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The U.S. Army's award-winning Desert Voice magazine, sponsored by Third Army/Coalition Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC), is the premiere source of information for forward deployed service members in Kuwait and has been since 1991. Produced, edited and published by the 40th Public Affairs Detachment in Kuwait, the Desert Voice is a wealth of information on current events, trends, and the daily life of soldiers supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Desert Voice - 01.23.2008

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Drive to survive – understand rollover crashes before they happen; New contract training implemented, Soldiers praised; Remembering his dream, making it reality; ... And they call the thing rodeo; Running low on ammo? Who you gonna call?; Camp... more
Desert Voice - 01.16.2008

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Learn to drive safely to avoid rollovers and arrive alive at your destination; DDST personnel ensure warfighters have a trouble free redeployment home; Biometrics training at Camp Buehring provides Soldiers with advanced tools; Soldiers express... more
Desert Voice - 01.09.2008

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PMO does DECON, Civil Affairs works hand-in-hand to form partnerships, Saying good bye to a fellow public affairs sailor
Desert Voice - 12.31.2007

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Chief of Army Reserve visits Kuwait, Signal University provides latest info on communication technology, Mortuary Affairs remembers a fallen comrade
Desert Voice - 12.29.2007

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7th Chem tranis for turmoil Going back to basics Patton's Own welcomes new commander Army announces stationing decisions Holiday troop visit entertains all Lending Soldiers a helping hand
Desert Voice - 12.19.2007

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Training for turbulant times; Message to drivers: expect the unexpected; A gift from the heart; Thinking of home this holiday season; British soldiers train up for urban patrol; National Guard Celebrates 371 years.
Desert Voice - 12.12.2007

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Farewell, happy holidays; Road Safety everyone's responsibility; 598th hands over the baton in transfer ceremony; Servicemembers reach landmark safety achievement; Marne Soldiers prepare for Iraq ... one room at a time; Navy Upsets Army at Camp... more
Desert Voice - 12.02.2007

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44th Chemical Company Training Exercise 8th HRSC Patch Ceremony Kuwaiti Flag Dave Roever visit to Arifjan
Desert Voice - 11.28.2007

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Brightstar, Diabetes Awareness, Airman memorial, Thanksgiving in Kuwait pictures
Desert Voice - 11.21.2007

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Soldiers give back through CFC; Servicemembers celebrate Marine Corps birthday, Veterans Day; "Codetalkers" honored at Native American observance; Colin Powell visits servicemembers in Kuwait; Infantry blue meets transportation red; Soldiers... more
Desert Voice - 11.14.2007

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Diabetes in the ranks-part 1, 4-64 Bradleys in Kuwait, Civil Affairs mission in Yemen, Soldiers inducted into the NCO Corps and the SAMC
Desert Voice - 11.07.2007

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4-64 Armor rolls through Third Army, More life-saving HEAT on the way, First ever Swing Out class in Kuwait graduates, Third Army Soldier receives space badge
Desert Voice - 10.31.2007

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First lady visits Soldiers, Camp Arifjan hosts healthfair, 44th Chem conducts media training
Desert Voice - 10.24.2007

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Retention options for Reserve Soldiers, CFC Kicks Off, Rakkasans conduct mortar live-fire
Desert Voice - 10.17.2007

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Average Joe rucks and rides bike in honor of fallen comrades; Soldiers beat the heat to provide critical communications; Service members keep honor and long-running tradition going during 10-miler; Good on-post driving habits decrease NTV... more
Desert Voice - 10.10.2007

272 hits


22nd MEU assault fake town, Soldiers go through SAMC board, Servicemembers work on new C-IED lane, Soldiers save lives on Kuwaiti highway
Desert Voice - 09.30.2007

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Marines land and train in Kuwait. 101st Airborne get ready for Iraq, Fuel farm operations in Kuwait, Third Army weathermen
Desert Voice - 09.25.2007

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Discipline essential to daily Army life; You can help prevent heat injuries; here are some helpful tips; HET mechanics keep these giant trucks running long convoys; The man, the myth, the legend: Chuck Norris visits Camp Arifjan; Third... more
Desert Voice - 09.19.2007

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Good posture prevents lower back injuries; Servicemembers and civilians honor the memory of Sept. 11 victims; Strykers get some brand new equipment before rolling to Iraq; U.S. Soldiers and their Kuwaiti counterparts train together; Kuwait shows... more
Desert Voice - 09.10.2007

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Friends play vital role in suicide prevention; Soldiers compete for Third Army yearly top honors; Third Army remembers September 11; Servicemembers "labor" during fun run; Local charities reach out to servicemembers half a world away; Safety is... more
Desert Voice - 09.05.2007

352 hits


Third Army celebrates Women's Equality, Food Inspectors make sure food is good, Patriot crews train, optometrists keep servicemembers seeing clearly, Average Jane
Desert Voice - 08.29.2007

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Ramadan approaches, JMTT wraps up its first year, 3-2 SCR snipers gear up for Iraq, LNOs guide Soldiers, 1113th Trans father-son duo
Desert Voice - 08.22.2007

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Third Army tackles PTSD, Navy Patrol Boats keep Camp Patriot safe, 160th Signal Brigade conducts land nav in the desert, Clarifiying AIP
Desert Voice - 08.15.2007

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Ethiopian general visits Third Army, Ambulatory care on Arifjan, Camp Arifjan confinement facility, 221st EOD works with Danish, Extended deployments mean extended cash cards
Desert Voice - 08.08.2007

