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    Axon is the official podcast of the Air University Teaching and Learning Center. Each podcast makes connections between educators, learners, and ideas in military education.


    • Axon - Red-Teaming in Military Education - Ep10

      Former Marine Corps University Red Team Director Brian McDermott explains the competencies students can develop by participating in red-teaming. He shares what the research tells us about the relationship of red-teaming with student learning outcomes and offers ideas for faculty on how to use these techniques.


    • Axon - Generative Artificial Intelligence Perceptions, Issues, and Opportunities in Military Education - Ep9

      Air University Teaching & Learning Center Lead Writing Specialist Meg Varney and Communication Specialist Trish Harris share their thoughts on generative AI, academic integrity, and the opportunities available via this technology. Their perspective comes from serving approximately 1,000 students each year in Air University’s Writing Lab.


    • Axon - Empowering Squadron Commanders to have Difficult Conversations - Ep8

      How can we do better to prepare and empower our leaders to navigate difficult conversations while in command? Major Peduzzi is a career intelligence officer and member of the Language Enabled Airman Program (LEAP). Currently, she serves in the Strategic Communications Division under the Secretary of the Air Force for Public Affairs. In this discussion, she shares her research findings from her master’s degree program in Strategic Communications from George Mason University.


    • Axon - Teaching Climate Security in Professional Military Education - Ep7

      CDR Andrea Cameron, Ed.D., Ph.D. of the Naval War College and Fulbright Program shares her insights from teaching a PME course on climate and security studies. CDR Cameron gives us her take on curriculum, what we can learn from our allies, and the frites in Brussels!


    • Axon - The Diplomatic Mission of Professional Military Education – Ep6

      Why does the United States military education system offer class seats to international students? Prof Stase Wells, Assistant Professor of Communication at Marine Corps University, shares insights from teaching nearly 100 international military officer students and their families each year.


    • Axon - The Teaching Hot Wash: The Value of Reflective Practice - Ep5

      From thinking in the shower to post-flight hot wash culture, we discuss reflections on teaching in military education with JW Womack, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Leadership at Air War College and Instructor at Leader Development Course at Air University.


    • Axon - The Argument for Enlisted Faculty in Officer Military Education - Ep 4

      Master Sergeant Bonnie Rushing is course director and academic faculty at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Military and Strategic Studies Department. As the first enlisted Ph.D. student fully funded by the Air Force, she discusses the strengths enlisted faculty contribute to the U.S. Air Force Academy.


    • Axon - Neurodiversity in Military Education - Ep 2

      Maj Dan Kiser, Deputy Director, Learning Sciences and Faculty Education at the U.S. Air Force Squadron Officer School, discusses his personal experiences as a neurodivergent learner and educator. He makes recommendations on how we can build educational systems that better align with the strengths of a neurodiverse Air Force.


    • Axon - Training the Next Generation of Pilots - Ep 1

      Col “Stryker” Haley and Dr. Steve Ellis of AFWERX Agility Prime describe their instructional design approach to training a new generation of pilots on electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOL). With 12 million data points from their initial research, they are well situated to influence the eVTOL community and its stakeholders.


    • Axon - Applying Story Science to Creative Thinking Instruction - Ep 3

      Dr. Richard A. McConnell, DM (LTC U.S. Army, ret.), is associate professor in the Department of Army Tactics, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. MAJ Angela Samosorn, Ph.D. is Chief of Clinical Research Support and Chief of Nursing Research at the US Army Institute of Surgical Research. Together, they discuss their research into the relationship between military learners’ creativity and their ability to solve complex, open-ended problems.