WWE Wrestlers meet with troops at Anaconda

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Date: 02.01.2005
Posted: 02.01.2005 16:23
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BALAD, Iraq -- A group of wrestlers from World Wrestling Entertainment came to LSA Anaconda as part of the Holiday Tribute to the Troops Dec. 16. <br /> <br /> During their time at LSA Anaconda, they visited three dining facilities, shaking hands, talking and signing autographs for the troops. <br /> <br /> This trip was just these pro wrestlers way of saying 'thank you."<br /> <br /> "I think it's really a privilege and honor for them to come out and show support to the troops," said Sgt. Harold Clark, a self-proclaimed huge wrestling fan from the 630th Transportation Company.<br /> <br /> Clark said he enjoyed seeing many of his wrestling favorites, a sentiment shared by Sgt. William L. Holland, of the 424th Quartermaster Company. Holland has been an avid wrestling fan since he was four years old.<br /> <br /> "It means a lot to the people in the military to know these celebrities come out here to see us when they know there is a certain amount of risk involved," Holland said.