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Inside SWCS is the official newsletter of the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School Public Affairs Office. Each week, Inside SWCS delivers feature articles, profiles, columns and photos to educate and motivate the command’s workforce, students and Families.

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Inside SWCS - 11.27.2012

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Dive Tower Unveiling Ceremony
Inside SWCS - 10.01.2012

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Quarterly Regimental Update
Inside SWCS - 05.07.2012

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Suicide Prevention Smart Sheet
Inside SWCS - 03.05.2012

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The latest edition of Inside SWCS takes you out to Camp Mackall in Hoffman, N.C. for an in-depth look at the Army Civil Affairs Qualification Course.
Inside SWCS - 02.20.2012

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“SWCS marches toward official Training and Doctrine Command accreditation process” By Dave Chace, SWCS Office of Strategic Communication “Chief of Staff: Stay vigilant as we close in on accreditation through TRADOC” By Col. Robert A.... more
Inside SWCS - 02.20.2012

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SWCS Quarterly Regimental Update
Inside SWCS - 02.13.2012

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“Sgt. Maj. Kenneth McMullin, Special Forces leader and Son Tay raider, memorialized at John F. Kennedy Chapel” By Sgt. Katryn Tuton, 50th Public Affairs Detachment 2011 SWCS Instructors and Civilians of the Year Please join us in... more
Inside SWCS - 02.06.2012

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“SWCS helps experienced Soldiers reclass into ARSOF through Military Information Support training” By Sgt. 1st Class Teresa Coble, SWCS Office of Strategic Communication “SHARP training resources available to SWCS Soldiers” By Sgt. 1st... more
Inside SWCS - 01.30.2012

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SWCS helps experienced Soldiers reclass into ARSOF through Military Information Support training; SHARP training resources available to SWCS Soldiers
Inside SWCS - 01.23.2012

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“One bullet can make a difference: SWCS hosts third annual USASOC Sniper Competition” By Sgt. Devin James, 40th Public Affairs Detachment “Inside SWCS needs input from you and your team” By Dave Chace, SWCS Office of Strategic... more
Inside SWCS - 01.16.2012

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Department of the Army names SWCS the Special Operations Center of Excellence; SWCS Knowledge Management organizes information, processes; USSOCOM Commander thanks special operators for their service in Iraq
Inside SWCS - 01.09.2012

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Where this brotherhood began; Soldiers: Make your resilience a personal priority this year; SWCS personnel raised more than $87K in 2011's annual CFC fundraiser
Inside SWCS - 01.02.2012

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No Horsing Around: Before reporting for duty at West Point, local mules help future Civil Affairs medics practice veterinary skills; Please join us in thanking our recently retired civilian team members; Foreign Internal Defense: an Army special... more
Inside SWCS - 12.12.2011

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Passing it on; USASOC Sniper Competition photo gallery
Inside SWCS - 12.05.2011

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Words Matter: Military Information Support students practice negotiation skills at Camp Mackall; Combined Federal Campaign update; SWCS Safety Office announces 2011 Safety Awards; 4th Quarter, 2011 Civilians of the Quarter
Inside SWCS - 11.28.2011

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If it was easy, it wouldn't be training; SWCS graduation ceremonies: it's now your duty to attend; The NCO Corps and the demands of our Profession of Arms
Inside SWCS - 11.21.2011

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Always teaching, always learning: Civil Affairs Qualification Course instructors guide students through final exercise at Camp Mackall; Civil Affairs branch management now aligned under CDID; SWCS participation in CFC: way down from last year,... more
Inside SWCS - 11.14.2011

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What's so civil about war anyway; TWI ties military experience with civilian techniques; Special Warfare magazine
Inside SWCS - 11.07.2011

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Alone in the Dark: Special Forces candidates face night land navigation; Make smart, safe decisions during times for hilday travel and time off; SWCS to undergo Army's official accrditation process in April 2012, preparation underway now
Inside SWCS - 10.24.2011

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Renovated and relocated, "Little Nasty" obstacle course keeps special-operations students confident and ready; Major initiatives progress without disrupting courses; Physical training: the first pillar of special-operations development and... more
Inside SWCS - 10.17.2011

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One wall at a time, SWCS builds Special Forces engineer sergeants; SWCS SSI symbolizes core SOF attributes, irregular techniques; SOCOM welcomes 7th command sergeant major;
Inside SWCS - 10.11.2011

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Fire in the hole, aspiring Special Forces engineer sergeants blow through demolition training; Retention update: don't wait to check on possible bonus; Ask not what your country can do for you, ask how you can give to the Combined Federal Campaign
Inside SWCS - 10.03.2011

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Back and Forth; SWCS CSM shares personal leadership philosophy, advice; SOF community mourns one of our own: Command Sgt. Maj. Conrad R. Fernandez, Oct. 24, 1965 - Sept. 26, 2011
Inside SWCS - 09.26.2011

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Small-unit tactic training plays big part in Special Forces qualification; 3rd Quarter 2011 Civilians of the Quarter
Inside SWCS - 09.19.2011

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Smooth Moves: SWCS headquarters personnel begin movement in and around Bryant Hall; Safely lift and move equipment during Byrant Hall moves; U.S. Special Operations Command welcomes new commander
Inside SWCS - 09.12.2011