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Taking precautions to beat the heat, To protect and serve-Military police provide force protection back bone for Camp Arifjan, 7th Engineer Dive Team blasting their way into Kuwaiti Hearts
Desert Voice - 08.01.2007

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Camp Arifjan firefighters keep servicemembers safe. EST2000 simulates real-world situations to prepare servicemembers. 387th ESFS conducts MOUT training at Camp Buehring.
Desert Voice - 07.25.2007

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AVCRAD provides vital fuel to oil platform, 221st EOD disposes UXO, SMA Preston visits Third Army/ U.S. Army Central Soldiers, And the winner is...Big Mama
Desert Voice - 07.18.2007

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Water conservation ensures post facilities stay operational during summer months; Top Army engineer visits Camp Arifjan, checks progress on new hospital; Navy Customs ensures servicemembers enter and leave AOR safely; Trial recycling program... more
Desert Voice - 07.11.2007

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Fighting Fat: Command Sgt. Major Talks about getting fit to fight; Military Chaplains: serving God, country and Third Army/USARCENT; Running hard for Independence day: Service members tackle the heat to participate in the Peachtree in Kuwait fun... more
Desert Voice - 06.27.2007

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Third Army conduct military exchange with Central Asian Partner; Third Army Soldier gets recognized recognized for heroism 63 years ago; 377th Theater Support Command passes the torch to 1st TSC; Military Mom and Sergeant Major Take Action; Good... more
Desert Voice - 06.18.2007

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Soldiers honored for strides in safety; The 'Diamond Fires' get medieval; 500,000th R&R passengers; Feeding Freedom V; Camp Patriot Coast Guardsman lend support to Third Army/USARCENT; Camp Arifjan celebrates the Army's 232nd birthday
Desert Voice - 06.13.2007

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Camp Buehring teaches Life-saving skills; Patton's Own embraces former Soviet state; 377th Theater Support Command makes history in logistics; Chief Warrant Officer can't shake "Dance Fever"
Desert Voice - 06.06.2007

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British Soldiers take on IED, HEAT and MOUT training at Camp Beuhring, in preparation for Iraq; Hardwood, championship, friendship game with Kuwaities, and photos; Memorial Day events in Kuwait; The New Army Green: The Army tries new and... more
Desert Voice - 05.30.2007

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Service members compete in hoops tournament led by collegiate basketball coaches; At Camp Buehring, Soldiers pray before heading into Iraq
Desert Voice - 05.23.2007

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Chaplain offers hope, understanding to hundreds, New U.S. Central Command commander tours U.S. Army Central facilities in Kuwait, New humvee driver training course sending troops to Iraq ready for the road, Troops: start your engines, Airman... more
Desert Voice - 05.16.2007

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Tracking the distribution of medical supplies from Kuwait to Iraq, and the Soldiers who get it done; Third Army/U.S. Army Central gives Kenyan soldiers tour of specialty schools; Biggest Loser competition kicks off at Camp Arifjan
Desert Voice - 05.14.2007

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Third Army/U.S. Army Central gives Kenyan soldiers tour of specialty schools; Central Command Deployment and Distribution Center manages movement to and from Southwest Asia; Flightline to frontline: Tracking the distribution of medical supplies... more
Desert Voice - 05.09.2007

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Desert Voice - 05.02.2007

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Joint Civilian Orientation Conference; Soldiers need to improve their foxholes by maintaining a positive attitude, approach; The Village Person; New Stryker vehicles tested for combat at Udairi ranges; Bowling alley on Camp Patriot... more
Desert Voice - 05.02.2007

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Desert Voice - 04.25.2007

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Senior military leaders attend joint symposium in Pakistan; With extension announcement, Soldiers should keep eyes, mind on the mission; Twenty-two senior military leaders attend U.S. symposium in Pakistan; At Jordanian training center, Third... more
Desert Voice - 04.25.2007

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Senior military leaders attend joint symposium in Pakistan; Buehring Every Day; At Jordanian training center, Third Army trains Soldiers to face cultural challenges; Battle Staff training prepares Soldiers for different culture; At Camp Arifjan,... more
Desert Voice - 04.18.2007

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U.S., Jordanian Soldiers come together for women's symposium; Camp Arifjan event focuses on sexual assault awareness; Tips for staying cool this summer; New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees headlines NFL players visit to Kuwait; U.S. Catholic... more
Desert Voice - 04.11.2007

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Brigade commander joins daughter in Southwest Asia; Yemeni women follow pioneer tracks of Americans; Training for the CREW; Former Special Forces medic trains troops to survive combat
Desert Voice - 04.02.2007

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Heroism saves lives, earns award; Soldiers help fellow troops home; Together; From robes to combat boots, a Soldier's transformation
Desert Voice - 03.28.2007

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Desert Voice - 03.14.2007

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Female officer reflects on 30 years of service; 21 days to Baghdad, 4 years later; The 39th Transportation Battalion directs support for Iraq theater; Slovak Republic Land Forces redeploy after mission in Iraq;
Desert Voice - 03.14.2007

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Desert Voice - 03.07.2007

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Camp Buehring medical training based on lessons from medics in Iraq; Driver's safety class in Kuwait has universal benefits; Dining facilities follow standardized menu plan to provide balanced diet for deployed troops;
Desert Voice - 02.28.2007

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Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility offers help for wounded servicemembers; Following standards: that's what professionals do!; African-American general highlights Black History Month ceremony; Looking into the 24-hour medical operations of... more
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