Service members participate in 101 Days of Summer

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego
Story by Lance Cpl. Bridget Keane

Date: 07.18.2012
Posted: 07.25.2012 12:22
News ID: 92126

SAN DIEGO — Service members, spouses and civilians aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego were invited to partake in the 101 Days of Summer fitness challenge, July 18, at the depot’s fitness center.

Ron Rivera, fitness center supervisor, led the participants in the pop-up from prone challenge. The challenge had three cones equally spaced, and for those who accepted the challenge got in the push-up position, jump up to sprint to the cone on the right, sprint to the cone on the left and back to the middle.

“The whole thing is to just keep everyone active,” said Rivera. “It boosts moral and camaraderie for those who participate.”

Each participant’s time was recorded, giving them the opportunity to challenge friends or compete for a high score.

101 Days of Summer hosts various fitness challenges throughout the summer. The challenges often consist of exercises that test physical strength, speed and agility. Participants are awarded points that go toward their command’s total. The command with the most participation points at the end of the summer is awarded a cash prize. Goodie-bags and t-shirts are also given out to participants on event days.

“101 Days of Summer was basically designed to keep active-duty personnel fully engaged in fitness,” said Rivera. “It keeps them from getting bored and getting in trouble.”

Capt. Timothy Martin, deputy inspector general, Headquarters Company, Headquarters and Service Battalion, who took part in the pop-up from the prone position challenge said the first time he participated in 101 Days of Summer fitness challenges was 2006 in Okinawa.

“It’s a nice twist to challenge your own performance,” said Martin. “This activity was fun and interesting.”

The Semper Fit program hosts the annual event to raise awareness of substance abuse, educate military members on the consequences of drug use, promote responsible alcohol use and offer fun, healthy challenges as alternatives.

Martin explains that 101 Days of Summer is definitely a positive alternative to change up any Marines’ routine and that he looks forward to new versions of the program.

“You’ll see a lot of the same people come out and try it; they really enjoy it,” said Rivera.

According to Rivera, the next two fitness challenges are scheduled in August. For more information on 101 Days of Summer fitness challenges or any other Marine Corps Community Services programs and events, visit