorates fallen comrades, 1-68 CAB works to establish an Iraqi police station,... more
Iron Brigade Chronicles - 05.01.2006

607 hits


Striker Six sends; List's List; Banned; IA assumes Fighting Eagles' mission; 'Rod's Garage' keeps trucks moving; Bulldogs, Iraqi army conduct side-by-side patrol; Peninsula yields large find; Innovative design gets our Soldiers home safe; Random... more
Iron Brigade Chronicles - 04.01.2006

642 hits


Striker Six Sends; $1 million worth of antique furniture returned to Iraqi control, placed in Baqubah museum; Anheuser-Busch extends their military tribute -- 'Here's to the Heroes'; Alleviating the nuisance of mortar, rocket attacks; A Band of... more
Iron Brigade Chronicles - 03.20.2006

314 hits


Striker 6 sends; List's List; What you need to know before taking R&R; Warhorse gathers, celebrates diversity; Securing compound keeps visitors safe; 64th BSB protects brigade 'Bloodlines'; Silver Lions' Scouts stumble upon cache; An enemy... more
Iron Brigade Chronicles - 02.25.2006

280 hits


Striker 6 sends; List's List; The Combat Action Badge: who gets it?; Iraqi Police cadets graduate Scorpion Academy; Protective glass saves Soldiers life in IED blast; A smoldering Valentines Day courtesy a generator; Watching from above with eyes... more
Iron Brigade Chronicles - 02.04.2006

479 hits


Striker 6 sends; List's list; Random thoughts; Warhorse construction team builds a home; Diyala welcomes Iron Brigade; Sledgehammer Brigade departs; Medical officers, DCO visit Iraqi hospitals; Soldiers change CHUs for home-like feeling;... more
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