A quarterly feature series that delves into the lives of Airmen through in-depth storytelling, with an unflinching look into the blood and sweat that makes America's Air Force what it is. Marines bleed scarlet and gold, the Army bleeds green ... Airmen bleed BLUE.

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Building Strong

At any given time the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is engaged with more than 100 countries on projects ranging from environmental restoration--to construction--to scientific research. These stories show how our nation's Environmental Engineer is BUILDING STRONG for our military and more.

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Crisis Response

"Crisis Response" focuses on the humanitarian efforts made by the United States military. When a disaster strikes the United States military is in many cases the first to respond. We will update this channel with news and footage concerning these relief efforts.

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Desert Vision

Features stories about Soldiers serving Third Army from Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. Produced by 20th Public Affairs Detachment - Kuwait.

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DVIDS Spotlight

Showcases the best stories of the week direct from the men and women serving overseas.

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Freedom File

This newscast series reports on the ongoing missions of military service members deployed to Afghanistan. Provided by American Forces Network Afghanistan.

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Freedom Watch Afghanistan

Features headlines about service members serving in Afghanistan. Produced by American Forces Network Afghanistan.

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Freedom Watch Update

Features stories about military service members serving in Afghanistan. Provided by American Forces Network Afghanistan.

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Gail McCabe's A Closer Look

America's Army has Soldiers in well over a hundred countries, involved in peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, and combat. "Gail McCabe's Closer Look" offers an in-depth perspective on why these missions matter and what they mean to America.

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IACH Medicine

IACH Medicine Podcast brings the medical team closer to the Army families of Fort Riley, KS. Through interviews with providers, nurses, and leaders at Irwin Army Community Hospital, this show addresses health issues that matter most to Tricare beneficiaries.

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