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24th Press Camp Headquarters
Story by Sgt. Barry St. Clair

Date: 11.09.2012
Posted: 11.09.2012 16:10
News ID: 97572
47th BSB FOB during NIE 13.1

DONA ANA BASE CAMP, N.M. – The vital role that 47th Brigade Support Battalion plays to Network Integration Evaluation 13.1 includes data processing for the Movement Tracking System, Joint Capabilities Release, Intelligent Power Technology, Common Tactical Vision, Roamer Net, and NETT Warrior. On Nov. 7, the 47th BSB provisioned 2nd Brigade Combat Team with medical, mechanical, logistical and transportation support, while providing feedback in an operational field environment during NIE 13.1.

Staff Sgt. Christopher D. Brinton of Virginia Beach, Va., provides information technology management to 47th BSB during NIE 13.1.

“We are currently participating in evaluations of several network systems,” said Brinton.

The CTV is an interactive system that pools three databases onto a touch-screen monitor that is interactive, similar to the large screen meteorologists on television. It displays the battlefield in real time with overlay capability. It can also suspend real time and replay previous battlefield events for review.

“Interfacing previous data systems to this system is what we have been working on,” said Brinton.

Convoy communication is enhanced by the MTS technology.

“What I like about the MTS is that it provides real-live mega chat rooms with everyone on the convoy,” said Sgt. Raul Martinez of Sinton, Texas.

“Today’s mission is to re-supply 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment and 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment with expendable supplies like groceries and fuel, as well as vehicle parts,” said Warrant Officer Marcus McMillen of Leland, NC.
McMillen led a resupply convoy from here to Oro Grande, N.M. and back as part of NIE 13.1.

Spc. Abiud Rivera of Port Orange, Fla., assigned to C Co., 47th BSB, 2nd BCT, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas, rode along as the attending emergency medical technician on the resupply convoy.

“I have a real-time mission to provide medical support and ambulance transportation coordination in the event of medical injuries during NIE,” said Rivera.

Meanwhile, back on the 47th BSB Forward Operating Base here, the Tactical Operations Center is powered by diesel-electric generators, connected through the Intelligent Power Technology system. The IPT monitors power usage, fuel levels in several generators, and brings generators online to meet demand, and takes them offline to save fuel when energy is not needed.

47th Brigade Support Battalion has a dual mission during Network Integration Evaluation 13.1. They supply the 2nd Brigade Combat Team with medical, mechanical, logistical and transportation support during NIE 13.1 operations, while employing several systems under evaluation on the battlefield.