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Constant transformation; SWCS Redesigned Center and School
Inside SWCS - 08.22.2011

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“Optimizing to move forward: SWCS off-site brings senior leaders and staff together for long-term planning discussions” By Maj. David Butler, SWCS Public Affairs Office “Off-site working groups tackle specific command issues, plans and... more
Inside SWCS - 08.15.2011

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“Competent SOF cannot be created after emergencies occur”” Part 4 of a 5-part series taking an in-depth look at the SOF Truths, how they’re evident in daily life at SWCS and the nation’s special-operations community By Maj. Dave Butler,... more
Inside SWCS - 08.05.2011

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"SOF cannot be mass-produced" Smoke Bomb Hill
Inside SWCS - 08.01.2011

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“Quality is better than quantity” Part 2 of a 5-part series taking an in-depth look at the SOF Truths, how they’re evident in daily life at SWCS and the nation’s special-operations community By Dave Chace, SWCS Public Affairs Office ... more
Inside SWCS - 07.25.2011

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Humans are more important than hardware; SOF Truths
Inside SWCS - 07.18.2011

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Civil Affairs breaks into general officer ranks; Student writing corner: SWCS lessons on Persian culture, history and values
Inside SWCS - 07.11.2011

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MARSOC Sailor, now SWCS instructor, awarded for gallantry; New initiative helps SFQC grads benefit from transition time
Inside SWCS - 07.05.2011

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1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne) activates 5th and 6th battalions to lead trainin in Military Information Support Operations and special-operations intelligence; Support battalion welcomes new commander; First women's self-defense... more
Inside SWCS - 06.27.2011

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“From start to finish, SWCS PAC keeps ARSOF students’ records up-to-date” By Caroline Goins, SWCS Public Affairs Office “Leaders: Prepare Soldiers for safe holiday travel” By Maj. Gen. Bennet S. Sacolick, SWCS Commanding... more
Inside SWCS - 06.20.2011

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No room for error: SWCS paratroopers know Support Battalion riggers have got their backs; SWCS sponsors civil schooling programs for ARSOF Soldiers; SWCS Staff Profile: Spc. Craig A. Tompkins; SWCS activates Reserve-specific Civil Affairs... more
Inside SWCS - 06.13.2011

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Is there a medic in the house? From aches to breaks, SWCS medics keep students safe and healthy; SWCS Staff Profile: Sgt. 1st Class Mark Barclay, Medical NCO, Special Forces Assessment & Selection; Office of Strategic Communication aligns SWCS' image
Inside SWCS - 06.06.2011

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Learning does not stop today: National Defense University awards diplomas to inaugural class of ARSOF master's degree candidates; ARSOF master's students present thesis research; Col. B. Ashton Natylor, Jr. takes command of 1st Special Warfare... more
Inside SWCS - 05.30.2011

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SWCS keeps on truckin' thanks to the SUpport Battalion motor pool; SWCS Staff Profile: Pfc. Lorenzo Reyes; SWCS optimization: what does it mean for our civilian workforce?
Inside SWCS - 05.23.2011

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Communication is the key to a happy marriage; Congratulations to the Class of 2011; SFQC graduate awarded for putting self in harm's way while assisting local police officer
Inside SWCS - 05.16.2011

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Cultural support teams begin to make their mark overseas; Inside Staff & Faculty Development - May 2011
Inside SWCS - 05.09.2011

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It's not what you jump out of, it's where you jump into; "Godfather of MISO" honored in retirement ceremony
Inside SWCS - 05.02.2011

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Military freefall parachutists don't just fall from the sky; Military Freefall School serves all SOCOM units as joint training center
Inside SWCS - 04.26.2011

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Where they're going, they don't need roads; SWCS students, cadre assist local Families hit by N.C. tornadoes; 1st SWTG(A) Soldiers win division in Bataan Memorial Death March; SWCS staff member wins Air Forces award for Reserve service in Afghanistan
Inside SWCS - 04.18.2011

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SWCS showcases capabilities and initiatives at Special Forces Regimental Week
Inside SWCS - 04.11.2011

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The latest edition of Inside SWCS is now available. This week’s features include: “Supporting SWCS through the Long Haul. ” By SSG Russell Klika, Public Affairs Office “Educating Soldiers to be adaptive and deal with new... more
Inside SWCS - 03.28.2011

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Take a look. It's in a book! Students can go anywhere at the Marquat Memorial Learning Resource Center; Learning Resource Center enhances ARSOF education; SWCS Staff Profile: Nancy Kutulas, Medical Librarion, Joint Special Operations Medical... more
Inside SWCS - 03.21.2011

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Ready for anything. Ready for anywhere. At SWCS, students learn to be culturally aware and regionally astute; SWCS Cadre Profile: Sokhna Diagne Fatma Sèye Mbacké; SWMG(A) welcomes new Command Sergeant Major; Education fair to show off... more
Inside SWCS - 03.17.2011

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SF medic instructors build their own hands-on curriculum at UNC; Show me the money! Here’s an update on Army bonuses; A day in the life of an IODA
Inside SWCS - 03.07.2011

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Seasoned instructors train next generation of Special Forces tacticians; ARSOF attributes drive Special Forces 18X etnry training; Inside Staff & Faculty Development
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