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The Ironhorseman is the newsletter for the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division. It's purpose is to highlight and share the accomplishments of the units of the brigade and share with the Soldiers comments from the BCT Commander and Command Sergeant Major. The 1st Ironhorse BCT is currently deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Ironhorseman is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. Army. Contents of the Ironhorseman are not official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of the Army, or the 1st Cavalry Division. The appearance of advertizing in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitue endorsement by the Department of the Army, the 1st Cavalry Division, or the Ironhorseman of the products and services advertized. All editorial content of the Ironhorseman is prepared, edited, provided and approved by the 1st Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs Office.

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Ironhorseman - 10.30.2014

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The August - October 2014 edition of The Iroonhorseman follows 1st Brigade Combat Team "Ironhorse," 1st Cavalry Division on it's journey back to several European countries for Atlantic Resolve and Combined Resolve III.
Ironhorseman - 07.31.2014

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The June - July 2014 edition of the Ironhorseman features photos, photos and MORE photos of the Ironhorse Brigade during Combined Resolve II.
Ironhorseman - 05.27.2014

404 hits


April-May 2014 edition of the Ironhorseman
Ironhorseman - 03.31.2014

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The January-March 2014 edition of the Ironhorseman. Check out the process to get Ironhorse ready for its rotation to the National Training Center and more!
Ironhorseman - 12.19.2013

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The November-December 2013 Edition of the Ironhorseman. This issue highlights Ironhorse events for all of 2013 in the "Year in Review" section. Also, check out what Ironhorse was up to during the brigade-wide training exercise, Ironhorse Rampage!
Ironhorseman - 10.31.2013

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The September-October 2013 Edition of the Ironhorseman. Nineteen stories from across the Ironhorse Brigade! Check it out!
Ironhorseman - 08.01.2013

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Muleskinners train to decontaminate patients, Garryowen Games test Soldiers under pressure, Dragon Battalion conducts airborne mission
Ironhorseman - 06.01.2013

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Ironhorse Soldiers skills honed during BSA, Ironhorse Soldier follows uncle's footsteps to Cav, Conference empowers, educates, encourages Ironhorse spouses
Ironhorseman - 04.30.2013

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The April 2013 edition of the Ironhorseman includes stories covered during March thru April 2013. Stories include Ironhorse EIB, Dragon Battalion's unit awards, Centurion demolition range, Tanker Olympics, Division run, Excellence in... more
Ironhorseman - 02.28.2013

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This edition of The Ironhorseman includes stories across the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division for Jan-Feb 2013. Stories include Garryowen helps boy become CAV Soldier for a day, Ironhorse Soldiers visit, tour the George Bush... more
Ironhorseman - 12.21.2012

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Ironhorse prepares for future exercises; GarryOwen commemorates Battle of Ia Drang Valley; Centurions host culminating exercise; Lancers donate food, toys to ACS, Ironhorse leaders serve Soldiers, families; Lancers win division championship;
Ironhorseman - 11.30.2012

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Monthly newsletter.
Ironhorseman - 03.01.2012

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GarryOwen receives equipment, Lieutenants learn humility and humbleness, Centurions train demolition, Stallions train at range, Lancer Soldiers prepare vehicles, Stallion Change of Command ceremony, Centurions pass the torch, Lancer Soldier runs... more
Ironhorseman - 02.01.2012

213 hits


Lancers prepare for gunnery, Lancer Soldier wins board, Lancers hold award ceremony, Surveillance equpment launch: Historic for Ironhorse, New mission, new equipment, Stallion award ceremony, Centurion Soldier competes for Military Intelligence... more
Ironhorseman - 11.01.2011

62 hits


Muleskinner Soldiers pass into NCO rite of passage, BSTB Soldiers raise GT scores, GarryOwen Soldiers save Iraqi lives, IHP and Ironhorse soldiers make Iraq roads safer, Stallions offer aid to Sudaryr, Brothers in arms, Stallion Mike, Ironhorse... more
Ironhorseman - 10.03.2011

229 hits


Patch ceremonies, Stallions light up the sky, Importance of nutrition and fitness while deployed, Centurions honor fallen by walking, Dragons conduct missions, COS Kalsu remembers 9/11, Lieutenants perform warrior challenge, General Officers... more
Ironhorseman - 09.01.2011

32 hits


Ironhorse takes the reins; Father and son reunite; Ironhorse Soldier practices religion but understands responsibilities; Pegasus 9 patrols with Lancers; Ironhorse Soldier achieves unknown dream; Ironhorse discusses security; Initiative to... more
Ironhorseman - 10.13.2010

110 hits


Ironhorse 6; Garryowen Spur Ride; Centurion summer fun
Ironhorseman - 07.01.2010

143 hits


Iron Warrior stakes gives all Troopers an infantry experience; Ironhorse receives new commanders; Machine gun range gets Garryowen Mission ready.
Ironhorseman - 12.23.2009

184 hits


Ironhorseman - 11.30.2009

198 hits


"Centurions" Communicate; "Black Knight" Medics Rush to Aid; "Stallion" Medics Train Iraqi Army; The Free Shot! With CSM Norman; "Lancers" Partnership and Planning; "Lancers" Mechanics Keep Missions Rolling; Familiar Faces; "Garyowen‟s"... more
Ironhorseman - 10.30.2009

168 hits


Continuing a family legacy; "Stallions" reintegrate released Iraqis in Nassir Wa Salam; The Free Shot! with Command Sgt. Maj.; "Dragons" move to Taji, prepare for tough mission; Pegasus 7 visits Firebase Mayhem; Familiar Faces; "Garryowen's"... more
Ironhorseman - 08.28.2009

281 hits


Transition; An Ironhorse Mid- Tour Assessment; "Hotsteel" Joint Air Assault provides versatility to the ISF
Ironhorseman - 07.01.2009

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Ironhorse moves out of the cities; Ironhorse returns sacred ground back to Iraqi army; Dragon's public works flourish in Diyala.
Ironhorseman - 06.24.2009

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Building trust in the community through partnership; 'Centurions' conduct Task Force Iron Claw training with Iraqi Army; Joint patrols build confidence, trust; Men of steel - Garryowen's welders help build success
Ironhorseman - 05.06.2009

328 hits


Pacesetters visit school; Joint effort creates jobs; Ironhorse troops provide National Police station more security; "Enforcers" add new tool to arsenal
Ironhorseman - 04.21.2009

368 hits


Adhamiyah Kindergarten receives school supplies; Leaders in Istiqlal work to improve the community; Why we train; From the desk COL Tobin Green - Ironhorse Brigade Combat Team Commander; Ironhorse assumes mission
Ironhorseman - 03.01.2009

173 hits


Shooting on the Move; Hurry up and KuWAIT; Brigade Commander's Comments; Stallions Prepare for Onward Movement; Q & A with CSM Norman; Women's History Month; 1-7 Prepares to Survive, Dominate on the Battlefield; Lancers Lean Forward;... more
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